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Philip Henry Coombs (1856-) born Bangor, Maine; m. Millie M. Field (1863-), b. Maine

Philip Henry Coombs was born 24 December 1856 at Bangor, Maine, the fourth Philip in a line of the Coombs family that played an important role in the 19th century history of Bangor, Maine.


His father was Philip Coombs (1833-1906), and his mother was Sarah Forbes (Woodhull).  His paternal grandparents were Philip Henry Coombs (1803-1871) and Eliza Webster (Boardman) Coombs.  His maternal grandparents were Richard and Sarah (Forbes) Woodhull.


In 1883, Philip Henry Coombs (1856-) married Millie M. Field, who was born in June of 1863 in Maine, the daughter of Samuel Benson Field and wife Mary Proctor (Burr) Field.  Her paternal grandparents were Robert and Pamela (Benson) Field.  Her maternal grandparents were William P. and Mary Polly (Severance) Burr.


Below are a reprint of a post at the blog Heirlooms Reunited, which contains a document made by his father, grandfather or possibly even great grandfather, and family trees for Philip Henry Coombs (1856-) and his wife Millie M. (Field) Coombs.


1856 document: agreement between Philip Coombs, Bangor, Maine & Joseph Brown or Joseph Brewer, Brewer, Maine

1856 or 1836 document detailing an agreement between Philip Coombs of Bangor, Maine, and Joseph Brown, or Joseph Brewer, of Brewer Maine.


agreement between Philip Coombs Esq of Bangor
& Joseph [Brown or Brewer] of Brewer -
the said Joseph [Brown or Brewer] agrees to sell to the said Coombs
a lot or parcel of land on the front of his farm - 
containing 6 or 8 acres more or less - at 500 dollars per acre
$500 down and $500 next May 1856 [or 1836] with interest
the remainder in 4 annual payments with interest annually

Depending on the date of this document, there are several possibilities for a Philip Coombs.  If the date is 1836, there are three options, a grandfather, father and son, successive generations of a noted Bangor, Maine family. 

From online research into the Coombs family, hopefully correct:

Philip Coombs (1)was born 10 July 1770 in Massachusetts and died 13 November 1848 in Maine.  He had moved to Bangor, Maine as early as 1814.  In 1836 he donated land originally called Coombs City Common and now known as Chapin Park; it's located on Bangor's east side.  

Philip Coombs (1) was the son of William and Jane (Greenleaf) Coombs.  He married Elizabeth Harrod and had a son Philip Henry Coombs (2), born 21 February 1803 in Massachusetts.  Elizabeth Harrod was born 15 January 1775 at Newburyport, Massachusetts, the daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Morrill) Harrod.

Philip Henry Coombs (2) came to Bangor, Maine, with his parents Philip (1) and Elizabeth about 1814.  He married Eliza Webster Boardman, who was born 26 August 1805 at Massachusetts, the daughter of Jonathan Boardman Jr. and his wife Sarah (Horton) Boardman.  

Philip Henry Coombs (2) and Eliza had a son Philip Coombs (3), born 5 August 1833 at Bangor, Maine.  Philip Coombs (3) married Sarah Forbes Woodhull, who was born 14 January 1830 in Maine, the daughter of Richard and Sarah (Forbes) Woodhull.  

Philip Coombs (3) and Sarah had a son Philip Henry Coombs, but he wasn't born until 24 December 1856 at Bangor, so could not be one of the parties of this document.

Hopefully a reader will come forward to give an opinion on the date of the document and, more importantly, on whether the other party is Joseph Brown of Brewer, Maine or Joseph Brewer of Brewer, Maine.  

For more information on the Coombs family, see the pages for Philip Coombs (1770-1848)Philip Henry Coombs (1803-1871)Philip Coombs (1833-1906) and Philip Henry Coombs (1856-) at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

For those not familiar with the area, Brewer, Maine is directly across the Penobscot River from Bangor, Maine, as shown in the map below.

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