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Surnames Staring with P

Surnames staring with P


Page, Joseph of Orono, Maine - scroll down to the second article

Palmer, H. E. of Bath, Maine - his name on an 1852 document of the Solar Lodge of Bath, Maine - possibly Henry Edwin Palmer

Palmer, Martha Rapsima of Corinth, Maine; m. Gardiner Dudley Page.  c1918 photograph album of Corinth and coastal scenes; some people and places IDed, including Martha and the Palmer farm.

Pappas, Charles of Lewiston, Maine; musician and instructor, studio at 129 Lisbon Street.  1927 Real Photo PC at Eastport, Maine

Parkman, Grace Elizabeth of Skowhegan, Maine - her personal copy of "The Garfield News" of the Garfield School at Skowhegan, Maine

Parlin Family of Bingham, Maine area - 58 documents from the 1840s: Stephen Parlin; Wellington Parlin; Amos Fletcher Parlin; Levi Fletcher Parlin; Ephraim Wood Parlin; Parlin & Heald

Parmenter, Nettie A., b abt 1869 at Branch Mills, Maine; see her autograph book with pages signed by her father, brother, cousins and many friends.

Parsons, H. D. of Parsonsfield, Maine, and Missouri - his 1840 letter written at St. Louis, Missouri, and sent to his family at Parsonsfield, Maine

Parsons, Henry R. of Paris, Maine - 1838 letter with election results of nearby towns


Parsons, Margaret Clara, b 1873 at Buxton, Maine - her 1880s Autograph Album

Patten, George H. of Bath, Maine - his 1873 letter to friend Amory McLellan Houghton

Patten, John Owen of Bath, Maine - his 1873 letter to friend Amory McLellan Houghton

Patterson, Henrietta Bryant, b. 1832 Perry, Maine; m. Perez Hersey Johnson, b. 1827 Perry, Maine - book presented to Mrs. Henrietta Johnson in 1855 by friend M. M. Johnson

Paul, Iddo Kimball of Morrill, Maine - 1839 letter from him while at Kents Hill Academy at Readfield, Maine, to Bradford Kimball at Thomaston, Maine - some Aroostook War news

Peacock, Ella A., of Gardiner, Maine; b. 1871; signed a page in an autograph album at Chelsea, Maine, on June 18. 1897

Emma D. Peacock of Gardiner, Maine; dau. Daniel B. and Thankful (Curtis) Peacock; signed page in an autograph album on May 15, 1889 at Chelsea, Maine

A. Pease - 1837 Phillips, Maine document where he promised to pay W. Norton or U. Norton

Pease, Amanda, who married Henry Fossett Jr.; lived at Union, Maine - two mid 19th century letters Amanda sent to her aunt

Pease, Carrie R. - 1880s autograph album presented to Otis J. Foster and wife Carrie R. (Pease) Foster by their Pond Road, Manchester, Maine, neighbors

Peaslee, Addie May of Jefferson, Maine - her 1890-1907m autograph album

Pendleton Family of Rhode Island, Maine, New Brunswick (link to an external site: surnames Pendleton, Porter, Coombs, Shute


Pendleton, Mary Ada, b. 1865 at Meddybemps, Maine; m. Leslie Everett Clark, b. abt 1865 in Massachusetts; they lived on a farm (2 pix) at Princeton, Massachusetts

Penley, Rufus of Auburn, Maine - his name on 1849 deed with those of Jeremiah Dingley, Jr., and Increase B. Kimball

Penney, Bartholomew Davis or Davis Bartholomew - 1846 promise to pay him, written  at Eddington, Maine, by Samuel Davis

Perham, Sidney, born 1819 at Woodstock, Maine; became US Congressman and Maine Governor - 1871 letter

Perkins, Alice A., b abt 1867 at Orono, Maine; m. Charles W. Hayes; Alice's graduation photograph

Perkins, Alice Kentof Medford, Maine, and Milo, Maine; m. Fred Murray Kittredge - c1900 photograph of Alice and an unidentified friend on a bicycle trip to a lighthouse

Perkins, Benjamin Franklin, Reverend, of Hampton, New Hampshire - 1865 letter to him at Eastport, Maine, from his fiancee Anna Farrar Abbott at Andover, Massachusetts

Perkins, Susan; married name Apt, daughter of George & Mehitable Perkins, Perry, Maine

Perley, Isaac, born 1790 at Boxford, Massachusetts; died at the St. Andrews, New Brunswick Gaol in 1822

Perley, John (1812-1895) of Unity, Maine; teacher at Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Kents Hill, Maine - 1858-1860 autograph album inscribed by students, fellow teachers, friends.

Perry, Charles Albert, born 1852 at Blanchard, Maine; attended Bowdoin College and Bangor Theological Seminary

Perry, Cora Adella, born at Shelburne, Nova Scotia; married Frank Lawrence Sinnott and lived at Marshfield, Massachusetts.  Cora and Frank's c1910 photograph album with some photographs of scenes and people in North East Harbor, Nova Scotia.

Perry, Frances Gertrude of Randolph, Maine - c1910 photo

Phelps, George Nelson, b. 1838 at Robbinston, Maine; m. Hannah Elizabeth Carlisle, b. 1853, Maine; pic of George and document relating to his Civil War service


Philbrook, Sarah Hinkley, b. 1831 Fairfield, Maine; m. Alvan M. C. Heath, b. abt 1829 Windsor, Maine; died from injuries received at Battle of Fredericksburg

Phillips, John of Avon, Maine - his signature on an 1854 highway assessment for town of Avon, Maine

Phillips, Jonathan of Turner, Maine - his diary of 1840-1842

Philpot, Jake of the Sanford, Maine area - possibly John S. Philpot - mentioned as the payee on an 1850 credit slip from George Weld to Mr. Hubbard

Pierce, Annie Lee, b 1860 in Maine, daughter of Otis and Hannah (Doe) Pierce; d. 1885; page she signed in 1880 in an autograph album

Pierce, Bertha Elizabeth, b 1890 at Saint John NB, dau James Elijah Pierce and Lucy Victoria (Higgins) Pierce

Pierce, Ethel May, b 1889 Saint John NB, dau James Elijah Pierce and Lucy Victoria (Higgins) Pierce

Pierce, Wilhelmina Cameron, b 1892 Saint John NB, dau James Elijah and Lucy Victoria (Higgins) Pierce

William Francis Pierce, b 1913 Boston, Massachusetts, son of James Elijah Pierce and Lucy Victoria (Higgins) Pierce of New Brunswick


Pike, Robert H. of Eastport, Maine - 1890 letter from Mrs. R. H. Pike at Eastport, Maine, to her doctor at Bath, Maine

Plaisted, George W. of Avon, Maine - his name on an 1854 highway assessment for town of Avon, Maine

Plummer, Charles Baker of Alna, Maine, and California - 1860 letter sent to his wife Aurelia Malvina (Richmond) Plummer by her parents Eliab Richmond and Sally (Bullen) Richmond of Rumford, Maine.


Plummer, Loring, (letter about the family needing assistance) b. 1811 at Brighton, Maine; m. Sarah Sally Grant, b. 1816, Skowhegan, Maine area

Plummer, William (1756-1838) of Danville, Maine - his diaries from 1804-1837

Pompilly or Pumpilly - Sarah True Pompilly, born 1793 at Buckfield, Maine - 1800 letter to her at Livermore, Maine, from Falmouth, Maine

Pomroy, Eva A. of Bangor, Maine; m. George W. Coffin of Ashland, Maine; autograph album given to Eva in 1878 by George

Pooler, Marvia Mae of Old Town, Maine - paper rocking horse memento with her name on it


Porter, Anna Lockwood, b. 1869 Batavia, Illinois; dau of Charles Wendell Porter, b Machias, Maine 1823

Porter, Carrie of Highfield, Maine - her 1863 letter; mentions her relative or friend Lee in Civil War; Lubec, Eastport, etc.


Porter, Charles Wendell, b. 1866, St. Louis, son of John Cooper Porter, below; m. Florence Chapin Moodey, b. 1870; she later m. Frank Lyman, b 1852 Brooklyn, New York.  This family summered at North Perry, Maine


Porter, John Cooper, b. 1825 Machias, Maine; noted St. Louis, Missouri businessman (obituary and editorial at his death by St. Louis Globe-Democrat); m. Anna McKee at St. Louis, Mo.


Porter, Katherine, (photo) b. 1866 New York; daughter of Henry Homes Porter, Midwest railroad magnate born in Machias, Maine; Katherine m. Dr. George Snow Isham, b. 1859, Chicago.  Built mansion in 1899 that later became the Playboy Mansion

Porter, Mabel Maude, b. 1883 at Eustis, Maine - 1905 photograph taken while at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine

Pottle, James P. of Perry, Maine - his 1883 Highway Surveyor's Book - many names of Perry residents

Pottle, Mabel, daughter of Adam & Ida (?), Perry, Maine, married Harry L. Carson in her middle age

Powers, Harry E. of Bowdoinham, Maine - his 1880s autograph album while he was a student at Maine State College [University of Maine, Orono]; and possibly Dirigo Business College, Augusta, Maine.

Preble, John (1771-1841) of Machias, Maine and Descendants

Preble, William Pitt of Portland, Maine - 1843 letter

Prentiss, Almira Sloan (Wheeler) of Foxcroft, Maine - c1849 letter to son Caleb Henry Prentiss at Paris, Maine

Prescott, Catherine "Kate", b. 1862 Maine; m. Frank Tenney Wadsworth, b. 1862, Eastport, Maine

Prescott, George D. of Pennfield, New Brunswick and Maine; wife Jessie McLean

Prescott, Jesse, born 1833 Pennfield, New Brunswick; wife Abigail Ann Young, b. 1827 Pennfield, New Brunswick

Prescott, Rachel Alice of Milo, Maine - see her baby photograph along with a links to a photograph of her mother, Martha (Jones) Prescott, when a young woman, and to an unidentified Prescott child, perhaps Rachel herself or her brother Edward or sister Jane


Prince, Olinda Ann, b. 1807, Eastport, Maine; m. Partman Houghton, b. 1806, Massachusetts; ran Gleason & Houghton, Eastport, Maine


Proctor, Mary A., b 1873 Salem NH; granddaughter of Samuel C. Proctor b 1823 St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  See Mary's 1880s era autograph album with Bridgton & Harrison Maine area signers.


Pullen, Eliza Curtis"> Pullen, Eliza Curtis, b. 1892 at North Yarmouth, Maine

Pulsifer, Augusta (Roak) (1838-1933) of Auburn, Maine - her diaries from 1863-1873

Pulsifer, Josiah of Androscoggin County - his letters to wife Helen while serving in Civil War

Pulsifer, Josie (Lemont) (1847-1918) of Greene, Lewiston & Poland, Maine - her diariesof 1865 and 1869


Purinton, Walter Elisha, b. 1868 Lewiston, Maine; m. Annie Gertrude Crooker, (photo), b. 1867 Bath, Maine

Purrington, Patience G. (Alden) of Union, Maine, and Rockland, Maine, wife of Woodbury M. Purrington, a Bowdoinham native and Rockland jeweler - cabinet photo of Patience in middle age.

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