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Surnames Starting with C

Surnames Starting with C

Calder, Ross Pember, born 1890 on Grand Manan Island, son of Edward A. Calder and Laura Ella (Cronk) Calder

Calderwood, Elizabeth Bean, born 1872 at North Haven, Maine; m. George A. Carter; her 1880s-1954 autograph album

Caldwell, John Curtis, CW Brig Gen; born in Vermont; principal at Washington Academy at East Machias, Maine; married Martha Helen Foster of East Machias, Maine.

Calkins, Ahira R., Lubec, Maine

Callahan Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Calligan, Carrie B., Maine, (Eastern State Normal School Class of 1899 photograph); m. George A. McDonald; both born Grand Lake Stream, Maine 1870s

Campbell Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Candage Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Capen, Alexander, Eastport, Maine, Musician in War of 1812. Alexander Capen was a musician in the War of 1812 and is one of 21 War of 1812 vets buried at Hillside Cemetery, Eastport. See more information on him at Eastport Maine in the War of 1812 on the Alexander Capen discussion page

Capen, Grace Dean (invitation to her wedding) with John Martin Bieler at Eastport, Maine, 1903

Carleton, Adelia Caroline of Rockport, Maine; born 1841, daughter of shipbuilder Samuel Dexter Carleton - her 1869-1880s autograph album with autographs collected from Sea Captains and Pitcairn Island residents, among other, after her marriage to Master Mariner Henry Talpey.

Carleton, Fred Ames, b 1861 Groveland, Massachusetts; lived at Norridgewock, Maine; m. Fannie Gilman Rogers of Norridgewock - Fred's 1870s autograph album while a student at Eaton Family School at Norridgewock

Carlisle, Hannah Elizabeth, b. 1853, Maine; m. George Nelson Phelps, b. 1838 at Robbinston, Maine; pic of George and image of document relating to his Civil War service


Carney, Alice Gwendoline, b. 1903, Newcastle, Maine; m. James Archibald Robinson; sister of Ruth Marguerite Carney, below.


Carney, Ruth Marguerite, b. 1902, Newcastle, Maine


Caron, Wilfred Auguste, b. abt 1878 Canada; m. Ethel Matilda Mathieu, b. 1880 Farmington, Maine (see photo of her as a teacher with her students)

Carpenter Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Carr, William W. of Avon, Maine - his name on an 1854 highway assessment for the town of Avon, Maine

Carroll Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Carson Family of Mount Vernon, Maine

Carson, John (1849-1908) of New Brunswick, Canada; married Isabel Brodie

Carter Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Carter, Mary Elizabeth, born 1889 at Blue Hill, Maine, daughter of Lewis P. Carter and Augusta M. (Wood) Carter

Carter, Myrtie E. Carter, born at Presque Isle, Maine, in 1869; m. Edson J. Brown of Vermont

Carter, Albina Hall, born 1839 at Blue Hill, Maine; m. Eunice Matilda (Carter) of Brooklin, Maine; Albina and his father Robert were mentioned in journal kept by Walt Whitman of his hospital service in the Civil War

Carter, Lettie M. (photo) - m. Edgar Everett Sylvia, Edmunds, Maine, area

Cartland, Isaiah, b. 1829 Windham, Maine, d. 1895 Portland, Maine


Cartland, Lucy Ellen, b. 1879 Brunswick, Maine; m. William T. Graham, b. 1879, Manchester, New Hampshire


Cartland, Mary Rich, b. 1853, Brunswick, Maine; m. William Graham, b. 1853, Scotland


Cartland, Lydia M., b. 1831, Windham, Maine; m. William Penn Tuttle, b. 1823, Dover, New Hampshire on the famous Tuttle Farm

Carver Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Carver, Thaddeus of Vinalhaven


Carver, Edward Kent, b. 1841, Lagrange, Maine; m. Eunice Babson Merrill, b. 1845, Bangor, Maine

Cassidy, Susan Ilda (Sawtelle), wife of Henry A. Cassidy - recipient of two c1914 letters from her mother Eva Elizabeth (Damon) Sawtelle at Winthrop, Maine.  Susan and Henry were then living at Fall River, Massachusetts.


Caswell, Maude Nettie, (1887 Palermo teaching certificate) b. 1867, Maine; m. George D. Rowe, b. 1866 Hancock, Maine


Cate, Paul Stimson, b. 1900 Machias, Maine while his father, noted Japanese missionary and authority Isaac Wallace Cate, had a pastorate there.

Chadbourn, Alton, (photo of Alton and Ida) b. 1872 Harmony, Maine; m. Ida M. Roy, b. 1878 Harmony, Maine

Chamberlain, Thomas D. of Maine, Captain in Civil War, brother of J. L. Chamberlain - Thomas' signature on discharge papers of a soldier

Chandler, Calista Everett, born abt 1857; m. Thomas L. Berry - her cousin Robert wrote in 1879 from Carroll City, Iowa, to her at Garland, Maine

Chandler, John Howard of Winthrop, Maine - an autograph album that may have been his while he was a student at Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College at Kents Hill, Readfield, Maine


Chandler, Marion E., b. 1903 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine; m. Charles M. Coy, b. 1893, Monson, Maine

Chaplin Family of Red Bank, New Brunswick - 1902 birth record of Eugene Joseph McMahon of Millinocket, Maine, son of James Joseph McMahon and Eliza Ellen (Chaplin) McMahon, born in Bartibogue, New Brunswick, and Red Bank, New Brunswick, respectively.   The Chaplin family or the McMahon family, or both, may be connected to a collection of 19th century photographs taken at Newcastle, New Brunswick and area towns.

Chaplin, Helen "Nell", born 1869 at Orono, Maine - her graduation photograph


Chapman, Charles Jarvis, b. 1848 Bethel, Maine; m. Annie Dow Hinds, b. 1852 Maine


Chapman, Edna M., b abt 1913 Skowhegan, Maine area; m. Clyde L. Watson, b. 1906 Maine (1915/1916 card of the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine, showing Clyde as a student there)

Chapman, Henry Milton, M.D., b 1871 at Newburg, Maine; physician at Ashland, Maine, and Bangor, Maine; m. Deborah Briggs Cushing Dunn

Chase Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Chase, Benjamin, 1902 photograph of him as a man of 84 yrs, 6 mos, possibly Maine

Chase, Daniel, b 1885 at Baring, Maine; m. Alice S. Bearce b 1885 at Hebron, Maine - photo of Alice

Chase, Ezekiel True of North Palermo, Maine - 1850 letter to him from Lizzie Baker at China, Maine

Chase, James - 1857 document giving 60 acres of land to widow Mehitable as result of James' service in War of 1812

Chase, Mary Gertrude of Kittery, Maine - her 1883-1890 autograph album

Chase, Mertie Emma, born 1879 at Atkinson, Maine; her memorial card of 1895

Cheney, Susanne Mary, 
(photo at middle age), b. 1860 NB; m. Charles F. Good; lived Monticello, Maine


Child, Helen Thelma, b. 1903 Peru, Maine; m. Roger N. Swan, b. 1908, probably Dixfield, Maine (Helen's mention in graduation booklets of both 1919 and 1920 Dixfield High School)

Chisam, Viroqua Louisa, born 1867 at Whitefield, Maine; signed page in an autograph album on January 25, 1892

Chute, Walter Delmont of Harrison, Maine; 1909 graduate of Bridgton Academy; photograph as young man, presumably graduation photograph


Clancy, Captain David H. (photo), b 1836 Dresden, Maine; m Ellen; d Malden, Massachusetts

Clark Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Clark, Adam of Wells, Maine - 1785 document re: Sloop Friendship

Clark, Charles E. of Wells, Maine; b abt 1859; his 1870s autograph album when a student at Franklin Academy

Clark, Elizabeth M., born about 1895 at North Hampton, New Hampshire - her 1904-1910 autograph album - some Maine autographs

Clark, Josiah of Corinna, Maine; 1862 letter to Lewis Simpson of Milford, Maine


Clark, Leslie Everett, b. abt 1865 in Massachusetts; m. Mary Ada Pendleton, b. 1865 at Meddybemps, Maine; two photos of their farm at Princeton, Massachusetts

Clark, Luther Augustin of Knox County, Maine - composer - sheet music of O Men! Awake!, with words by Beulah M. (Rhodes) Nealey and music by Luther Augustin Clark

Clark, Warren, Eastport, Maine; photo of him and birthplace

Clarke, Charlotte M., b 1920 Stockton Springs, Maine; m. Gordon Clyde Thompson - possibly she is the Charlotte M. Clarke in this graduation photograph


Clarke, Frank Wilson, b. 1874 at Nobleboro, Maine; physician in Lincoln County, Maine; m. Martha Victoria Kay of Pennsylvania

Clarke, Madge Eleanor (or Clark) b. 1898 Maine; dau Walter P. Clark & Ella H. Jellison

Clarke, Samuel W. - Captain in the 2nd Maine Cavalry - autographed CDV

Clary, Millie - her 1907 graduation photograph, Waldo, Maine; Millie married Ray Neal.

Cleaves Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Cleland, Alice, letter/poem sent to her by Philip M. Smith; while both were in the Class of 1918 at Shead Memorial High School at Eastport, Maine

Clement Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Clement, Glenys Hilda, b 1904 at Foxcroft, Maine; m. Stuart Frederick Walker, b. 1899 at East Livermore, Maine

Clewley, Lewis E., b 1870 at Holden, Maine; m. Alice E. Day, also of Holden - two photographs of Lewis

Coburn, Christopher of Crystal, Maine - his 1871 diary


Coburn, Grace Olive, b. 1902 Weld, Maine; m. Robert Eugene Ames, b. 1898 Dixfield, Maine (mention of Grace in 1919 and 1920 graduation programs of Dixfield High School)

Cochran, Alexander - his descendants six generations down - notebook held by the Snowman School Museum of the Woodland Historical Society - Aroostook County families


Coffin, Freeman, b. 1836, Lee, Maine; his 1877 tally book for bark and logs; m. Rosaline Russell, b. 1843, Linneus, Maine

Colcord, Albert C., sea captain Stockton Springs, Maine; m. Eleanor "Nellie" B. Staples (photo), b. 1860, Maine

Cole, Bell, possibly Ora Bell Cole, born 1866 at Hampden, Maine - her 1870s/1880s autograph album


Cole, Cyrus (1847 letter to his uncle John Cole), b. 1814 Winthrop, Maine; noted merchant; m. Sarah A. DeCoster, b. 1817 Buckfield, Maine.

Cole, David H., in prison at Portland for debts - 1833 letter to Atty. Moses Emery at Saco, Maine


Cole, Estelle May, b abt 1863, Maine; m. Willis Bryant Moulton, b 1862, Cornish, Maine - see 1870s autograph album of Estelle May Cole; most signers from Cape Elizabeth and Ferry Village, Maine


Cole, Winfield Lee, born 1872 at Dayton, Maine; c1903 photograph while he was a student at the University of Maine and in Alpha Tau Omega fraternity


Colley, Fred, (photo), b. abt 1861, possibly Belfast, Maine area; m. Kate, born 1861, Maine

Colwell Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Conant, Jessie Louise of Rockland, Maine; m. Henry Eliot Ulmer - 1930 snapshot of Jessie and her newborn son


Conboy, Elizabeth Theresa, b abt 1882 Maine; m. Michael Alexander Brogan

Connellan, J. W. of Portland, Maine - cabinet photo as young man; presumably future Dr. John William Connellan, Portland, Maine physician and County Physician of Cumberland County 1917-1929

Conner Family of Penobscot, Maine - 1901-1908 archive of two letters and a tax receipt

Connor, Selden, born at Fairfield, Maine, in 1839; became Civil War Brig. General - 1879 letter

Connors Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Cony, Clarissa M., b. 1817, probably Eastport, Maine; m. Capt. John McLarren, b. 1800 at Barrington, Nova Scotia

Cook, Almeda of Steuben, Maine - her 1880s-1936 autograph album from before and after her marriage to Ernest Clifford Gordon of West Sullivan, Maine.

Cook, George, New Brunswick to British Columbia


Cooley, Homer, b 1903 Mayfield, Maine; m. Elizabeth Ruth Stuart, b. 1900 Cambridge, Maine (card showing her to be a student in 1915/1916 at the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine)

Coolidge, Henry E. of Canton, Maine - 1880 invoice for teaching services

Coombs, Horace, Sea Captain -born at sea in 1858 aboard the Charlotte Reed

Coombs, Philip, Bangor, Maine - document concerning land of Joseph Brown of Brewer, 1855


Cooper, James Ingersoll, (cabinet photo) b. 1849 Calais, Maine; lawyer at Amherst, Massachusetts with brother of poet Emily Dickinson

Cooper, William Edward, born 1832, lived at South Montville ME; wrote 1854 letter to friend Enoch Freeman Bradford about his voyage along coast of Maine


Corbett, Joseph, b abt 1830 in Nova Scotia; moved with his family to Eastport, Maine; died on Brig Friendship in 1858 and buried at Buena Vista Cemetery at Port Gamble, Washington

Corey Family of New Brunswick: Marriages and Deaths 1842-1882 in NB newspapers

Corliss, Edgar Francis, Jr., b. 1891 Charleston, Maine; m. Hallie May Snow, b. abt 1885, Maine


Corson Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Cousens, Ruth Ann, born 1825 at Kennebunk, Maine; m. Nathan Bachelder Sanborn of Gilmanton, New Hampshire - autograph album presented to Ruth Ann before her marriage by Pastor Samuel Kelley of Great Falls, New Hampshire

Cousins Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Covill, Grace, born 4 October 1875 - pattern of her hand at 10 days


Cowperthwaite, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1854 at New Brunswick; m. Elizabeth Briggs, b. 1850 at New Brunswick, widow of Alexander Strong; lived at Monticello, Maine, and Gouldsboro, Maine

Coy, Charles M., b. 1893, Monson, Maine; m. Marion E. Chandler, b. 1903, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


Craig, Robert, painted at Eastport, Maine

Craig, Silas W. , born 1872 at St. George, New Brunswick; m. Delilah Sharp, born 1872 in New Brunswick

Crane Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Creighton, James A., sea captain of Thomaston, Maine - photograph of  him as elderly man with his grandchildren

Crocker, Sarah Adeline, "Addie", of Woolwich, Maine; married Artell Hayward; her 1879-1898 autograph album

Crockett Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Cronin Family 


Crooker, Annie Gertrude (photo), b. 1867 Bath, Maine; m. Walter Elisha Purinton, b. 1868 Lewiston, Maine


Crooker, Ellen Augusta - her 1850s autograph book), b. 1835 at Bath, Maine; m. John N. Blaisdell, - newspaper clipping about genealogy of the Crooker family in midcoast Maine


Crosby, Alta Agnes, b. 1891 at Brazil Lake, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia; m. Claude Azel Kingsley, b. 1889 at Yarmouth, Maine


Crosby, Jesse Wentworth, b. 1820 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; m. Hannah Elida Baldwin, b. 1820 St. George, New Brunswick. They were Mormons who traveled to Utah.

Crosby, Sarah Gage (maiden name Jerrard), (maiden name Jerrard, b 1832 Plymouth, Maine; m. Albert Crosby; noted Maine woman's suffrage advocate; see her 1870s autograph album

Cross, Clarence C., born 1848 North Searsmont, Maine - m. Ada F. Knight - his 1865 discharge certificate from U.S. Coast Guard

Croswell, Thomas, Dr.; b. 1814 Mercer, Maine; m. (2) Henrietta Elizabeth Owen of Brunswick; died 1908 Streator, Illinois

Cumming, John A., born 1876 at Teeswater, Ontario; m. Annie W. Jameson, born 1880 at Wilton, New Brunswick

Cummings, Charles Stanley, b. 1909 at Oakland, Maine - his graduation photo

Cummings, Nathaniel Greenleaf of Portland, Maine - his name as Secretary on an 1865 IOOF document from Ancient Brothers Lodge # 4

Cuningham, Robert & Katie (McCarthy), Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Cunningham Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Cunningham Family of Southwest Nova Scotia

Cunningham, Martha Ann, born 1874 at Pictou, Nova Scotia; teacher, stenographer

Currier, Hannah Ballard of Farmington, Maine - her 1830s autograph album from before and after her marriage to Nehemiah Curtis Alexander of Harpswell, Maine

Curtis, Lewis Edwin, born 1835 at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; m. Mary Daley/Daly

Cushing, Malcolm Pearson, born 1883 at Freeport, Maine; m. widow Edith May (Bryant) Estes - photograph


Cushing, Peter Giddings, b. 1848 Frankfort, Maine; m. Ellen Drinkwater, (photo) b. abt 1852, possibly Bangor, Maine

Cushing, Leon Clement, born 1882 at Auburn, Maine - 1899 document from International Correspondence Schools

Cushman, George Webster, born 1838 Winslow, Maine; m. Lucy Jane Ireland, b. Chester 1840; letters from late 1860s he wrote to his parents at Winslow while he was working at Skowhegan

Cushman, Martha B., "Mattie", born 1884 Corinth, Maine; m. Loring Fitz - her photograph

Cutts, Thomas of Pepperrellboro', Maine, now Saco, Maine - 1792 document

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