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This photo taken c. 1908 at Silver Ridge Plantation, Maine, is of the extended family of Sylvanus "Vene"  and Lillian Ainsley (Kneeland) Kneeland.  Positiely identified are: Sylvanus Kneeland, seated male with silver hair; Gertrude Kneeland, dau Vene and Lillian, seated infant; Stella Kneeland (married name Conlogue), dau Vene and Lillian, front standing; Donald Kneeland, son of Vene and Lillian, front row in hat.

Tentatively identified in back row second and third girls in some order as Eva Kneeland and Alice Kneeland (married names York and Bradeen), daughters of Vene and Lillian, and girl at far right end as Emmy Neal, daughter of Henry and Cynthia A. (Kneeland) Neal.

It has been suggested that the seated female holding the baby is Lillian Kneeland, Vene's wife.  However, Lillian would have been at least 45 years old when this photo was taken.  The seated girl looks younger than that to me.  The only photo I have to compare is of Lillian at age 75+, shortly before she died.  Although facial planes are similar, we must bear in mind that these Kneelands were second cousins, and the Kneelands genes are very strong.  They all bear a fairly close family resemblance.  It makes positive identification very difficult.

We believe that this group is the extended family of siblings, the children of Manassah Kneeland and Emily Coffin Kneeland Dow.  Our best guess is that these are family members of Sylvanus and Lillian Ainsley (Kneeland) Kneeland of Silver Ridge, Abram and Lucinda (Kneeland) Perry of Stacyville, Henry and Cynthia A. (Kneeland) Neal of Silver Lake, Cyrus and Lucy Kimball) Kneeland of Silver Ridge and George N. Kneeland of Sherman.

If you can identify anyone in this photo, please contact me here or directly at  I can furnish a higher quality copy of this photo if you would like one.

This Kneeland/Coffin line is my father's maternal pedigree.  I have nearly 20 years research collected, and would be happy to share resources.

Diane Stefane

Newburgh, Indiana

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Comment by Diane Stefane on November 24, 2012 at 6:13pm

To update the identification of individuals in the above Kneeland family photo:  probable id - girl far left back row - Maud Neal Joy, wife of Gilbert (Gibb) Joy; young boy standing extreme left is probably her son Caroll Joy; man standing back row probably Cyrus Kneeland, brother of Lillian.

Back Row positive id:  2nd from left, Alice Kneeland (married Bradeen), 3rd from left Eva Kneeland (married York). far right Emmie Neal.

Seated row:  probable id:  Henry Neal, Cynthia Kneeland Neal, positive id, Sylvanus Frederick Kneeland, Lillian Ainsley (Kneeland) Kneeland holding dau. Gertrude Kneeland, probable id, man seated far right, George Kneeland, brother of Lillian

Children in front positively identified as Stella Maxine Kneeland and Donald Kneeland, ch of Vene and Lillian.

If you have additions or corrections, please contact me at

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