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Surnames Starting with A

These family trees are all works in progress. If you have information to add to this tree, if you see errors that should be corrected or entries that should be deleted, please contact member ToddHouse. Thanks!

Abbott Family of Mount Desert, Maine

Abbott Family of Rumford, Maine, and Andover, Maine - two 1880s letters from Lucretia L. Abbott, "Lula", and a 1914 letter from Alice Salome (Howe) Boynton Lovejoy, all addressed to Lula's brother Joseph Henry Abbott at Andover, Maine


Abbott, Maria, born 1854 Frankfort, Maine; m. Tobias J. Thompson. Lived Winterport, Maine

Ackley, Seward B, b. 1841 Cutler, Maine; m. Margaret E. Ramsdell, b. 1846 Cutler, Maine; they moved to Port Gamble, Washington, the settlement started by William Talbot of East Machias

Adams, Charles Herbert, b. 1859, Bangor, Maine; m. Sara Lois Lord

Adams, Eliashib, Deacon of Bangor, Maine - 1847 letter to son Rev. George Eliashib Adams at Brunswick, Maine: re: formation of Central Congregational Church at Bangor

Adams, Frederick Holloway of Gouldsboro, Maine

Adams Sisters of Stoneham Maine - 1904 Photograph

Adams, Willis of Dixmont and South Thomaston, Maine


Agren, Gust Conrad, b. 1880 in Sweden; m. Daisy E. "Lizzie" Williamson, b. 1895 New Portland, Maine

Albee Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Alden, Patience Gillmore of Union, Maine and Rockland, Maine; cabinet photo of her after marriage to Woodbury M. Purrington

Alexander, Nehemiah Curtisof Harpswell, Maine - the autograph album of his wife Hannah Ballard Currier of Farmington, Maine, from before and after her marriage

Allen Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Allen, Berniece, her autograph book, Centerville, Maine, 1880s

Allen, Clifford G., b abt 1870, Centerville Maine; his 1881 autograph page in autograph book of cousin Berniece E. Allen; m. Alice J. Chalfant, b. 1884 California


Allen, Frederick Holloway, born 1860 Gouldsboro, Maine; m. Laura E. Sargent


Allen, John, Revolutionary War Hero of Eastern Maine


Allen, Mabel LaVaughn, b. 1891 Maine; died 1916 of appendicitis at Portland, Maine


Allen, Orin E., b. 1881 South Berwick, Maine; m. Minnie F. Hilton (see a 1909 letter to Minnie from her mother), b. abt 1881, Wells, Maine

Alley Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Ames - The Ames Society - Ames/Eames

Ames, James Barr; his wife Sarah Shaw Russell, granddaughter of Robert Gould Shaw of Gouldsboro

Ames, John Keller Esq. of Machias, Maine


Ames, Robert Eugene, b. 1898 Dixfield, Maine; m. Grace Olive Coburn, b. 1902 Weld, Maine (mention of Olive in 1919 and 1920 graduation programs of Dixfield High School)


Andrew, Mary Thalia, b. 1901 Dixfield, Maine; m. Howard M. Blaisdell, b. 1901 Jay, Maine (graduation program of Class of 1919 Dixfield High School - Mary T. Andrew is Salutatorian)

Andrews Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine

Andrews, John D., of Portland, Maine; mentioned in journal kept by Walt Whitman during his hospital service in Civil War.  Perhaps son of Ephraim and Martha Louise (Cobb) Andrews

Andrews, Orris Starrett and wife Lucy Hill (Glover) Andrews of Knox County, Maine

Andrews, William H. H., born 1839 at Pleasant Ridge, Maine; lived at Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Annas or Annis, William C. of Bradford and Sebec, Maine


Ansley, Annie L., or Annesley, b. Saint John NB; m. Andrew Harrington Bibber (Civil War CDV), b. 1836 Lubec, Maine

Antone Family of Pembroke, Maine area

Appleby, Sylvanus - Sylvanus Appleby, died at age 46 at Eastport, Maine, obituary in Christian Mirror, 23 Jan 1834 edition

Appleton, Jesse; 2nd President of Bowdoin College; 1817 letter

Archer, Bertha of Cherryfield, Maine

Arey, Roscoe G., born Hampden, Maine; m. Myra D. Sawyer

Armstrong, James, photo by a Newcastle, New Brunswick studio

Armstrong, Robert, photo by a Bathurst, New Brunswick studio

Arnold Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Arnold, Benedict, US Revolutionary War General; defector to British side


Arthur, Helen Sherman, (photo) b. abt 1900 Massachusetts; daughter of Albert S. Arthur and Mary Louise (Young) Arthur. Mary was born Eastport 1876

Arthurs, Leah A., born 1885 at Saint John, New Brunswick

Ash Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Athearn, Sabra, b. 1810, Castine, Maine; m. Asa Burns, b. 1810, Anson, Maine - their Family Bible

Atherton Family of Mount Desert Island, Maine


Atwood, Blaine Elbridge, b. 1884 Concord, Maine; m. Hortense Lucille Savage, b. 1894 Kingfield, Maine

Austin, Joseph, of York, Maine - his 1777 will

Averill, George G., born Lincoln, Maine 1869; medical doctor in Massachusetts

Avery, John G. W. - notice of marriage of John G. W. Avery of Lubec to Miss Mary Clark - in Portland Gazette, issue of 29 October 1822


Ayer, Frederick Wellington, b. 1855, Bangor, Maine; m. Marietta Rollins Mann, b. 1858, Massachusetts

Ayer, Jane May of Charlotte, Maine - her 1895-1904 autograph album and 1915 letter sent to her while she was on Christmas break from her teaching job at Grand Lake Stream, Maine

Ayer, William B., b. Bangor ME abt 1856, his discharge certificate from Ship Mobley 1879

Aymar, Daniel, b. 24 September 1785 at Saint John, New Brunswick; died 21 October 1850 at Eastport, Maine

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