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Surnames Starting with G

Surnames Starting with G


Gallatin, Albert; longest serving US Treasury Secy; lived at Machias, Maine 1780-81

Garcelon, William, Colonel (1786-1882) of Lewiston, Maine - his 1832 diary

Gardner, Harvey, Machias ME area - snapshot as young man with his dog


Gardner, Maria L., b. abt 1868 Dennysville, Maine - her letter to cousin Charles Wendell Porter of 3 July 1899, shortly before his accidental death

Gardner, John (1731-1805) of Salem, Massachusetts; m. Elizabeth Pickering (1737-1823)

Garland, Laura Ann, b. 1838, Ellsworth, Maine; m. James Moore, b. 1837, possibly Ellsworth, Maine


Garland, Nathaniel; m. Hannah Witherell; Maine; their Family Bible, with mostly Ross surnames

Gee, Annie Belle of Pownal, Maine - her 1883-1894 autograph album


Gee, Archibald, born abt 1862, Orono, Maine; m. Lucia Haskell, born abt 1859, Maine (her name in 1881 graduation excercises program of Eastern State Normal School)

Gerrish, Joseph (1732-1812) of Gerrish Island, Kittery, Maine - 1786 letter

Gerry, Mabel Agnes, born abt 1881 at Dover, Maine; m. Wendall Harold Hall - her 1880s/1890s autograph album

Giberson, Caroline Brown of Bath, New Brunswick; m. Josiah Starbird Hodgdon of Maine - her autograph album

Gillis, Emma Eliza, born 1874 at Calais, Maine; moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba - photo as young woman


Gilman, Nelson Freeman, b 1891 Ipswich, Massachusetts; m. Elizabeth Ruth Stuart, b. 1900 Cambridge, Maine (card showing her as a student in 1915/1916 at Flat School, Cambridge, Maine)


Gilmore, Octavia, b 1837 Turner, Maine; m. James Lorenzo Buck; Christian Science healer at Auburn, Maine - see her 1902 photo


Gilpatrick, Alfred H., b 1848 Weston, Maine; m. Lorana E. Kelly - see her memorial card; she died in childbirth at Danforth, Maine, in 1891 delivering twins

Gilpatrick, Otis Alden & wife Ella (Tracy)  & daughter-in-law Ethel (Rollins) -       photo c 1910 at Grand Lake, Maine


Gleason, Jesse, b. 1789 Framingham, Massachusetts; m. Sophia Jones, b. 1792 Robbinston, Maine; Gleason & Houghton, Eastport, Maine (1829 letter)


Gleason, Jesse, b. 1833 at Perry, Maine; m. Emily Bearce, b. 1838 at Buckfield, Maine

Godfrey, John Franklin of Bangor, Maine - July 2013 auction notice describing 6 letters he sent to his parents while serving in the Civil War

Good, Charles F., b. 1856 NB; m. Susanne Mary Cheney (photo), b. 1860 NB; lived Monticello, Maine

Goodell, Raymond of West Hampden, Maine; husband of Harriet S. Barrows

Goodwin, Amaziah of West Buxton, Maine - his 1849 letter to his attorney, Moses Emery of Saco, Maine: regarding Amaziah's requested adjustment to his pension (from injuries received during imprisonment at Dartmoor Prison)

Goodwin, J. M., (letter from Houlton Maine dated 1858), possibly James M. Goodwin, b. Canada 1814


Mary Gordon, b. 1902 West Peru, Maine; m. Rev. Chester Bradford Oliver, b. 1895 Portland, Maine (Mary's mention as Valedictorian in 1919 graduation booklet of Dixfield High School, Dixfield, Maine

Gould, George Parker, b. 1870 at Orono, Maine; possibly his graduation photograph

Gould, George Pendleton, b 1868 at Old Town, Maine; m. Lydia M. Stormann; possibly George's graduation photograph

Grady, John C. , born at Eastport in 1847; became noted Pennsylvania attorney and senator

Graham, William T., b. 1879, Manchester, New Hampshire; m. Lucy Ellen Cartland, b. 1879, Brunswick, Maine

Granger, Daniel Tristram, Eastport, Maine - letter by him to A. L. Raymond, Esq, Machias ME; m. Anna Maria Bartlett, b. 1816, Lubec, Maine


Granger, George Frederick, b Calais, Maine; Brv Brig General in Civil War

Grant Family of Hancock, Maine

Grant, Angeline M., born 1842 at Concord, Maine; widow of Amos Bean

Grant, John at Halifax, Nova Scotia - 1760 letter to him from Alexander Grant in Rhode Island

Grant, Leonard Samuel (1812-1880), b. Prospect, Maine - his Seaman's Journals while a Pilot with the US Coast Survey and US Revenue Cutter Service - Maine


Grant, Mildred, b. about 1901 at Columbia, Maine; m. William Forrest Sprague. (Photograph of Mildred Grant, Sadie Grant and Frank Hall)


Grant, Sadie - photograph of a Sadie Grant, with Mildred Grant (above) and Frank Hall

Gray Family of Wesley, Maine - archive of letters

Gray, Marion Louise P., born Lubec, Maine; m. Sewall Quimby Rollins, born 1890 at Wesley, Maine

Greene, George Sears, born 1801 at Rhode Island; stationed at Fort Sullivan in the 1830s; Civil War General; civil engineer

Greenlaw, Cecil L., (photograph, inscribed)

Greenlaw, Eldora Evelyn, "Linnie", of Oceanville, Maine, and Ipswich, Massachusetts - her 1880s autograph album and 1880s/1890s autograph album


Greenlaw, Frank Winfield, b. 1867 at Howard Mill settlement, near Calais, Maine - his obituary

Greenlaw, Isaac, b. 1808; m. Mary C. Bartlett, b. 1808; their Family Bible with entries from New Brunswick and Maine

Greenlaw, Sarah Ann, born about 1821, Maine, possibly Calais area; m. (1) Samuel Courtenay; (2) William Cookson; (3) Mr. Hatch

Griffin, Walter, American Impressionist, born in 1861 at Portland, Maine

Grindell, Joseph Burnham Wardwell, born 1845 at Penobscot, Maine; lived at Mt. Tom, Massachusetts and Blue Hill, Maine - his 1908 journal of a trip across the US

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