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Surnames Starting with S

Surnames starting with S


Sabean, Joseph Hartley, "Hartley", born 1860 at New Tusket, Nova Scotia; m. Elizabeth Eudora Tedford - his 1880s-1949 autograph album

Sabine, George W., Lt. Col., b. abt 1832, died from wounds recd in Civil War


Sabine, Matilda Green, b. abt 1828, Maine; m. Capt. John McLarren, b. 1800 at Barrington, Nova Scotia

Sampson, Alzira Rhoda "Elsie", b 1853 at Manchester, Maine; m. Joseph Emery Adams - Elsie's 1880s autograph album

Sanborn, Annette, b. 1830 at Baldwin, Maine - her 1861-1863 autograph album


Sanborn, Isaac of Waldo, Maine; husband of Florence A. Roberts

Sanderson, Anne E. of Mount Vernon, Maine - her 1880s autograph album while a student at Western State Normal School - later married Fred L. Redman, who later studied medicine and set up a practice at Corinna, Maine

Sargent, Adelbert Roger, "Delly", b. 1913 Ellsworth, Maine; m. 1) Virginia Alice Carlisle; 2) Isabelle Helene Blaney; he died in plane crash in 1966 at Harrington Lake, Piscataquis County, Maine

Sargent, Charles, born 1853 at Machias, Maine; Bowdoin graduate, lawyer, merchant; m. Ada M. Leland of Eastport, Maine

Sargent, John O., born 1813 at Gloucester, Massachusetts; lived at Sedgwick, Maine; 1856 letter he wrote to Atty. John Gadbury at Bangor, Maine.


Savage, Hortense Lucille, b 1894 Kingfield, Maine; m. Blaine Elbridge Atwood, b. 1884 Concord, Maine


Sawyer, Bessie Edna, b. 1886 Cambridge, Maine; m. Thomas William Folsom, b. 1883 Cambridge, Maine (1915/1916 card of the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine)

Sawyer, Harold Delmont, b. 1876 at Medford, Maine; m. 1) Ethel R. Darling, b 1882 at Enfield, Maine; 2) Margaret Brown, b. Nova Scotia - photograph of Harold and Ethel


Sawyer, Myrtle May, b. 1898 at Livermore Falls, Maine; m. Nathan Howard Sullivan, b. 1888 at Portland, Maine

Sawyer, Sarah Waite, born 1845 at Calais, Maine; m. William T. Hill, Captain of Schooner Georgia Todd, which wrecked near Machias, Maine - Sarah drowned - article about sinking

Sawyer, Silas B., b. 1853, Winthrop Maine; m. Susan DePuy at Iowa 1872 - images of their Family Bible


Sayward, Walter Freeman, b. 1856, South Thomaston, Maine; m. Ellen Waldron Farrar, b. 1861, Maine; (graduation exercises of Class of 1881 at Eastern State Normal School noting Walter F. Sayward as Salutatorian - see image)

Scamman, Annie Isabel, born 1850 at Cape Elizabeth, Maine - her 1870s/1880s autograph album


Scribner, Simon ; born Maine, Topsfield, area, moved to Mellen, Wisconsin; photo at middle age with his horse (not draft horse)

Scott, Dorothea A. of Brooklyn, New York and Montvale, New Jersey; her father was Sea Capt. James Edward Scott of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - Dorothea's 1904-1910 autograph album; some pages signed by Nova Scotia relatives

Sears Family Gravestones at Eastport, Maine


Seeley Family, Perry, Maine - photos

Selmore, Mary, postcard showing her at age 101, Passamaquoddy elder


Sennett Family, Eastport & Calais Maine area - photo of Richard Harris Sennett at 9 mos.


Sewall, Hilda Augusta, b. 1898 at East Livermore, Maine; m. Herbert David Norton, b. 1900 at Temple, Maine

Sharp, Delilah, born 1872 in New Brunswick; m. Silas W. Craig, born 1872 at St. George, New Brunswick


Shatford, Basil Boyne, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; m. Fannie Pearl Hubley


Shatford, Clarke Beresford, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; m. Gertrude Louise Boutilier


Shaw, Harland J., b. abt 1906 Maine; m. Laura Beatrice Hutchinson, b. 1901 Mason, Maine


Sheldon, Isaac, of Waldo, Maine

Shepherd, Russell Benjamin, Civil War General from Maine; m. Helen Maria Rowell

Shortwell, Sadie A., Miss of North Edgecomb, Maine - signed a page in an autograph album with pages signed in the 1870s/1880s


Shurtleff, Clara Belle, born 1860 at Gorham, Maine - her 1870s/1880s autograph album kept while living at White Rock, Gorham, Maine

Simpson Family, St. David, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada


Sinclair, Ephraim Henry, b. March 1870, Maine; m. Ethel H. Stafford, b. July 1873, Maine; lived at Harmony, Maine

Sinclair, Rufus S., born about 1836 at Marion, Maine, or Beddington, Maine, or ?; served in Civil War; see a photograph of shell wound to his left shoulder

Small, Cora Henrietta Davis, b. 1863 at Deer Isle, Maine; m. Ernest Whitney - Cora's photograph

Small, Marcus M., of Livermore, Maine; served in 7th Maine; mentioned by Walt Whitman in Specimen Days


Smith, Adin L., (autograph page) b. 1868 Jonesboro, Maine, physician at Machias, Maine; m. Alice M. Bridgham, b. 1872 Whitneyville, Maine

Smith, Antonio, b 1820s Madeira, Portugal; original surname may have been Parento; barber at Ellsworth, Maine: Daguerrotype

Smith, Eliphalet Gillette of Moscow, Maine - 1846 and 1847 Sales of Cattle from him to William Rowell


Smith, Ezra, a merchant of Topsham and Hanover, Maine

Smith, Hannah Winslow (Thurber) Smith Wentworth of Franklin, Maine - autograph album presented to her by grandson George Eben Hill in 1893


Smith, Hattie L., Lord's Cove, Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada


Smith, Ida M., b. 1870; m. Charles O. Brown, b. abt 1869, Wilton, Maine

Smith, Nathan - 1854 Will of Nathan Smith of St. Marys, New Brunswick, York County

Smith, Philip M., letter/poem addressed to Miss Alice Cleland; both were in Class of 1918 at Shead Memorial High School, Eastport, Maine


Smith, Russell M., b. June 1860, possibly Jonesboro, Maine; m. Mildred E. "Millie"


Smithwick, Nathaniel Austin, (see 1886 commencement program of Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science where he graduated with BS in Mechanical Engineering) b. 1864 Damariscotta, Maine; m. Mabel A. Kenney, b. 1873 Machiasport, Maine


Snow Family of Midcoast Maine - check the South Thomaston (Maine) Library which has received a 3 volume set of Snow genealogy donated by Richard M. Snow of Rockland.  

Snow Family of Carleton County, New Brunswick

Snow, Albert & Nettie E. (Bliss) of East Boston, Massachusetts - cabinet photographs.  Albert's mother was Eliza Ann (Harrington) Snow, daughter of Elijah and Martha Harrington of Eastport, Maine


Snow, Hallie May, b. about 1885 Maine; m. Edgar Francis Corliss, Jr., b. 1891 at Charleston, Maine

Snow, William and Sarah J. Snow - page they signed in 1885 in an autograph album of mostly Maine and Massachusetts signers

Souther, Samuel at Bangor, Maine - 1846 letter to him from A. B. Houston at Searsport, Maine


Spates, William Thomas (Specht), born 1845 Eastport, Maine; m Anna Graham of Nova Scotia

Spinney, Caleb - 1799 muster roll for Kittery, Maine signed by Captain Caleb Spinney

Sprague, Hattie of Machiasport, Maine - her 1878-1887 autograph album


Sprague, Jotham Lincoln & Wife, Dennysville ME, 1800s photos

Stadig, Francis, born 1888 at New Sweden, Maine - patented an experimental snow motor car abt 1920 - see photograph

Stanhope, Thomas J., born 1838 at Perry, Maine; m. Mary A. Reynolds of Edmunds


Staples, Eleanor "Nellie" B., (photo) b. 1860, Maine; m. Albert C. Colcord, sea captain, Stockton Springs, Maine


Staples, Victor Mayson, or Victor Abbott Mayson Staples, b. 1885 Carthage, Maine; m. Mary Kathlyn Works, or Kathleen Works, b. 1902 Dixfield, Maine (see 1919 and 1920 graduation programs mentioning Kathleen Works)


Starling, Rose Josephine, b. 1892 at Falmouth, Maine


Stephenson, Florence A., of Waldo, Maine

Stephenson, Isaac, b. 1829 near Fredericton, New Brunswick; lived in Maine and Wisconsin - US Senator from Wisconsin - wrote memoir Recollections of a Long Life

Stetson, Ward - born 1871 at Warren, Maine - his 1880s autograph album


Stewart, Horace S., born 1890, Maine; drowned at Milo, Maine 25 April 1908


Stickney, Lucilla, (married name Goulding), born Nova Scotia) Perry Maine, 1880s photograph


Stickney, Nettie Elizabeth of Brownville, Maine; m. Horace Layton Johnson

Stickney, Samuel (1769-1814) of New Brunswick; m. Elizabeth James


Stinson, Benjamin of Swans Island; and his descendants


Stockwell, Anna Bailey True, b. 1892 in Quebec; m. George Howard Dunning, b. 1892 at Yarmouth, Maine


Stockwell, Nellie Goodhue, b. 1894 at Danville, Quebec; m. Harold Roy Moxcey, b. 1892 at Cumberland, Maine

Stone, Alfred J., born 1808 [1803]; postmaster at Brunswick, Maine; m. Margaret Orr; 1837 letter to Legislator David Dunlap at Augusta, arguing that Maine's capital should be Portland

Storer, Elizabeth of Wells, Maine - 1780 document where Elizabeth Storer gives giving power of attorney to Samuel Langdon


Stratton, Amy Belle, b. 1892 at Hancock, Maine; m. Ora Spratt Jordan, (autograph album presented to him at Christmas 1883 by his father Louis Stuart Jordan) b. 1882, possibly Otis, Maine

Strout, Marcus Gilbert, born 1887 at Bradford, Maine; m. Vivian B. Kemp, born 1897 at Aurora, Maine - Marcus' graduation photograph from East Corinth Academy


Stuart, Elizabeth Ruth, b. 1900 Cambridge, Maine (card showing her to be a student at Flat School, Cambridge, Maine, in 1915/1916); m. 1) Nelson Freeman Gilman, b. 1891 Ipswich, Massachusetts; 2) Homer Cooley, b. 1903 Mayfield, Maine


Stuart, Elwood Alden, b. 1902 Cambridge, Maine (card showing him to be a student in 1915/1916 at the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine); m. Verna Mae Bean, b. 1914 Cambridge, Maine


Stuart, Hazel Audrey, b. 1903 Cambridge, Maine (card showing her as a student at Flat School, Cambridge in 1915/1916); m. Ivan Bertel Foss, b. 1897, at Abbot, Maine


Sturtevant, Reginald Houghton, b. 1899 at Livermore Falls, Maine; m. Laura Arlene Wing, b. 1909 at Farmington, Maine


Sullivan, Nathan Howard, b.. 1888 at Portland, Maine; m. Myrtle May Sawyer, b. 1898 at Livermore Falls, Maine


Swan, Roger N., b. 1908 probably Dixfield, Maine; m. Helen Thelma Child (Helen's mention in both 1919 and 1920 graduation booklets of Dixfield High School)


Swift, Sarah A. of Sidney, Maine - her 1880s autograph album

Sylvia, Edgar Everett, b. 1876; m. Lettie M. Carter; lived Edmunds, Maine

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