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c. 1900 Eastport, Maine students, partially identified

Scroll down in the comments section to see a scan of the reverse, with the identifications.

Here are the identifications we have so far, which we hope are correct. Please leave a comment if you have another possibility.
Helen Ashby; Julia Collins; Emma Paine; Ethel Greenlaw; Mina Leighton; James Lewis; Leveritt Young; James Rutherford; Mary Low; Minnie Ward; Bernard ?; Joseph Collins; Blanche Goodman; Ella (?) Young; John M?; ?; Corinne Jewers; Mae Brown; Ann? ?; Forsyth Bishop; Mary Gillis; Fannie ? Morrison; John Chevrier; Abe Hunt; Joe Ward; Della DeGrasse; ? Finch; Alice Craig; Arthur Roop; May M. Mahar; Sybil Jewers; Kate Ward. Written on the front of the photograph: Doris McLean; Lew Gilmore

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Comment by Karen Spoentgen on February 14, 2018 at 5:03pm

I thought I would add the note behind Fannie Morrison states her married name. She was Fannie Gertrude Morrison, daughter of James Colen Morrison and wife Miranda Farris. Fannie married Fred MacGregor in 1912. If this is the same girl, dates this picture back farther. Or could it be her daughter Francis MacGregor who was born 1920. The family still lived in Eastport to 1920. By 1930 they were in Portland. It can be Fannie around early 1900 or so. She was born 1893. 

Comment by Pam Beveridge on July 16, 2016 at 11:04am

Carole, have you researched your Young line?  Does it go back to Johann-Jacob Yung who went from near Strasbourg (then Germany, now France) to Broadbay at Waldoboro (though he didn't stay long); died at Halifax NS in 1777

Comment by Carole Newbigging on July 12, 2016 at 2:55am

Delighted to find this the photo of 1900 Eastport school pupils amongst your wonderful collection - together with names!!  I can confirm that No 7 is Leverette YOUNG born 12 May 1890 in Eastport. died unmarried 25 Jan 1947 and No 14 is Ella V YOUNG born Oct 1886 in Eastport who married Sidney MURRAY.  These were siblings of my grandfather John Robinson Young, who was born 11 May 1896 in Eastport and died 26 Jan 1962 in Houlton.  Another sibling Ethel M YOUNG b: Feb 1892 in Eastport who married Norris WHELPLEY.  I would have expected Ethel to be in this photograph - I wonder if she is still unidentified - although my grandfather John (aged 4) would have been too young.  I cannot make out the numbers very clearly.  Am I right in thinking No7 is 2nd row from the back, blond boy just in front of teach on the right?  and No 14 2nd row from the front, girl in patterned dress, 5th girl from the left. Do you have any idea who wrote the original identification names and numbers?   Again - many thanks.  

1900 Census Eastport, living at Pearl Street

YOUNG Wayman aged 37  Head   Sealer of Cans

Young Olintha aged 31  Wife  married for 13 yrs, mother of 4 children, 4 living

Young Ella V aged 13

Young Leverett aged 10

Young Ethel aged 8

Young John aged 4

Comment by Pam Beveridge on July 30, 2011 at 9:54am

Here is a comment from Kathy:


"Here is what I can make of the school photo. 
Helena Ashby, Julia Collins, Emma Paine, Ethel Greelaw, Mina (?) Leighton, James Lewis, Leveritt (?) Young, James Rutherford, Mary Low (?), Minnie (?) Ward, ??, Bernard ?, Joseph Collins, Blanche Goodman, Ella (? this one is really hard!) Young, John M. ?, Blank - not known, ? Corinne Jewers, Mae Brown, Ann(?) ?, Forsyth Bishop, Mary Gillis, Fannie (?) Morrison (what is that note after the name?), John Chevrier, Abe ? (sic) Hunt, Joe Ward, Della D. ?, ? Finch, Alice Craig, Arthur Roop, Mary M. Mahar (?), Sybil Jewers, Kate Ward
My best guess. I could even be wrong on some I feel pretty confident about, but here it is, for what it's worth. How many grades is this, or what grade? I might be able to estimate from the picture of james Lewis, once I go back locate him, and estimate his age."

Comment by Pam Beveridge on July 29, 2011 at 8:09pm
That's a tough one.  The M looks like a W, but many times they do.  I had thought Mac, but it could be May or Mae, yes.  There was a May Brown, born about 1891 in Canada, living in Eastport in the 1900 Census, in household of Samuel and Mary.  If her, she would have been one of the older kids, about Corinne's age, maybe in the back row.
Comment by Johna Marie (True) Delano on July 29, 2011 at 6:26pm
I can't make out who #20 is in the picture but the name appears to be May Brown. This might be one of my relatives and I'm quite excited to know what the name is and which child is #20.
Comment by Pam Beveridge on July 29, 2011 at 5:37pm
Here is the identification.  If you recognize someone outright or from a combination of the names and placement numbers, please leave a comment with their name and placement.  Thanks!

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