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Winnie Lucille Dolbier, b. 1909 at Kingfield, Maine

Winnie Lucille Dolbier was born 24 July 1909 at Kingfield, Maine, the daughter of John Moses Dolbier and Winifred Della (Carville) Dolbier.  She died in 1994.


Below are a reprint of a post at the blog Heirlooms Reunited which features a 1927 graduation invitation to Winnie Lucille Dolbier's graduation from Mexico High School, Mexico, Maine, and her family tree.


Invitation to 1927 Graduation of Mexico, Maine, HS; Lucille Dolbier

Invitation given by graduate Lucille Dolbier to attend the 1927 graduation ceremony of Mexico High School, in Mexico, Maine.

Class Nineteen Hundred Twenty-seven
Mexico High School
Commencement Exercises
Thursday Evening, June Ninth
at eight o'clock
Mexico Congregational Church
From online research, hopefully correct:
Winnie Lucille Dolbier, was born 24 July 1909 at Kingfield, Maine, the daughter of John Moses Dolbier and Winifred Della (Carville) Dolbier.  Her paternal grandparents were William E. Dolbier and Eunice Mason (Luce) Dolbier.  Her maternal grandparents were Joseph Lendall Carville and Lydia (McKenney) Carville.
I found information online that Winnie Lucille Dolbier married twice, but I don't know if she had any children. She died in 1994.
Maps of Mexico, Maine:



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Comment by Pam Beveridge on July 10, 2011 at 7:35pm
That's so neat! Whenever I'm in an antique shop and see something school-related, I snap it up. This was one of those things. Glad you came across it.
Comment by Amy Lucille Leadbetter Smith on July 10, 2011 at 7:20pm
Winnie Lucille Dolbier Leadbetter Aames was my grandmother.  She was known by her middle name, Lucille.  Her grandchildren affectionately called her Nana.  I can't believe I stumbled on this website with her HS graduation invitation!!  She had two sons from her first marriage: Fred L. Leadbetter and George Hollis Leadbetter.  She lived a long, full life and she was an amazing woman. 

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