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At 1:38am on April 14, 2018, Patti C. said…

Continuation of David Jr.'s and Hannah (Hooper) Butler's Family Unit

Elizabeth Gen. 3 Birth 1823  Death ???? 

Date Married Apr. 19, 1841 Spouse Samuel Simpson

Birth ab 1820 Death ????

William Henry Gen. *3  Birth 1826  Death a. 1871

Date Married M.1 Dec. 25, 1844 Spouse Rachel Pine

Birth ????  Death ????

                     M.2 Jan. 11, 1865 Spouse Julia Cook

Birth 1836  Death a.1871

Hannah  Gen.Birth 1827  Death a. 1850

Date Married ????  Spouse George Cunday Birth ????  Death ????

James  Gen. * 3 Birth 1830  Death 1892 

Date Married Nov. 06, 1850 Spouse Elizabeth Ann Conley

Birth 1833  Death 1906

At 1:11am on April 14, 2018, Patti C. said…

David Jr. Gen. * 2   Surname: BUTLER  Birth 1774 Death 1843 

Date Married Oct. 18, 1803 Spouse Hannah Hooper Birth 1782 Death 1864 

I/O David Jr.'s CHILDREN                      Surname: BUTLER    

David III  Gen.Birth1804  Death ????  Date Married ????

Spouse Name Unknown  Birth ????  Death ????

Joel  Gen. 3  Birth ????  Death  a. 1864  Date Married ????

Spouse Abigail Calder  Birth 1802  Death a. 1875

Samuel  Gen. *3 Birth 1807  Death 1900  1 of my grandfather(s)

Date Married  M.1 Unknown  Spouse Wealthy P. Stuart

Birth 1815 Death 1875                     of Campobello Island

                      M.2 May 24, 1875   Spouse Abigail Calder

Birth 1802  Death a. 1875

John Gen. 3 Birth 1809  Death ???? 

Date Married ????  Spouse Mary Herson  Birth 1811 Death ????

Sarah Gen. 3 Birth ???? Death ????

Date Married ????  Spouse Ebenezer Fenderson

Birth ???? Death ????           of Calais, Me.

Thankful Gen. 3 Birth 1815 Death 1901

Date Married ab 1835  Spouse Richard Roix Birth ???? Death ????

Abagail Gen.Birth 1816  Death1893  Date Married ????

Spouse Archibald Campbell  Birth 1803  Death a. 1850                Ephriam Gen. *3  Birth 1819  Death a. 1890 

At 11:08pm on April 13, 2018, Patti C. said…

David Butler  Gen. 1

Bith ???? Death ????  Date married ???? Spouse?? Birth ???? Death ????

Records show David was a loyalist who removed to Deer Island and settled on the northeastern end (Butler's Point).

In 1818 he purchased 50 acres from Thomas Farrell. 


David JrGen. 2 Birth 1774 Death 1843 

Date Married Oct. 18, 1803 Spouse Hannah Hooper Birth 1782 Death 1864 

Richard  Gen. 2  Birth ????  Death ????  Date Married ???? 

Spouse ??  Birth ????  Death ????

Thomas  Gen. 2 Birth ????  Death ????  Date Married ???? 

Spouse ??  Birth ????  Death ????

Thomas (blind)

Ephriam Gen. 2 Birth 1788  Death ????  Date Married ???? 

Spouse ??  Birth ????  Death ???? 

Mary Thankful  Gen. 2 Birth ????  Death ????

Date Married Feb. 15, 1825 Spouse Fountain Smith Birth ????  Death ???? 

Edward Gen. 2  Birth ????  Death ???? 

Date Married ????  Spouse Sarah  Birth 1795  Death 1845

John  Gen.Birth 1795  Death ????  Date Married  ????

Spouse Francis  Birth 1801 Death ????

probably other children

All of the children, except David Jr., removed to St. Stephen-Calais area.


At 7:59pm on January 3, 2017, Paula Carmichael said…

Hi!  Sorry re great delay, ended up near crippled with arthritis a few years, doing better now on new drug regimen and getting back into geneology.  I hope you are happy and doing well.  Answering your first question: 

Some of my ancestors came from 5 Islands off Nova Scotia-- Andrews Thompson was the father and Virtue Vaughn was the mother of my 2nd Great Grandmother. 

Agnes Gertrude Thompson


BIRTH 5 NOV 1831  Five Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

DEATH 11 AUG 1905  Dundas

At 2:18pm on August 4, 2013, John L. White, Sr said…


Yes the name Beveridge/Beverage is used inter-changeably even within the families; in researching my family I have found that most of the time, if I put in either version of the name, I generally get results for both,i.e. I have cousins from within the same family the use different spellings of the same name.

I did take a quick look at your Adam James Beveridge and will take a more intensive look later (there might be some possibility of relationship there). One of the major obstacles of researching the Irish/Scotch-Irish genealogy sites is that the strife's within Ireland and that with England, caused much damage to records (many churches and records were destroyed and what records remain are far and few between, in addition when a record is found (you usually get the name and a little data) in order to view the entire record there is quite a cost involved.

I am going to review the autograph album this evening (when all is quiet and calm). I looks as so this might have some possibilities for a connection.

Thanks for the quick reply and information.

Will keep in touch


At 12:07pm on July 3, 2013, Daniel LYNCH said…

Hello there Pam, my grandmother is a Mitchell from East Jeddore Nova Scotia. Any names in particular? I'm trying to hunt down my surname heritage "Lynch". Traced it to a Michael A Lynch from Calais Maine. I was unable to read the handwriting to see his fathers name on his marriage ledger. Just getting started here.

At 8:36pm on March 4, 2013, Lynde C. Randall said…

Hi Pam,

Finally got back into the site and saw your note.  I research for the Soules but no I wasn't asking about them.  Info always welcome tho., My ggggrandmother Sarah Patterson b. 1811 Mass. m. Morey Tucker.  04 May 1832 in Portland, Me.  Children: Amanda Cecelia Tucker and Samuel A. Tucker. I have quite a bit about Amanda but would love to have more.  Amanda Cecelia Tucker was b. 1831-1860 and m. Henry Porter Dewey.  Amanda's grave store is in the cemetery overlooking Lubec and the bay .  Amanda died at about 29 years of age.  I have been to the Cemetery but can't remember the name.  Thank you for writing to me. 

At 7:24pm on February 27, 2013, anna margaret mayer klein said…

IAM lookiing for relatives of HANNAH DUSTING. Her statues is in havenhill,ma. looking for the greenlaw side  of family. annaklein

At 3:39pm on February 12, 2013, bruce carson said…

hi pam , have a gggmother, mary ann smith, lived on deer island  , married issac carson,  of robbinston  born 1824

At 6:02pm on February 2, 2013, anna margaret mayer klein said…

hj pam , a few days ago ,wrote about someone who was looking for the bagley family their were around you can get touch with Rite Sachs  2075467247   she is not there right now, she does genealogy for the bagley family    anna klein

At 6:01pm on January 30, 2013, anna margaret mayer klein said…

do you happen to know if the lady ,whos name was susan figuerdo, ever found the family ,name was bagley of downeast maine. this was on feb. 6 girlfreind was married to a bagley in millburg,me.


At 8:23am on January 29, 2013, anna margaret mayer klein said…

hi pam i wrote some thing about the pendleton family ,have alot of history there.some lived in east,port,me. and deer island which has alot of pendleton,now Iknow of a book about the pendleton a descendants which i had in my hands a few years ago. my mothers aunt olive greenlaw had the book she lived in eastport for guite a few yrs.had a resturant in the center of town had the back of building in front nof the waterway and a relative own the sardine factory,also  i have been to eastport many times. the book was written by a a little older lady myaunt said not to many book were publishes.sure hope you can help me.  anna klein 

At 10:50pm on January 28, 2013, anna margaret mayer klein said…

have to rewrite this my mother had 5 brother, and 1 sister name elaine, grandma name was floral,her husband was harlan pendleton I should of waited till morning. anna klein

At 11:04am on September 30, 2012, John Cowperthwaite said…

Pam: I have been sending you some commentary. I fear that my newness has me doing it incorrectly. I did not want to clutter up this blog with chitchat by two Mainers.

At 8:59pm on September 29, 2012, John Cowperthwaite said…

If I may ask...I note that you have an extensive blog within M&MCG...are you a part of the website?

At 8:57pm on September 29, 2012, John Cowperthwaite said…

Pam: I am researching only Cowperthwaites in Maine. My research is attempting to show that the vast majority of Cowperthwaites in our state did, in actuality come from the NY/NJ area. They were Loyalists and in 1775-6-7, they left their possessions and went north. It was not until well after the American Revolution that they returned to the U.S. as we know it today.

At 4:22pm on May 7, 2012, Prescott Longfellow Wadsworth said…
Wadsworth, Bibber & Prescott
At 9:17pm on April 30, 2012, Gail Berman Stone said…

I was born in Eastport Maine. My grandfather was Samuel David Berman and my grandmother was Ruth Wolff Berman. They had Bermn's clothing store. I am trying to find out more about the original store they had before the town fire.

At 10:46pm on April 28, 2012, Kirstin Larson said…

Hi, I am researching Maine Johonnetts.  The family patriarch lived in Palmyra--I grew up in the farmhouse there, although I am not related to the family.  I saw your posting of a postcard from Aubrey Johonnett, which caught my eye.  He sent it from Damariscotta, I believe.  If you ever run across anything more on this family, I'd be ever so interested in it.

At 5:01pm on April 28, 2012, Tobey Serena Crawford Connor said…

Thank you! I am also helping some Eastport friends with their family trees, so it will be useful in filling in blanks or finding connections for them too. Right now for a friend I am looking for info on William Beaney's parents, he was from NB but came to Eastport in mid-1800s. Any Beaney family info appreciated.

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