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Surnames Starting with T

Surnames starting with T

Tabbut, Mary Ella, "Mamie", born 1868 at Columbia Falls, Maine; m. William Pitt Fessenden Drisko - collection of Reward of Merit cards given to Mamie by named different teachers


Talbot, Francis Loring, b. 1824 Gardiner, Maine; m. Mary Cushing Badger, b. 1824 Maine; lived East Machias, Maine

Talbot, Thomas Hammond, b 1823 at East Machias, Maine; Civil War Bvt Brigadier General - 1889 letter


Talmage, Dan, born 1867 Boundbrook, New Jersey; became president of Dan Talmage & Son Rice Co in Louisiana & other states

Talpey, Henry, born abt 1819 at York, Maine - see the autograph album that belonged to his 3rd wife Adelia Caroline (Carleton) Talpey - collected as they sailed around the world; sea captains; Pitcairn Island folks


Taylor, Henry Robert, b. 1830 Newfane, Vermont; prominent citizen of Machias, Maine; m. Amelia Longfellow and Laura Ella Smith


Temple Family and Related lines in North America - 116,800 people listed

Thompson Family in Maine, New Hampshire and the West, published in 1907, by Rev. Charles N. Sinnett; ebook

Thompson, Elbridge Augustus of Sangerville, Maine, Charleston,  Maine and Dover, Maine - 1850 book Napoleon and his Marshals, owned by Dr.

Thompson, Frank Gilmore family of Milo, Maine: wife Katherine Maud (Hanscom) Thompson and daughters Elizabeth and Janet


Thompson, Tobias J., born 1848 Castine, Maine; m. Maria Abbott.  Lived Winterport, Maine

Thorne, Thomas Dresser (1814-1905) of Lewiston, Maine - his notebook; buildings he built

Thurber, Hannah Winslow, b. 1821, Trenton,  Maine; m. 1) Capt. Joseph Smith; 2) Joseph Card Wentworth; lived at Franklin, Maine - autograph album presented to her by grandson George Eben Hill in 1893

Thurston, Phebe Gould, born 1820 at Berwick, Maine - her 1838+ autograph album

Tilton, William Stowell, born 1828 Newburyport, Massachusetts; Civil War Brevet Brig. Gen; governor of National Soldiers Home at Togus, Maine 1869-1883 - two 1883 letters re: trotting horses

Titcomb, Ernest Escortell, born 1885 at Corinna, Maine; lived at Exeter, Maine; m. Ethel May Peavey; Ernest's 1890s autograph album collected while a student at Exeter, Maine


Titcomb, Frank William, b. 1837 Exeter, Maine; m. Clara Ellen Ray, b. 1852, Dover, Maine; Houlton, Maine residents

Tolman, Carrie M. of New Sharon, Maine - 1885 letter to her from principal George C. Pennington at the State Normal School at Farmington inviting her to matriculate


Toothaker, Ella Viola, b 1867 Phillips, Maine; m. Almon Silas Gifford; d 1903 - her 1870s autograph album

Towle, James of Freeman, Maine - 1847 deed between James Towle and Joseph B. Grover of Avon, Maine

Towle, Isabelle Mary of Belfast, Maine - her 1899 graduation photograph - Farmington State Normal School

Towne Family, decended from William Towne, b 1600 England; d. 1672 Salem, Massachusetts - several handwritten pages

Townsend Family, album of photos, some IDed, some needing ID

Trescott Family of Dorchester and Milton, Massachusetts - lengthy article from the Hyde Park Historical Record

Trescott, Lemuel - biography in the Hyde Park Historical Record

Triffitt, Marjorie of Whitneyville, Maine, born 1887 - her early 1800s autograph album

Triggs, Sadie A. of Hermon, Maine - her 1880s autograph album; she married Augustus P. Richards and moved to South Bristol, Maine

Tripp, Ervin Harlock, born Oxford, Maine, about 1790 - 1833 letter from New York City about his daughter's illness to his father Rev. John Tripp at Hebron, Maine

True, Josephine, b. 1868 Turner, Maine; m. John Bryant Hinkley - 1895 letter hiring Josie to be teacher at Upper Street School in Turner - photo of Josie and her students

Tuck, Dorothy Isabelle, b. 1902 at Lee, Maine; grew up at Holden, Maine - invitation to her 1931 wedding to Carlton W. Johns at Las Vegas

Turner, A. W. of Bath, Maine - his name on an 1852 document of the Solar Lodge of Bath, Maine - possibly Abner Wade Turner or his son Abner Warren Turner and on an 1845 I.O.O.F. document from Hobomok Lodge


Turner, Keziah, b. England 1827; m. Stephen Parker Dennison, b. 1824 Machias, Maine

Tyler, Fritz Jarrold, b 1873 Albany, Maine; m. Grace Lizzie Bartlett, b 1876 Bethel, Maine

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