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Surnames Starting with W

Surnames starting with W

Wade, Ira C., born 1829 in New Brunswick; moved to Maine and later to Minnesota; m. Susan A. Bailey - excerpt in History of Upper Mississippi Valley, 1881


Wadsworth, Samuel Bartlett, b. 1791 Portland, Maine; m. Eliza Caroline Harrington, b. 1798 Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Waite, Ulla Lemaine, born 1871, Buckfield, Maine; m. Ernest Everett Gould of Freeport, Maine; lived at Freeport, Maine - candid photograph of her after her marriage


Walker, Stuart Frederick, b. 1899 at East Livermore, Maine; m. Alice M. Nichols and Glenys Hilda Clement, b. 1904 at Foxcroft, Maine

Wallace, Joseph A. and Annie Eliza (Marney) Wallace of Jonesport, Maine - their Family Bible


Wallick, George Glenn, b. 1890 at Sturgis, Michigan; m. Leafy May Whynaught, b. 1897 at Livermore Falls, Maine

Ward, Edgar - possibly of Piscataquis County, Maine - two early 1900s photos of Edgar Ward, marked Foxcroft, and possibly the Edgar Ward who was born at Little Squaw Mountain Township in 1913 and later lived at Greenville, Maine

Wardwell, Gideon Church, born in Saco, Maine, in 1818; died in California in 1893; tintype


Warren, Alwilda Gertrude, b abt 1869 at Denmark, Maine - her autograph book

Washburn, Israel, former Governor of Maine, then at Portland, Maine, to Hon. Edward S. Tobey at Boston, Massachusetts - re: steamship corporation


Watson, Clyde L.. b 1906 Maine (1915/1916 card of the Flat School, Cambridge Maine, showing him as a student there); m. Edna M. Chapman, b abt 1913, Maine

Webster, David (1791-1847) of Fryeburg, Maine - his 1827 letter to William Cutts at Saco, Maine, offering a plan to pay his debt.

Webster, Louisa, born 1850 or 1851 at St. Stephen, New Brunswick, daughter of James W. H. Webster and Mary (Clark) Webster; moved to Mars Hills, Maine; m. Ephriam J. Fulton, son of Robert M. and Martha (Jones) Fulton; they lived at Mars Hill and also in Minnesota - her photo as a young woman

Weld, George of Sanford, Maine - 1849 and 1850 credit slips, addressed to Mr. Hubbard

Wentworth, Celia A., born 1855 at Lebanon, Maine - her 1870s/1880s autograph album

Wentworth, Hannah Winslow (Thurber) Smith Wentworth of Franklin, Maine - 1893 autograph album presented to her by grandson George Eben Hill

Weston Family of Madison, Maine, 1886 Family Reunion


Weston, Jonathan Delesdernier, b. 1782 Reading, Massachusetts; m. Jane Nelson, born abt 1781 Scotland or Warren, Maine; they lived at Eastport, Maine


Weymouth, Hazel May, b. 1895 Freeman Plantation, Maine; m. William Harold Hutchins, b. 1891 Fowler, New York; father was Maine native Rev. Richard Baxter Hutchins

Weymouth, Wesley D. of Fayette, Maine - his signature as witness on a deed between Harrison Ormond Read of Strong, Maine, and Mark Grover of Avon, Maine

Whitcomb, Ella Florence of Waldo, Maine; wife of Frank Leslie Harmon


Whitcomb, Ida May, of Waldo, Maine, sister of Ella above, wife of Frank Edwin Howard, b. 1911 Boston, Massachusetts; m. Joseph Fredrick Higgins, b. 1913, Cambridge, Massachusetts

White, Charles E. (1820-1890), town clerk of Topsham, Maine - his diary


White, Cora Mabel, b. 1880 Fort Fairfield Maine; m. William Bruce Burns, b. 1880 Fort Fairfield, Maine


White, Daniel, born 1833 at Winterport, Maine; Civil War General; m. Anna S. Rich, b. abt 1837, Maine

White, Emily C.of Londonderry, New Hampshire; married Samuel Dean(e) Leavitt of Eastport, Maine - Emily's 1858-1861 autograph album

White, Horace L., born at Portland, Maine, in 1870 and Grace Rae (Jackson) White born at Lincolnville, Maine, in 1873 - c1909 photograph of their sons Louis Edmond White and Lawrence Bartlett White

Whitman, Delphina (Perham) of Bryant Pond, Maine; widow of Harrison Whitman - 5 1860s letters from Delphina to her daughter Angelia (Whitman) Farrar, wife of Rufus Farrar, Jr., at Grafton Township, Maine

Whitney, Martha Norman of Jonesboro, Maine - 1901 photo of her and Vivian Inez Kenniston at Eastern Maine Normal School

Whittemore, Carolyn Louise of Winthrop, Massachusetts - her baby photograph of 1904


Whittemore, Madalene E. (or B.), b 1905 Harmony, Maine (1915/1916 card from the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine showing her to have been a student there); m. Charles A. Deering, b. 1905

Whitten, Ettie Viola of Westport, Maine - photograph of her IDed as Ettie Whitten Lewis, taken by studio at Bath, Maine


Whynaught, Leafy May, b. 1897 at Livermore Falls, Maine; m. George Glenn Wallick, b. 1890 at Sturgis, Michigan

Wight, Polly Patch of Gilead, Maine; married Daniel Freeman Bean - her 1830s/1840s autograph album from before and after her marriage.

Wight, Will P., born about 1856, in either Canada or Massachusetts - lived at East Otisfield, Maine, and East Douglas,  Massachusetts - his 1880s autograph album

Wilbur, Elizabeth O. of Eastbrook, Maine; CDV taken by N. C. Moore studio of Ellsworth, Maine; m. Theodore Augustus Wadsworth

Wildes, Annie B.of Bath, Maine - her 1882-1886 autograph album - many sea captains' autographs, including that of her father Alonzo Parsons Wildes, presumed lost in the collision between his vessel the Charles H. Morse and the Cunard liner S. S. Oregon.

Wiley, Mertie, in a photo of 5 women from the Milo, Maine area - possibly Myrtle Rosmer Littlefield of Medford, Maine

Wilkins, Hattie - married John Rice Flint of Monson, Maine - c 1890 photograph of John and Hattie, dog "Snicks" and riding horse at the lumber camp of John's father, Levi C. Flint at or near Monson, Maine

Willey, Angie E., wife of Arthur Stanley Webster of Limestone, Maine at the time a c1900 photograph was taken of her at Aroostook Falls, near Fort Fairfield, Maine.

Williams, Eva of Canaan, Maine - photograph of a home at Canaan, supposedly Canaan, Maine - if so, then Eva Hazel Williams, born in 1890 to Edwin Hutchinson Williams and Addie Florence (Moore) Williams; Eva married Alton Fred Rolfe of Canaan.


Williamson, Daisy E., b. 1895, New Portland, Maine; m. Gust Conrad Agren, b. 1880 in Sweden

Wilson, Abbie - cabinet photo by a Sanford, Maine, studio.  Possibly Abbie Jane (Hobbs) Wilson, wife of attorney Frank Wilson of Sanford.

Wilson, Amanda M. of Maine - preceptress at East Maine Conference Seminary at Bucksport, Maine - her photograph

Joseph Wilson of the Orland, Maine area - his name on an 1847 receipt from Orland, Maine, along with name of Rufus Buck


Wilson Family, Maine & New Brunswick Canada


Wilson, Margaret Mary

Wilson, Lanta, b. 1856 Castine, Maine, composer of hymns

Winchester, Josiah Hill, son of Nathan Winchester, who arrived in Nova Scotia about 1760 from Framingham, Massachusetts

Wing, Gideon of Sidney, Maine - Photographs of him and wife Esther (Dillingham) Wing


Wing, Laura Arlene, b. 1909 at Farmington, Maine; m. Reginald Houghton Sturtevant, b. 1899 at Livermore Falls, Maine

Wiswell, Joseph M. of Searsport, Maine - Major in the 14th Maine Volunteers - photograph in uniform

Witham, Albion of Portland, Maine - 1851 letter addressed to Mr. Hubbard

Wood, Calvin B., born at Waterford, Maine in 1846; served in 1st Maine Cavalry; mentioned in journal kept by Walt Whitman while tending to the ill and injured at Washington DC.


Woodbury, Clinton Aaron, b. 1851 Sweden, Maine; m. Ida Sumner Vose (clipping); b. 1854, Dennysville, Maine; author, poet, composer, historian

Woodbury, R. - CDV by the Tuttle studio of Belfast, Maine


Woodcock, Anna G., granddaughter of Samuel Carter of Pembroke, Maine

Woodman, Andrew, First Lieutenant in the Maine 2nd Cavalry - CDV in uniform with sword

Woodman, Ara May, born 1879 at Fairfield, Maine; m. Granville Earl Barrows at Waterville, Maine - her 1880s/1890s autograph album


Woodside Family of Maine


Woodside, Walter, b. abt 1845 New York or Maine; m. Ellen Drinkwater (photo), b. abt 1852, possibly Bangor, Maine

Worcester, Alwilda Rae (Merrill)of Prentiss, Maine - early 1900s photograph album


Worcester, Clytie R. (page in autograph book of Berniece E. Allen of Centerville, Maine); b. 1871Columbia Falls, Maine; m. Una Worcester (name change from William Dawson)


Works, Mary Kathlyn or Kathleen, b. 1902 Dixfield, Maine; m.
 Victor Abbott Mayson Staples, b. 1885, Carthage, Maine (see graduation programs mentioning Kathleen Works - Dixfield High School)


Wyman, Mildred Ethel, b 1883 possibly at Milbridge, Maine; m. James Edgerton Lawrence of Ontario; they lived in BC, WA and CA.  Her c1900 photograph


Wyman Genealogy

Wyman, Theodore, a merchant at Sebec, Maine

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