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Surnames Starting with B

Surnames Starting with B


Babb, Glendon O., b. 1898; m. Ethelyn Kidder, b. 1901, Peru Center, Maine

Babcock, George Albert of Campobello and Grand Manan - photos


Babcock, Harold Snow, M.D. born Hampden, Maine in 1888, physician in Castine, Maine; m. Matilda "Mattie" Harris, born abt 1886, Nova Scotia

Babcock, John - John Babcock, formerly of Eastport, died at age 64 in Charlotte, Maine, brief notice in The Christian Mirror, issue of 29 August 1828

Babson Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bachelder, Edna Minnie of Houlton, Maine - CDV as a baby


Bacon, Hiram, b. 1800 Massachusetts; laid out city of Indianapolis; m. poet Elizabeth Newell Lockerby, b. 1831 on Prince Edward Island


Badger, Mary Cushing, b. 1824 Maine; m. Francis Loring Talbot, b. 1824 Gardiner, Maine; lived East Machias, Maine

Bagley, Thelma of Corinth, Maine


Bailey, Carrol Francis, b. 1883 Cambridge, Maine (1915/1916 card showing him as a School Director of the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine); m. 1) Etta Frances Ball, b. 1883 Deer Isle, Maine; 2) Edna May Lowell, b. 1881 Cambridge, Maine


Bailey, Charles Carrol, b. 1906 at Deer Isle, Maine (1915/1916 card showing him as a student at the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine); m. Erma D. Bowdoin, b. 1905 at Waterville, Maine

Bailey, Jeremiah of Wiscasset, Maine3 - 1844 letter

Baker, Agnes, born 1861, Waterford, Maine

Baker, Benjamin Franklin of Kennebunk, Maine; Waterboro, Maine; and Brookline, Massachusetts; 1840 letter that his future wife, Lovina Libby, wrote to him from Great Falls, New Hampshire, to Waterboro, Maine


Baker, Henry Hutchins, b. 1893 at Yarmouth, Maine; m. Ruth Marion Hannigan, b. 1897 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Sophia Baker of Steuben, Maine - photograph with Olive Cushman Young

Balano, Nellie Mae of St. George, Maine; m. Hugh Augustus Merrill

Balcom, William Randolph, born at Milltown, Maine, in 1873, son of Alfred M. and Lucy H. (MacDonald) Balcom, Milltown natives

Baldwin Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Baldwin, Charles Pierce, b 1833 New Sharon, Maine; Colonel with 11th Maine Infantry in Civil War - 1889 letter


Baldwin, Hannah Elida, b. 1820 St. George, New Brunswick; m. Jesse Wentworth Crosby, b. 1820 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  they were Mormons who traveled to Utah.

Balkam, Stephen Brewer, born Robbinston, Maine 1842; lived at Hyde Park, Massachusetts - link takes you to an article in the Hyde Park Historical Record - his biography is Result 3 of 3.


Ball, Etta Frances, b. 1883 Deer Isle, Maine; m. Carrol Francis Bailey, b. 1883 Cambridge, Maine

Bamford, Jennie P. of Fayette, Maine - her 1876+ autograph album, with some inscriptions to her mother Nancy Quimby (Bean) Bamford

Bane, Hiram Linwood of Ripley, Maine

Banks, Dr. Elias (1774-1841) of Portland, Maine

Barbour Family of Maine


Barbour, Chesley Chapman, b. 1893 at Yarmouth, Maine; m. Irene Inez Overell, b. 1891 at Dundas, Ontario, Canada


Barden, Nelson Guy, b. 1895 Madrid, Maine; m. Eva Gladys Thomas, b. 1898 Kingfield, Maine

Barker, Henry G. of Gardiner, Maine

Barnes, Harriet Annie, born 1862, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada; m. John Alexander Howard

Barnes, Jane W., at Hiram, Maine; wife of Benjamin Brown; 1846 letter to her from her husband at Boston, in care of her grandfather, Capt. Charles Lee Wadsworth

Barrett, Edith Frances of Sumner, Maine;  married Elliott Edwin Newell of Sumner, Maine - their early to mid 1900s photograph album

Barron, Bessie M. of Topsham, Maine - her 1880s/1890s autograph album

Barron, Hattie S. of Topsham, Maine - her 1879/1880s autograph album

Barrows, Charles of Canton, Maine - 1878 document


Bartlett Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bartlett, Anna Firth, born 1855 New Portland, Maine - see her 1860s/1870s autograph album with 49 autographs and her own signature

Bartlett, Ellen M. of Pembroke, Maine

Bartlett, Grace Lizzie, b 1876 Bethel, Maine; m. Fritz Jarrold Tyler, b 1873 Albany, Maine

Bartlett, Henry - c1900 photo by a Bangor, Maine studio; possibly Henry Roy Bartlett, born 1886 at either Newburg, Maine, or Hampden Highlands, Maine


Bartlett, Mary C., b. 1808; m. Isaac Greenlaw, b. 1808; New Brunswick and Maine; their Family Bible

Baston, Annie A., born 1868, Maine; married Leslie M. Briggs (tree below)

Baston, Bertha W. of North Yarmouth, Maine; m. Orrin Hawkes

Bates, Arlo, born 1850 at East Machias, Maine; attended Bowdoin, became an author and publisher

Bates, Elias of East Machias, Maine; professor, editor, author; m. Harriet Leonora Vose

Bates, Elias of Eastport, Maine

Beal, Sheldon H. of Avon, Maine.  Sheldon H. Beal was an assessor of Avon in 1854 and signed a highway assessment

Beale, Thomas - mentioned in Civil War letter of 1863 as member of Co. B, 9th Maine Vols

Bean, Nelson Shepard of Readfield, Maine, and Medford, Massachusetts - 1860s autograph album of his future wife Ella F. Blanchard of Medford, Massachusetts


Bean, Verna Mae, b. 1914 Cambridge, Maine; m. Elwood Alden Stuart, b. 1902 Cambridge, Maine (card showing him as a student at the Flat School Cambridge, Maine in 1915/1916)

Bearce, Alice S., b 1885 at Hebron, Maine; m. Daniel Chase, b 1885 at Baring, Maine - photograph of Alice


Bearce, Emily, b. 1838 at Buckfield, Maine; m. Jesse Gleason, b. 1833 at Perry, Maine


Bearce, Ira Mellen, b 1879 at Hebron, Maine; m. Maidie Moody.  c1904 Photo while he was a student at UMaine

Beardsley, Justus W. & his son George Auston Beardsley, ran J. W. Beardsley Co.

Beckwith, Loring E., b. 1845, Maine; m. Alice Campbell Houghton


Beeman, Goldie Rachel, b. Jun 1890 in Maine; d. Sep 1917 at Yarmouth, Maine

Benner, Edith M. of Waldoboro, Maine - her 1885-1905 autograph album

Bennett, Frank C. & Olie S. (Reynolds) of Maine - their Family Bible

Benson Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Benson, Louise May of Oakland, Maine - c1890 photograph

Berry Family Descendants

Berry, Alvah Elliott of Machias, Maine


Berry, Andrew J., b. 1834 Paris, Maine; m. Julia Elizabeth Estes, b. 1836 China, Maine; Smyrna, Maine residents; see Andrew J. Berry's 1887 tax assessor report for Smyrna

Beverage Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Beveridge, Adam, b 1826 Scotland; d 1907 New Brunswick


Bibber, Andrew Harrington (Civil War CDV) , b. 1836 Lubec, Maine; m. (1) Sarah Houghton (2) Annie L. Ansley

Bickford Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Bickford, Andrew, Reverend, (1795-1877), m. Amelia Sargent Stanwood; ministered at Eastport, Maine, about 1822

Bickford, Dolly Edgecomb (Merrill) of Saccarappa, Maine, and Brownfield, Maine - her 1838-1899 autograph album

Bicknell, Eliza Hobart, born 1834 at Madison, Maine; m. Cleveland Buck Wade - Eliza's photograph as elderly woman


Bieler, John Martin, (invitation to his wedding) with Grace Dean Capen, 1903

Billings Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bisbee, Lewis, Captain, of Buckfield, Maine -  1852 letter

Bishop Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bishop, Orval - photograph by Foxcroft, Maine studio - possibly Orison Snow Bishop of Lagrange, Maine, or Milo, Maine, as many records show one or the other

Black, Kathryn Sarah, born 1895 at Eastport, Maine; m. Roland Earle Stevens, born 1891 at Newport, Maine

Blaine, James Gillespie, statesman from Maine - early CDV of him by Mathew Brady

Blair, John Burtram of Ohio


Blaisdell, Howard M., b. 1901 Jay, Maine; m. Mary Thalia Andrew, b. 1901 Dixfield, Maine (1919 graduation program mentioning Mary T. Andrew as Salutatorian)

Blaisdell, Jeremiah P., born Carmel, Maine about 1843; his 1862 Civil War discharge papers


Blake, Eliza (Emmons), born about 1814, possibly at Lyman, Maine; wife of Benjamin Blake; lived at Limington, Maine - her c1880s/1890s photograph as elderly woman


Blanchard Genealogy - Found at an antique shop, typed 40 pages

Blanchet, Louis Edouard Alfred, born Canada, lived Old Town, Maine


Blood, Frank H., Waldo, Maine; m. Edith M. Leavitt


Blood, Frank J., born 1866 Maine; m. Wealthea

Boardman, Eliza Wild[s] of Biddeford, Maine - her photograph in an 1860s autograph album; married Charles A. Howland


Boardman, Henrietta, who married Albert Shaw Luce, CW vet, lawyer in Belfast, Maine

Bolster, John Franklin, born 1869 at Upper Wicklow, New Brunswick; m. Alma Amanda Jameson of Carleton County

Bolster, John Quincy Adams, born Rumford Maine abt 1820; lived Melrose, Massachusetts; photographs of him and wife Anna

Bolton, Elmer A. (or Elma), b. 1859, Maine; m. Maria Moulton, b 1852 Maine; see scans of pages of Maria's 1880s autograph book

Boobar, Martha A., b. 1914, Minnesota; m. Harold Vernon Jewett, b 1903 Calais, Maine; campaign memento

Booth Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Boothby, Henry - his Descendants Through 13 Generations, by Clete Boothby

Bosserman, Mildred Perry of Norway, Maine; her photo in an advertisement for Mellin's Food

Bouden, John of Wells, Maine - 1775 document

Boutelle, Edward Palmer, b. 1856 Brunswick, Maine; m. Jessie M. Lowell, b 1858, New Brunswick


Boultenhouse, Ida R., b abt 1863 in New Brunswick, Canada

Boultenhouse, Julia, of New Brunswick and Maine

Bowden Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Bowden, Bailey Walker, b 1838 Blue Hill, Maine; m. Elizabeth Harriman, b 1843 Orland, Maine - their photograph


Bowdoin, Erma D., b. 1905 at Waterville, Maine; m. Charles Carrol Bailey, b. 1906 at Deer Isle, Maine (1915/1916 card showing him as a student at the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine)

Bowen, Gertrude E. of Searsport, Maine

Bowler, James H. of Bangor, Maine - 1864 letter about Copperheads in Maine

Bowman, Edward R. , Medal of Honor recipient of Eastport, Maine, and his wife Mary L. Adams

Boynton, Abel of Bath, Maine - 1816 letter from Peter Green at Bath, Maine, to Samuel B. Morris at Philadelphia, re: new consul at Curacao, presumably Abel Boynton 

Boynton, Lorin Thompson, b. abt 1857, possibly at Ashland, Maine

Boynton, William Henry of Maine - his wife Lillie K. Hopkins of Fort Fairfield, Maine - her 1879-1883 autograph album from before and after their marriage

Brackett, Edith Beatrice, born abt 1900, Berwick, Maine area

Brackett, Eliza J. (Lyon) Brackett of Poland, Maine, wife of Sewell Brackett - Eliza's photograph as an elderly woman

Brackett, Elkanah Herbert of Stratton, Maine - documents


Brackett, Humphrey Fall, b. 1841; m. Martha A. Jones.

Bracy Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bradeen, Cora Elizabeth, born at Orneville, Maine, in 1879 - one of ten women in a photograph presumably taken at Milo, Maine, about 1895.  She married William F. Dutch

Bradbury, James True, 1861 letter to him while serving in Civil War - from Hattie at Machias, Maine

Bradbury, James Ware, b 1802 at Parsonsfield, Maine - US Senator from Maine - page signed by him in autograph album and 1881 letter written by him to publisher of Philadelphia Public Ledger, George William Childs


Bradbury, Olive Edith, (report on history of Cape Elizabeth, Maine schools) b. 1885, Mass.; m. Fred Prescott Bradbury, b. 1874 Maine

Bradford, Alden, b at Calais or Eastport, Maine 1828; m (1) Ruth Ann Pike; (2) Nellie Rice Bryant

Bradford, Phillips of Turner, Maine - his 1855 diary

Bradley, John of Solon, Maine - 1831 letter to Hon. Daniel Rose at Thomaston, Maine


Bragg, Edward E., born 1897, Maine; brother of Lester Blake Bragg and husband of Laurie P. Snow b. 1899 at Gray, Maine

Bragg, Lester Blake, Jr., born Portland, Maine in 1895


Braley, Gracie, b. abt 1883, Maine; sister of Sherman Braley

Braley, Sherman, b. 1888 Maine; sister Gracie Braley; his wife Ruth Withee

Bramley, Susan of York, Maine - 1814 letter written by her after arriving at Shaker Hill at Alfred, Maine, with her child

Branch, Geneva M., born 1911, Waterville, Maine; m. Erroll P. Libby, b. 1909, St. Albans, Maine


Brann, Alby Alton, b. 1901, Maine; m. Gertrude Esme Houston, b. 1893, Maine

Branscom Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bray Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Brennan, John P. of Eastport, Maine - his c1866-1871 letter from Madison, Indiana, to wife Georgiana (McGurk) Brennan at Eastport, Maine

Brewer Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Brewer, Wealthy Maria (Hart) Hanson - Civil War era CDV of her by a Washington D.C. studio; she was the 3rd wife of sea captain Cyrus A. Brewer of Brewer, Maine


Brewster, Charles Henry, b. 1855, Eastport, Maine; m. Eva A. Wilder, b. 1856, Pembroke, Maine


Brewster, Loren A., b. Dec 1870 at Rockport, Maine

Brewster, William, b. about 1834 New Brunswick, Canada; m. Mary A. Oliver


Bridgham, Alice M., b. 1872 Whitneyville, Maine; m. Adin L. Smith, (autograph page) b. 1868 Jonesboro, Maine; physician at Machias, Maine

Bridgham, Ozias, b. 1860 Beddington, Maine; m. Bertha Farnsworth, b. 1866 Jonesboro, Maine

Briggs, Elizabeth, b 1850 at New Brunswick; widow of Alexander Strong; m. Benjamin Franklin Cowperthwaite, b. 1854 at New Brunswick; lived at Monticello, Maine, and Gouldsboro, Maine

Briggs, George A. and wife Cora (Skillings) of South Paris, Maine - their 1907 postcard and letter to George's sister Naomi E. Briggs at Dry Mills, Maine

Briggs, Leslie M., m. Annie A. Baston


Brogan, Michael Alexander, b. 1877 New Brunswick; m. Elizabeth Theresa, Conboy, b. abt 1882 Maine


Brooks, Bertha Mae, b. 1892 at Yarmouth, Maine; m. Eugene Osborne Russell, b. 1880 at Norway, Maine

Brooks, Margie, graduated from Lewiston HS in 1893

Brothers Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Brown Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Brown family, Washington County, Maine

Brown, Bartlett W., b. abt 1860 Milbridge, Maine; m. Carrie S. Nash, b. abt 1868 Harrington, Maine - Carrie's 1891 letter to Bartlett

Brown, Benjamin, son of David and Abigail (Alden) Brown, 1846 letter to his wife at Hiram, Maine.  She was Jane W. (Barnes) Brown, granddaughter of Capt. Charles Lee Wadsworth, in care of whom the letter was sent


Brown, Charles Everett, b. 1886 at Rockport, Massachusetts; m. Edna Elizabeth Dunning, b. 1892 in Maine


Brown, Charles O., b. 1869, Wilton, Maine; m. Ida M. Smith, b. 1870 

Brown, Della M. (Edson) of Brockton, Massachusetts, wife of Irving W. Brown.  She was born in 1862 at Harrison, Maine - cabinet photo of Della

Brown, Edwin L. born 1869 at Camden, Maine; became noted calligrapher

Brown, Elizabeth Sarah, born 1857 at North Haven, Maine; m. William Rand Dole - her 1870s-1930s autograph album

Brown, Flora, born at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on 21 May 1868

Brown, Hannah K.  born 1818 at Mount Vernon, Maine; married James Carson of Mount Vernon, Maine - 3 cabinet photos of Hannah, her son William Ellsworth Carson and her granddaughter Leona Amanda Carson, daughter of James Franklin Carson

Brown, Julia, born 1867 at Maitland, Nova Scotia - her 1878-1882 autograph album

Brown, Maud E., b. 1871 Standish, Maine; m. 1) George William Hunter; 2) Gilbert Wright - Maud's 1880s/1890s autograph album

Brown, Oliver Hubbard of Massachusetts and Maine (Bridgton, Auburn, Minot) - his 1851+ diary

Brown, Samuel of Wells, Maine - 1774 document to Ebenezer Sayer

Brown, Stanley Elisha of Morrill, Maine, and Somerville, Massachusetts - c1890 photograph of his wife Genesta May Rood as a girl

Bryant, Sylvanus Jefferson, born 1845, Passadumkeag, Maine

Buck, Addison Prentice of Willimantic and Foxcroft, Maine - his autograph


Buck, Mrs. Octavia (Gilmore), b 1837 Turner, Maine; m. James Lorenzo Buck; became Christian Science healer at Auburn, Maine - see her 1902 photo

Buck, Rufus of the Orland, Maine area - his name on an 1847 receipt along with that of Joseph Wilson

Bucknam, Anna, possibly Anna who lived in Columbia Falls ME; tiny tintype showing her as a young woman

Bugbee Family of Perry and Robbinston, Maine

Bullard, Mary Emma, born 1850 Sebec, Maine; m. James McNabb of Pictou County, Nova Scotia, at Boston, Massachusetts - CDV 

Bullen, Sally, wife of Eliab Richmond, of Rumford, Maine - their 1860 letter to daughter Aurelia Malvina (Richmond) Plummer, wife of Charles Baker Plummer, when she was still in Massachusetts or had left for California

Bunker Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bunker, Mary, or Mary B. Jones - gem tintype - perhaps Mary of Eden, Maine; Rockland, Maine; and Castine, Maine

Burbank, Carrie Parmelia of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, b. 1863 South Portland, Maine; m. Everett Wilson Look, born about 1859 at Addison, Maine - Carrie's 1879-1880s autograph album


Burgin, Emily C, born at Eastport, Maine in 1836, daughter of Lewis and Adeline (Haycock) Burgin.

Burke Family, Album of Photos - some IDed, some needing ID

Burnell, Hiram Granville of Bridgton, Maine - his 1908 graduation photograph; Bridgton Academy; later lived at Lebanon, Maine

Burns Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Burns, Asa, b. 1810, Anson, Maine; m. Sabra Athearn, b. 1810, Castine, Maine - their Family Bible


Burns, William Bruce, b. 1880 Fort Fairfield, Maine; m. Cora Mabel White, b.

1880 Fort Fairfield, Maine

Burr Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Burton, Isabell, (photo), b. abt 1843 Maine; m. John Frederick Hall, b. 1840 Rockland, Maine

Butler Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Butler, Elvaton Parker of Farmington, Maine, and Orono, Maine - 1848 letter to him by Asa Smith of Mattawamkeag, Maine - I.O.O.F. business


Butler, Haven Appleton, b. 1820 Berwick, Maine; m. Lucy Perkins Ricker, b. 1820 N. Berwick, Maine

Butler, Ralph of Avon, Maine - his name on an 1854 highway assessment of Avon, Maine


Butterfield, George Washington, b. 1846, Presque Isle, Maine; m. Margaret Frances Smith, b. Dec 1865, Canada

Buxton, Charles Moxcey, b. 1852 Yarmouth, Maine; m. Catherine Stimpson Childs, b. 1851 Charlestown, Massachusetts; Eastport, Maine mayor and business owner; see images of his veterinary chest

Buzzell, William & Sarah (Newcomb, from Brewster Mass); letters, documents, Houlton, Maine

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