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Surnames Starting with N

Surnames starting with N

Nash, Carrie S., b. 1868 Harrington, Maine; m. Bartlett W. Brown, b. 1860 Milbridge, Maine - Carrie's 1891 letter to Bartlett

Nason, Van Rensselaer of Howland, Maine

Neal, Richard, born 1790 at Kittery, Maine; m. Elizabeth Goodwin; 1816 Massachusetts Militia doc when Richard lived at Eliot, Maine


Nelson, Charles Alexander, born Calais, Maine 1839; son of Israel P. and Jane (Capen) Nelson; m. Emma C. Norris of New York; Reconstruction Administrator in North Carolina

Nelson, Levi M. (1804-1880) of New Gloucester, Maine - his autobiography begin in 1829

Nevers, Samuel, Colonel, born 1766 at Burlington, Massachusetts; m. Esther Trull; he died 1857 at Sweden, Maine, which he helped found.  Images of his Family Bible, which lists births, deaths, marriages of his wife and himself and their children

Newell, Elliott Edwin of Sumner, Maine - married Edith Frances Barrett - their early to mid 1900s photograph album

Nickerson, Edwin P., b 1842 Searsport, Maine; mentioned in journal of Walt Whitman who was attending injured and ill Civil war soldiers at Washington, D.C.

North, Harry H., Jr. of Belgrade Mills, Maine - 1892 photo, possibly graduation photo - his name might not be Harry H. North, Jr.; perhaps his first name was something else and Harry was a nickname for his middle name.


Norton, Donald William, b. 1896 Maine; graduated Kingfield HS; died in Meuse-Argonne offensive November 1918; buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France


Norton, Herbert David, b. 1900 at Temple, Maine; m. Hilda Augusta Sewall, b. 1898 at East Livermore, Maine

W. Norton, or U. Norton - 1837 Phillips, Maine, document where A. Pease promises to pay W. Norton or U. Norton


Noyes, Charles Orrin, b. 1876, Jonesboro, Maine; m. Rhoda M. Marshall, (photo) b. 1878, Maine

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