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Maude Nettie Caswell, b. 1867 (teaching certificate), Maine; m. George D. Rowe, b. 1866, Hancock, Maine

Maude Nettie Caswell was born in Maine in 1867, the daughter of Lendall F. Caswell and his wife Ellen (Gower) Caswell.  In 1892, Maude married George D. Rowe, who was born 29 September 1966 at Hancock, Maine, the son of John E. Rowe and wife Lydia G. (Galley, or Gilley or Golley) Rowe.


Below are a reprint of a post at the blog Heirlooms Reunited, which includes a discussion of the couple's family history, Maude's 1887 teaching certificate from Palermo, Maine, signed by A. B. Glidden, Supervisor, and family trees for Maude Nettie Caswell and George D. Rowe.



1887 State of Maine Certificate No. 18 for Palermo, Maine, November 21, 1887 certifying Miss Maude Caswell as competent to teach in the subjects of Reading, Spelling, English Grammar, Georgraphy, History, Arithmetic, Bookkeeping and Physiology.  The certificate was signed by A. B. Glidden, Supervisor.


From online research, hopefully correct:


Maude Nettie Caswell was born in 1867 in Maine, perhaps in Union, the daughter of Lendall Caswell and his wife Ellen (Gower) Caswell.  Her paternal grandparents were Judson and Mercy Dyer (Mitchell) Caswell.  I haven't as yet found the parents of Ellen Gower, but I found where an Augusta Gower, about ten years younger than Ellen, was living with the Lendall and Ellen Caswell family in the 1870 Census of Union, Maine.  Whether Augusta was a sister or sister-in-law or other relative, I haven't yet determined.


In 1892, Maude Nettie Caswell married George D. Rowe, who was born 29 September 1866, the son of Charles S. Rowe and his wife Huldah (Stearns) Rowe, both of whom were born in Smithfield, Maine.  His paternal grandparents were John W. and Mary Rowe.  I don't as yet have the parents of Huldah Stearns


George D. Rowe was a physician in Augusta, Maine.  He was associated with the Maine State Asylum, now known as Riverview Psychiatric Center.  I found George and Maude living in Providence, Rhode Island in the 1910-1930 Censuses.  No one else was listed as living with them.  I haven't yet found them in the 1900 Census, so am not sure if they ever had any children.


If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks.


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