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Calais1940 Academy Commencement, Calais, Maine

See adjacent image for reverse. Commencement, State Theatre, Thursday, June 13, at Half Past Two.
Names include:
Richard Frost; Reverend Walter P. Lyons; Isabelle Firestone; Miss Marguerite Wilson; Henry Holland; Eleanor Armstrong Robinson; Laura Baker Jackman; Alfred G. Robyn; Robert John Eaton; Lois Katherine Brown; Patricia Marie Lord; Joan Mary Lovering; A. Joyce Hanson; Dr. W. N. Miner; Robert John Eaton; Reverend Ellis Holt; Phelan's Orchestra; Anita Clarke; Miss Mary Bates; Miss Phyllis Dimitre; Miss Elspeth Larner.

College Course: Lois Catherine Brown; Emma Bernice Campbell; Mary Syphronia Cookson; Paul George Corrigan; Jacqueline Marion Dinsmore; Robert John Eaton; Mildred Harriet Fox; Richard Fletcher Frost; Arthur Ernest Garland; Henry Arthur Gillespie; A. Joyce Hanson; Henry Holland; Anna Elizabeth Hume; Laura Baker Jackman; Patricia Maria Lord; Joan Mary Lovering; Joyce Daphne Lyons; James Harold Marraty; Frances Elizabeth McCurdy; Grace Louise McKay; Dorothy Lois McMillan; Mary Kathleen Nixon; Leroy Higgins Reardon; Eleanor Armstrong Robinson; Wray Dexter Simpson; Marjorie Ruth Smith; Ethel Theresa Stanhope; Madeline Ruth Wasson; Alma Marie Wasson
Commercial Course: Erma Olive Ayer; Dorothy A. Bartlett; Geneva Mabel Carey; Lois Katherine Connolly; Hilda Louise Cumberland; Marshall Leo Drinon, Jr.; Pauline Geraldine Farrar; Miles Paul Frye; Madeline Russell Gerrin; James Herbert Goode; Pauline Winifred Hartford; Richard Wilder Johnson; Marion Jeanne Matthews; Avis Irene McNelly; Norma Shirley Moreside; Louis I. Morrison; Lois Lavonne Noble; Frances Elizabeth O'Hara; John Maurice O'Neil; Maxine Geneva Penney; Lois Irene Phelan; Winston William Phipps; Jacqueline Thelma Porter; Ralph Donald Reed; John Henry Ross; Jean Lorraine Thompson; Stewart Smith Townsend; Pauline Helen Waite; Beryl Dorothea Wheeler; Lois Carey Wiley
English Course: Charles Walter Andrews; Evie Florence Bagley; Gerry Sizen Beckett; Blaine David Campbell; Frank Brannon Hill; William Douglas Hitchings; Pauline May Howard; Berla Stella Lewis; Audrey Bernice McLaughlin; Clayton Charles Mains; Everett Louis Mains; Charles Aubrey Moffatt; Lester Bernard Morrell; Burke Robinson Mowatt; William E. Ogden; Hilda Marie Otto; Doris Geneva Smith; Harry Woodrow Smith; Nelson Filmore Smith; Thomas Gerard Spearin; Hazen W. Spearin; Maxine E. K. Thomas; Milton H. Thornton; Margaret Joyce Thompson
Honor Pupils: Erma Oliver Ayer; Lois Catherine Brown; Dorothy A. Bartlett; Robert John Eaton; Mildred Harriet Fox; A. Joyce Hanson; Henry Holland; Laura Baker Jackman; Patricia Marie Lord; Joan Mary Lovering; Joyce Daphne Lyons; Marion Jeanne Matthews; Dorothy Lois McMillan; Norma Shirley Moreside; Lois Irene Phelan; Jacqueline Thelma Porter; John Henry Ross; Eleanor Armstrong Robinson; Beryl Dorothea Wheeler. For two years - Evie Florence Bagley and William Douglas Hitchings

Frank N. Beckett; Benjamin Corliss; Percy Adams; Dr. S. E. Webber; Fred Leeman; Mrs. Frank N. Beckett, Jr.; Alden W. Allen

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