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Surnames Starting with F

Surnames Starting with F

Fairbanks, Edd; cabinet photograph taken by the A. S. Pratt studio of Phillips, Maine; possibly Edward Everett Fairbanks, son of George Fairbanks and Nancy E. (Pratt) Fairbanks.

Fairbanks, Henry Nathanial, b. 1838 Wayne, Maine; served in Civil War; died at Bangor, Maine in 1913 - 1864 letter, while serving with Gen. Philip Sheridan, to his parents

Fairfield, Caroline Rogers, b 1818 at Norridgewock, Maine; m. Dr. John Mason, b 1800 Castine, Maine.  He was a doctor at Bangor, Maine.  Her autograph in an album of what appear to be WCTU members across the US and Canada


Farnsworth, Bertha, b. 1866 Jonesboro, Maine; m. Ozias Bridgham, b. 1860 Beddington, Maine


Farrar, Ellen Waldron, born 1861 Maine; m. Walter Freeman Sayward, b. 1856, Maine (noted in graduation program of Class of 1881 at Eastern State Normal School as Salutatorian - see image)

Farrar, Jeremiah Benton, "Jerry", of Woodstock, Maine - presumably his 1880s autograph album

Farrington, Herbert Oscar of Portland, Maine, and Kittery, Maine - his 1902 graduation photograph from the University of Maine

Farris, Olive Maria, born 1869, at Eastport, Maine, or Perry, Maine - her 1892 graduation photograph: East Maine Conference Seminary.  She married Howard W. Collins.

Fay, C. J. - 1846 letter from C. J. Fay at North Lincoln, Maine, to Asa Smith at Augusta, Maine

Fernald, John of Eliot, Maine, 1819 military document and 1818 and 1827 documents

Fessenden, Hewitt Chandler, Eastport, Maine physician; b 1819 at New Gloucester, Maine; died 1885 at Eastport, Maine

Fessenden, Howard D., born 1864 at Marion, Maine; m. Mary McKenzie

Fessenden, Samuel, General, born 1784 at Fryeburg, Maine

Fessenden, William P., born at Machias, Maine, in 1828.  Died 1914 

Fish, Elizabeth M., "Beth", of Jonesboro,  Maine - postcard to her

Fish, Georgia Lindsey of Jonesboro, Maine - postcard to her

Fish, Lucia Leigh of Jonesboro, Maine, member of the Shut-In Society - 3 postcards

Fisher, Susie G., Robbinston, Maine - her journal

Flaherty, Minnie E. of Portland, Maine - page in autograph album she signed in 1885

Fletcher Family - Descendants of Robert Fletcher of Concord, Massachusetts, by Edward H. Fletcher, 1881 - Google Books

Flewelling, Milton Lloyd (1901-1996) of Easton, Maine - his diaries spanning 1919-1929

Flint, John Rice of Monson, Maine - c 1890 photograph of him, his wife Hattie (Wilkins), dog "Snicks" and riding horse at the logging camp of his father Levi C. Flint at or near Monson, Maine

Flowers, William of Belfast, Maine - his 1841 letter to Edward Kimball at Salem, Massachusetts

Flye Brothers of Newcastle, Maine - 1853 letter from Edwin Flye to his brother William Flye, then a professor at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

Fogg, Anna M. - her 1850 letter to Esther Kilborn at Harrison, Maine


Folsom, Frank Elwin, b 1891 Cambridge, Maine (1915/1916 card showing him as Supt of the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine); m. Pearl Marie Magoon, b. 1892 Harmony, Maine


Folsom, Thomas William, b. 1883 Cambridge, Maine (1915/1916 card showing him as a Director of the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine); m. Bessie Edna Sawyer, b. 1886 Cambridge, Maine

Foss, Eleanor Francesof Melrose, Massachusetts, daughter of Hervey Daniel Foss of Hancock,  Maine - Eleanor's 1929-1930s photograph album with many scenes of Maine

Foss, Ethel Maud of Brooks, Maine; m. Eldred Edward McKie, whose parents emigrated to Massachusetts from Prince Edward Island, Canada

Foss, Hervey Daniel of Hancock, Maine - early 1900s photo album


Foss, Ivan Bertel, b. 1897 at Abbot, Maine; m. Hazel Audrey Stuart, b. 1903 at Cambridge, Maine (card showing her name as a student at Flat School, Cambridge for year 1915/1916)

Foss, Thurza - Thurza Ellen (Merryman) Hurd Foss, widow of Howard W. Hurd and Benjamin Franklin Foss, "Frank" of Harmony,  Maine - photograph of her farm at Harmony, Maine

Fossett, Henry Jr. and Amanda (Pease) Fossett of Union, Maine - two  mid 19th century letters that Amanda sent to her aunt


Foster, Luella Beryl, b. 1899 at East Livermore, Maine; m. Gardiner A. French, b. 1893 at Lewiston, Maine


Foster, Mildred Louise, b. 1902 Dixfield, Maine; m. Peter Daniel Matheson, b. 1904, New Hampshire (See 1919 and 1920 graduation programs of Dixfield HS, which mention Mildred as a junior and as a senior)

Foster, Otis J. of Manchester, Maine - 1880s+ autograph album presented to him and wife Carrie R. (Pease) Foster by their Pond Road, Manchester, Maine, neighbors


Frederick, John I, b abt 1878 at Winterport, Maine; m. Ellen M. Littlefield.  c1904 photograph while he was a student at University of Maine

Freeman, Adelaide W. Bangor, Maine, her 1845-1850 autograph album

Freeman, S. - his name on 1797 document, Portland, Maine, with James Deering and Phinehas Frost; possibly Samuel Freeman

French, Ezra Bartlett (1810-1880), US Representative from Maine


French, Gardner A., b. 1893 at Lewiston, Maine; m. Foster, Luella Beryl, b. 1899 at East Livermore, Maine


French, Gladys Ruth, b. 1897 at Jay, Maine; m. Harold William Jennings, b. 1900 at Leeds, Maine

French, Ulysses G. of Garland, Maine; born at Sangerville, Maine, in 1868; m. Sarah E. Packard, "Sadie" - circa 1900 photograph of Ulysses

Friend, Lucy Etta, born 1868 at Sedgwick, Maine; m. William H. Holman of Portland, Maine; Lucy's 1880s autograph album

French, Sargent of Bradford or Bradley, Maine - his 1838 Lieutenant's commission in Maine Militia, signed by Gov. Edward Kent.

Frost, Phinehas - his name on a 1797 document at Portland, Maine; mentions Phinehas Frost; James Deering and S. Freeman

Frost, William of York, Maine; Revolutionary War patriot; 1791 document

Fulton, Robert Murphy (1816-1897) of Mars Hill, Maine - his diaries

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