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I am trying to locate family of Augustus McCormick born 1831 PE island married Catherine also had a daughter named Catherine anyone know of them?

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Comment by Mary Keyser on January 27, 2010 at 5:44pm
it could very well be the spelling since I have found it all depends on the writer how things are spelled. the infomation I got on Augustus I got from LDS site thanks
Comment by Pam Beveridge on January 24, 2010 at 11:28am
Could his name have been Angus or he decided to call himself that? Or the census taker wrote Augus for Augustus? I'm drawing blanks for Augustus McCormick. However, try McCormack. Found a website on NL & PEI McCormack. Not perhaps what you are looking for, but it's a start: Here is something I gleaned from there: Daniel F McCormack is descended from the Angus McCormack of South Ulst, Hebrides Scotland, who emigrated directly to PEI among the first English settlers & Dugald McCormack his ancestor, via Donald & Donald & Michael McCormack -- te two generations of PEI islanders who preceded him. An older John McCormack of Ireland was settled in Boston, MA by 1860 (the US Census Boston). That McCormack joined the Masachusetts settled McCormacks such as: another John McCormack, & Henry McCormack & AUgustus McCormack in settlng Boston, and Lowell & Lawrence, Ma. after two generations of living in Newfoudland, then Prince Edward Island
These latter McCormacks help develope and subscribed to Holy Hood Cemetery as early 'cemetery plot' purchasers ($200 in 1870-75 and are interred near and about Fenwick Lane there. They are in the 1880 US Census. Whether they met and knew or collaborated in business with other settling Massachusetts McCormacks like my G-GGF is still a subject of research.

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