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I am researching the surnames: Balmer, Benson, Bridgham, Cheney, Daggett, Guptill and Harvey.  The locales are Grand Manan, NB and Cutler, Eastport, Little Machias, and Poland Maine. 

Caleb Benson arrived on Grand Manan without his wife Ruth Bridgham.  She died in Cutler, Maine after the birth of Harriet Benson 1798.   I would like to be able to prove this.  Where is she buried? 

I am a descendant of Stephen Frye who was born in Little Machias Maine, who died 11 Jul, 1829.  Who were his parents?

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Comment by Trish Johnson on May 16, 2018 at 9:25pm

My ancestors that lived in Poland, Maine were Caleb Benson and his wife Ruth Bridgham.  Ruth gave birth to 2 children there, Calb Benson born April 24, 1792 and Henry Benson born 23 July 1794.  They didn't stay.  They went to Seal Cove Grand Manan, via Little Machias (Cutler), Maine.  

Comment by Cheryl Cody on January 30, 2015 at 4:48pm

I have been researching Caleb Benson and Ruth Bridgham of Plympton, MA. Trying to confirm Ruth's parents and John Bridgham and Joanna Coomer (Comer). Ruth is not always listed amongst their children. On the record of Caleb and Ruth's marriage, Ruth is listed as Mrs. Ruth Bridgham. I have discovered that during this time, both single and married women were addressed as Mrs. -- Mistress. Hoping that someone can confirm her parents. Thank you in advance.

Comment by Trish Johnson on October 9, 2012 at 11:51am

Caleb Benson and his children, one of whom married a Washburn.  I have a couple of letters from Zebah Washburn.  Caleb Benson went from Middleboro, MA to Poland Maine to Little Machias Maine to Seal Cove Grand Manan.  He started out with his wife, Ruth Bridgham but she died either in Little Machias or on Grand Manan.  I think Ruth Bridgham may have had Bridgham realatives in Poland Maine, maybe her father or her brother moved from MA to Maine, too.  I don't have family tree maker installed right now so I can't really give dates.  Caleb Benson was born Nov 22, 1755 in Middleboro, Ma and died April 23, 1826 in Seal Cove, NB.  Ruth Bridgham was born December 11, 1758 in Plympton, Plymouth, MA and died before 1805 probably in Little Machias, Washington County, ME. 

Comment by Rosemary Morrison on October 8, 2012 at 1:35pm

Who were your ancestors that lived in Poland?

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