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Surnames Starting with D

Surnames Starting with D

Daggett, Aaron Simon, b. 1837 at Greene, Maine; Civil War General 

Daggett, Almira Augustaof Greene, Maine - 1853 letter to her from her cousin Annette Maria Dearborn at Portland, Maine - contains family news and references to Almira's brothers Dr. Greenlief Dearborn Quincy Adams Daggett and Converse Rollin Daggett and the feeble health of their shared grandfather, Simon Dearborn, who would die not long after the date of the letter.

Daggett, Anna (Bailey) of Cambridge, Maine - her 1878 and 1886 diaries

Daggett, Sisters Sadie May and Lillian Gertrude, Robbinston, Maine

Damon, Alice, sister of Albert A. Damon; she m. James Reynolds - photograph of Alice

Damon, Eva Elizabeth of Belgrade, Maine; Sidney, Maine; and Winthrop, Maine, widow of Llewellyn Alphonso Sawtelle - Eva's two c1914 letters from East Winthrop, Maine, to her daughter Susan Ilda (Sawtelle) Cassidy, wife of Henry A. Cassidy, then living at Fall River, Massachusetts

Damon, Reuel, born 1863 Charlotte, Maine; m. Estelle A. Tarbell of Meddybemps, Maine; they moved to Washington State - Reuel's 1881 autographed page in album of Elsie Rhoda Sampson of Manchester, Maine


Dana, Josiah, b. 1776, Massachusetts (one of the founders of Lubec, Maine); m. 1) Mary DeWolf, b. 1783 Nova Scotia; 2) Dorothea Milliken, b. 1788 North Yarmouth, Maine

Danbury, John - John Danbury, formerly soldier under Maj. Kerby at age 39, death notice in The Christian Mirror, issue of 30 January 1834 

Darling, Ethel R., b abt 1882 at Enfield, Massachusetts - photograph with her 1st husband Harold Delmont Sawyer, whom she married in 1899.

Davis Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Davis Family of the Maritimes and Maine

Davis, C. R. of Belfast, Maine, possibly Cyrus R. Davis; If Cyrus, he was born 1846 at Belfast, ME and married Mary E. Sleeper.  His autograph 


Davis, Edna E., born Robbinston, Maine 1886; m. John C. Merrill, b Starks, Maine 1883; Edna's 1890s autograph album


Davis, Flora M., born Feb 1868, Lincoln, Maine area; m. Ira A. Knights, b. Mar 1858, Maine; m. Harry Kneeland


Davis, Frank E. (pix), b. 1871, Woodstock, Maine; m. Annie C. Bryant (pix), b. 1871, Maine


Davis, George William (pic), b. 1869, Woodstock, Maine; m. Eliza Eliza Ayre Felt (pic), b. 1868, Maine

Davis, Samuel of Eddington, Maine, or Clifton, Maine - 1846 promise to pay document signed at Eddington, Maine, by Samuel Davis to Bartholomew Davis Penney

Davis, Samuel of Eddington, Maine, or Clifton, Maine - 1846 bill from J. Muzzy for a pair of ox wagon wheels, presumably Joel Muzzy


Davis, William Stephens (pix), b 1847 Woodstock, Maine; m. Georgianna "Georgie" Irish (pix), b. 1850, Woodstock, Maine

Dawes Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Day Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Day, Charles Iven, b 1882 at Newcastle, Maine; m. Isabelle Merry Chapman. c1904 photo taken while he was a student at University of Maine


Day, Hudson.  Hudson Day was born 1799 at Jefferson, Maine - some pages from a family Bible with info on Hudson, his wife Elizabeth Betsey (possibly Weeks) and some of their children


Dean, Pluma A., b 1854 Barnard, Maine; m 1) Willard G. Watson 2) Henry Mower - see Pluma's 1880s Autograph Album

Dearborn, Annette Maria of Portland, Maine - 1853 letter to her cousin Almira Augusta Daggett at Greene, Maine - family news, including news of Annette's sister Emily Louisa Gerry (Dearborn) Ayres, wife of General Romeyn Beck Ayres.


Deasy, Luere Babson, b 1859 Gouldsboro, Maine; m. Emma M. Handy, b. 1853 Prospect Harbor, Maine (graduation exercises from Eastern State Normal School, Castine, Maine showing Luere Babson Deasy as the Valedictorian of the Class of 1881)

Decoster, Eliza Bacon, b. 1817, Buckfield, Maine; m. Addison Greenleaf Cole of Buckfield; her 1835 letter to him while she was at Boston

DeCoster, Sarah A., b. 1817 Buckfield, Maine; m. Cyrus Cole (1847 letter to his uncle John Cole), b. 1814, Winthrop, Maine


Deering, Charles A., b 1905 Maine; m. Madalene E. Whittemore (or Madalene B. Whittemore), b 1905 Harmony, Maine (1915/1916 card from the Flat School, showing Madalene to have been a student there)

Deering, James - 1797 handwritten document at Portland, Maine; mentions James Deering, Phinehas Frost and S. Freeman

DeForest, Eliza; m. Caleb Hersey, Jr.; lived at Pembroke, Maine

DeGregoire Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Delesdernier, Lewis Frederick, Eastport & Lubec, Maine

Dennis, John Paul of Gardiner, Maine - his 1838 letter to daughter Joanna G. Dennis at Fall River, Massachusetts

Dennison, Albion Parris - served on the USS Constitution; 1850 letter he wrote to Mrs. Jane Dennison at Freeport, Maine while he was onboard.


Dennison, Stephen Parker, b. 1824 Machias, Maine; m. Keziah Turner, b. 1827 England


Devereux, Alvin, b. 1889 Glenwood Springs, Colorado; m. Virginia Winston Hagen, b. 1899 New York; summered at Devereux Point, North Perry, Maine


DeWolf, Mary, b. 1783, Horton, Nova Scotia area; m. Josiah Dana, b. 1777 Massachusetts (one of founders of Lubec, Maine)

Dexter, Sarah Ward of East Corinth, Maine; married Henry Adams Merrill - their Family Bible

Dickens Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Diffin, Flora J., Robbinston, Maine


Diffin, Lydia, b about 1854 likely at Robbinston, Maine; m. Charles Eastwood, b 1850 Nova Scotia; they lived at Malden, Massachusetts - photo of them in their older years

Dill family of Avon, Maine - names of Jonathan Dill and son Josiah Dill on an 1854 highway assessment for the town of Avon, Maine

Dillingham, Mary Ann, born 1811, daughter of Edward and Hannah (Weeks) Dillingham and wife of Barnabas Holway, Jr. - photographs of Mary Ann and Barnabas

Dingley, Jeremiah, Jr. of Auburn, Maine - his name on 1849 deed with those of Increase B. Kimball and Rufus Penley

Dinsmore, Eda Lue of Medford, Maine- one of 5 women in a c1900 photograph 

Dix Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Doane Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Doble, Rose Ethel of Milo, Maine; married Charles Wesley Stone, Jr. - presumably the Rose Stone with Jane Jones in a lakeside candid photograph

Dodge Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Dodge, Percy Loraine, b 1883 in Nova Scotia; became noted US physician


Doe, Frederick Benson (pic), b. abt 1857, Thomaston, Maine; m. Lillian Murch, b. about 1865, New Hampshire


Dolbier, Winnie Lucille,b. 1909 Kingfield, Maine - invitation to her 1927 graduation at Mexico HS, Mexico, Maine

Dolliver Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Donnell, Jane C. of Alna, Maine - her 1838-1840 autograph album, with some autographs acquired while she attended Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Readfield, Maine

Donovan, John of Lisbon Falls - signed a page in an autograph album in 1873 while a student at W.S.H.S. [presumably Western State Normal School at Farmington, Maine]

Dooe brothers of Saint John, New Brunswick - 1911 photograph of Frederick Webber Dooe and Walter Colwell Dooe, sons of Richmond Dooe and Annie Estalla (Webber) Dooe

Dorr Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Douglass Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Douglass, Ebenezer, Rev., b 1826 in New York; graduate of Bangor Theological Seminary; ministered at Old Town, Maine from 1855-1860; son Arthur Graves Douglass born at Old Town in 1859

Doull, Francis Hill, b 1852 Nova Scotia; m. Ella Maria Morse

Dow Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Dow, James E. of Waite, Maine, b. abt 1842; prisoner at Andersonville in Civil War

Doyen, John of Avon, Maine - 1847 deed between James Towle of Freeman, Maine, and Joseph B. Grover of Avon, Maine, signed in presence of Justice of the Peace John Doyen

Doyle Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Drinkwater, Ellen (photo), b. abt 1852, possibly Bangor, Maine; m. Peter Giddings Cushing, b. abt 1848 Frankfort, Maine; and Walter Woodside, b. abt 1845 in New York or Maine

Driscoll, O'Driscoll Family of Ireland, including Cape Clear Island in Cork - annual family reunion of descendants worldwide at Cape Clear


Duguay Family, La'Baie, Quebec, Canada

Duncan, Abel Gates, born 1802 Vermont; 1826 letter he wrote to future wife Lucia Harlow at Harvard, Massachusetts, while he was a student at Bangor Theological Seminary


Dunn, Susie Thresa, b. 1880 Haynesville, Maine; m. Oscar William Hubbard, b. 1874 Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Dunnells, Loring of Cornish, Maine - Civil War veteran - his 1860-1920 papers


Dunning, Edna Elizabeth, b. 1892 Maine; m. Charles Everett Brown, b. 1886 at Rockport, Massachusetts


Dunning, George Howard, b. 1892 at Yarmouth, Maine; m. Anna Bailey True Stockwell, b. 1892 in Quebec, Canada

Durgin Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Durgin, Ina B. of Mechanic Falls, Maine; m. Edwin Henry Downs - her 1880s autograph album; second autograph album

Dyer, George A., b abt 1841 in Maine; mentioned in Walt Whitman's journal; m. Huldah Annie Wakefield of Franklin, Maine; Hancock County Register of Probate; moved to Lansing, Michigan

Dyer, John B. Dyer of Augusta, Maine - c1905 oversized photos of him and his wife Minnie Rebecca (Reed) Dyer

Dyer, Harriet Annie of Eastbrook, Maine - her 1915/1916 report card at Franklin High School, Franklin, Maine

Dyer, Osborn of North Baldwin, Maine - 1863 letter from Chantilly, Virginia during his service in the Civil War

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