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Surnames Starting with M

Surnames starting with M

Madigan, John Bernard, b. 1863 at Houlton, Maine; rose to Maine Supreme Judicial Court; clippings abt him and his grandson Dr. John B. Madigan


Magoon, Pearl Marie, b. 1892 Harmony, Maine; m. Frank Elwin Folsom, b. 1891 Cambridge, Maine (1915/1916 card showing him to be Supt. of Flat School, Cambridge, Maine)

Magoon, Woodrow Watson, b 1795 Maine; m. Rhoda B. Darling; lived at Dover, Maine; his 1865 letter to his step grandson Leander Cook, who was then at Iowa

Mahar Family, Album of Photos, some IDed, some needing ID

Mahoney, Addie Myrtle, b.1880 at Orono, Maine; m. Vernon Tracy Littlefield - Addie's graduation photograph

Maling Family of Nova Scotia and New England


Mann, Marietta Rollins, b. 1858, Massachustts; m. Frederick Wellington Ayer, b. 1855, Bangor, Maine

Marble, Minnie Augusta of Wilton, Maine - 1883-1886 autograph that presumably belonged to her

Marney, Annie Eliza,born at Saint John, New Brunswick in 1868 - married Joseph A. Wallace of Jonesport, Maine; their Family Bible with dates from 1826-1938

Marr, Ella E. of Cornish, Maine - she is possibly the Nellie who was a student at Hebron Academy at Hebron, Maine and kept an autograph book 

Marr, Owen Kingston, born 1861 at Georgetown, Maine; m. Frances S. Snowman; 2 letters written to his brother Christopher Hazelton Marr in 1886

Marsh, George W. and son Matthew George Marsh of Eddington, Maine - little paper bag with imprint of their confectionery and fruit store


Marshall, Rhoda M, (photo) born 1878 Maine; m. Charles Orrin Noyes, b. 1876, Jonesboro, Maine

Martin Family of Maine

Mason, Annie Louise of Corinna, Maine - her 1916 diary while living and working at Waterville, Maine; future wife of George Carl Bates

Matheson, Peter Daniel, b. 1904, New Hampshire; m. Mildred Louise Foster (see 1919 and 1920 graduation programs of Dixfield HS which both mention Mildred as a junior and a senior)


Mathieu, Ethel, b. 1880 Farmington, Maine (see photo of her and her students); m. Wilfred Auguste Caron, b. abt 1878 Canada; they lived at Rumford, Maine

Matthews, Harriet Holmes, born about 1870; lived at Hampden, Maine; Caribou, Maine; and Augusta, Maine; her 1870s/1880s autograph album


Matthews, Samuel, of Eastport, Maine - copy of his disability record, 1901 from service in the Civil War in the US Navy

McAllaster or McAllister - 1790s listing of children of Daniel & Sarah (Russell) McAllister on inside back cover of what may have been a Bible or other book

McCausland Family of Maine

McCurdy, John of Princeton, Maine - 1863 promotion document - Civil War

McDonald, George A; m. Carrie B. Calligan; both born Grand Lake Stream, Maine

McDonald, Julius, Eastport, Maine; his photo 4th of July Parade, PC addressed to him in military 1916

McGibbon, William R. of Moore's Mills, New Brunswick, and Auburn, Maine - 1870s/1880 autograph album of his 2nd wife Clara Caroline Mitchell of Canton, Maine, and Auburn, Maine, containing inscriptions by William and several of his Moore's Mills NB relatives.


McKay, Mary Teresa, b. 1871 Eastport, Maine; m. John Edward Woods, b. 1867, St. Andrews, New Brunswick

McKenney, Sylvanus of Hartford, Maine - document recording 1845 marriage intention to Miss Elizabeth Parlin of Sumner, Maine

McKenzie, Millicent Edith, born at Maitland, Nova Scotia in 1880; m. Herman Kirk Dunning of Richmond, Manitoba

McKie, Eldred Everett, born 23 Aug 1864 at Boston, Mass; his parents were from Prince Edward Island


McLarren, John, b. 1800 Barrington, Nova Scotia; m. Clarissa M. Cony, b. 1817; m. Matilda Green Sabine, b. 1828, Maine, daughter of Lorenzo Sabine

McLean, Jessie, born 1868, Maine; m. George D. Prescott, born 1864, Pennfield, New Brunswick

McLearn, Clarence of South Rawdon, Nova Scotia and Fairview, Saskatchewan - with possibly a stay at Middleborough, Massachusetts - c 1900 photograph

McLellan, Katherine Bigelow "Katie", b 1836 Gorham, Maine; m. Rev. George Lothrop Lewis, b 1839 Bridgton, Maine; see his 1865 letter to fiancee Katie

McMahon or McMahone - Eugene Joseph McMahon of Millinocket, Maine - official copy of the record of his birth in 1902, in envelope from Millinocket Selectmen.  Son of James Joseph McMahone and Eliza Ellen (Chaplin) McMahon, born in Bartibogue, New Brunswick, and Red Bank, New Brunswick, respectively.  Possibly also connected to a collection of photographs taken in Newcastle, New Brunswick and area:

McManus, Robert of Brunswick, Maine - his name on an 1803 Brunswick document between himself and Joseph Lary, Jr. of Gilead, Maine

McNally, Cecil Hazen, b. 1899 Pittsfield, Maine; represented Ellsworth area in Maine State Legislature - campaign memento


McPherson, Charles A (1786-1868, at Mars Hill, Maine), his descendants


McQuillan, Rufus Leroy, b. 1891 at Yarmouth, Maine; m. Minnie, born 1900 at Czechoslovakia

Melcher, Abner of Brunswick,  Maine - he witnessed an 1803 document between Robert McManus and Joseph Lary, Jr., of Gilead, Maine

Melcher, George - photograph by a Bangor, Maine studio - possibly George Sabine Melcher, son of William King Melcher, Sr. and Mary Abbie (Doane) Melcher

Merrill, Dolly Edgecomb of Saccarappa, Maine, and Brownfield, Maine - her 1838-1899 autograph album

Merrill, Eunice Babson, b. 1845, Bangor, Maine; m. Edward Kent Carver, b. 1841 Lagrange, Maine

Merrill, Helen Hanson, born 1880 Salem, Massachusetts; m. John Ernest Chalmers, born 1880 at Bangor, Maine - Helen's 1899 graduation photo

Merrill, Henry Adamsof Barnard, Maine, and Bangor, Maine - his Family Bible with first wife Sarah Ward (Dexter) Merrill

Merrill, Hugh Augustus, b. 1876 Yarmouth Maine; m. Nellie Mae Balano


Merrill, Phoebe (1832-1903), her diary of 1868 when she lived at Hebron, Maine, and Lewiston, Maine

Merryman, Thurza Ellen of Harmony, Maine, widow of Howard W. Hurd and Benjamin Franklin Foss, "Frank" - photograph of her farm at Harmony, Maine

Metcalf, William Henry, b 1894 Waite, Maine; enlisted in Canadian forces in World War I and received the Victoria Cross for gallantry: images of documents and photographs of 2012 ceremony when VC marker was set at his gravesite

Mildon, Alice Estelle, born about 1882 at Eastport, Maine, daughter of Nova Scotians Frederick Robert Sayles Mildon and Abigail Churchill (Travis) Mildon.  Alice married George Elwin Martin at Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1908 - see their wedding book

Miles, Mary F., her 1896 graduation photo, presumably from Eastern State Normal School at Castine, Maine; several possibilities for a Mary F. Miles from Maine - do you recognize her from family photos?

Miller, Hannah - CDV taken by the Hardy studio of Bangor, Maine

Miller, Hazel G., born 1894 at Rockport, Maine; lived at Union, Maine - her 1909/1910 autograph album


Milliken, Dorothea, b. 1788 at North Yarmouth, Maine; m. Josiah Dana, b. 1777 Massachusetts (one of the founders of Lubec, Maine)

Mitchell, Clara Caroline of Canton, Maine, and Auburn, Maine; married William R. McGibbon of New Brunswick; her 1870s autograph album

Mitchell, Horace of Kittery, Maine - 1883-1890 autograph album of his wife Mary Gertrude Chase

Mitchell, Isabelle of Nova Scotia and Eastport, Maine; m. William L. Jewers

Moholland, Charles W., b. 1848 Eastport, Maine; m. Mrs. Hattie E. French, born 1864, St. George, New Brunswick 

Moodey, Florence Chapin, b 1870; m. 1) Charles Wendell Porter, b. 1866, St. Louis, Missouri; 2) Frank Lyman, b. 1852 Brooklyn, New York.  This family summered at North Perry, Maine

Moor, Wyman Bradbury Seavey, born 1811 at Waterville, Maine - 1848 letter where he accepted appointment as Consul General 

Moore, Isabel Merrill of Randolph, Maine; m. Ray Warren Combs of New Hampshire - 1904 pic of young Isabel

Moore, James, b. 1837, possibly Ellsworth Maine; m. Laura Ann Garland, b. 1838 Ellsworth, Maine

Moore, James W., Cherryfield, Maine, letter to Colonel Gideon Mayo 1873

Morang, George Nathaniel of Eastport, Maine - family Bible of George Nathaniel Morang and Adeline (Emery) Morang of Eastport, Maine

Morrell, John, of Eliot, Maine; sons Benning, Franklin Jefferson; Andrew Jackson, daughter Henrietta; all mentioned in 1846-1870 journal of the Morrell farm

Morrell, Thomas, b. abt 1610 England; m. Joan Searle about 1636 at England; immigrated to New York; died possibly New York.  His Descendants


Morrill, Alta Ethel, b 1875 Cambridge, Maine; m. Charles Sumner Ham, b. 1871 Cambridge, Maine (1915/1916 card from the Flat School, showing him as a School Director)

Morrill, Anson Peaslee, b. Belgrade, Maine 1803; became Maine Governor and US Senator

Morrill, Caroline Frothingham, born 1837 - 1863 letter asking her uncle to help her get back to the North and 1864 letter after she returned home.  Married Frank B. Brown at Chicago, Illinois, in 1864.

Morrill, Leroy Sanborn, born 1874 at Windham, Maine - his 1880s autograph album

Morrill, Walter Goodale, born 1840 Williamsburg, Maine; Civil War Medal of Honor recipient - 1865 letter


Morrison, Sarah E. of Ellsworth, Maine - her photographs in an 1860s autograph album

Morse brothers of Oxford County, Maine - c1920 photo of Zenas Morse and brother Herman Morse at their cabin in the woods - possibly the brothers of Woodstock, Maine


Morse, Ella Maria, b 1852 Wolfville, Nova Scotia; m. Francis Hill Doull - Ella's autograph in album of Bradford Academy students, Bradford, Massachusetts

Morse, Ralph Isaiah of Liberty, Maine; lawyer at Belfast, Maine - photograph of him as a boy of about ten

Moseley or Mosely, George E., Deer Island, NB Canada and Maine

Moulton, Maria, b 1852, Maine; m. Bolton, Elmer A. or Elma b 1859, Maine; they lived at Foxcroft; see scans of pages of Maria's 1880s autograph album


Moulton, Willis Bryant, b 1862, Cornish, Maine; m Estelle May Cole, b abt 1863, Maine - see her 1870s autograph album of mostly Ferry Village and Cape Elizabeth, Maine signers


Moxcey, Harold Roy, b. 1892 at Cumberland, Maine; m. Nellie Goodhue Stockwell, b. 1894 at Danville, Quebec

Murchie, Harold Hale, b. 1888 Calais, Maine; m. Edith Jessie Ross, b. 1888 St. Stephen, New Brunswick; photo of Harold and his sister Helen as young children


Murray, Fred Prescott, b. 1874, Maine; m. Olive Edith Bradbury (wrote history of Cape Elizabeth Schools); b. 1885, Massachusetts

Muzzy, J. of Eddington, Maine; presumably Joel Muzzy - invoice dated 1846 at Eddington, Maine, to Samuel Davis for a pair of ox wagon wheels

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