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Maria Moulton, b 1852 Maine; m. Elmer A. Bolton, b. 1859 Maine - Piscataquis County

Maria Moulton was born 30 March 1852 in Maine, the daughter of William R. and Maria Louisa (Bunker) Moulton, born in Sebec, Maine, and Williamsburg, Maine respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were Jeremiah and Rachael (Sawyer) Moulton.  Her maternal grandparents were William and Ruth (Miller) Bunker who lived at Sebec, Maine.

Before Maria was married, she collected autographs in an autograph album.  See an alphabetical list of signers and scans of all the pages here.

On 31 October 1889 at Foxcroft, Maine, Maria married Elmer A. Bolton.  He was born 23 July 1859 in Maine, the son of Charles Vaughan Bolton and wife Ruby.

Below, a 1918 certification of their son Charles' election to membership in the Kineo Lodge, Odd Fellows, at Dover, Maine:

Elmer's paternal grandparents were Oliver and Mary A. (Ward) Bolton.  I don't have information on Elmer's maternal grandparents.

Old Sturbridge Village has some papers relating to letters written by Oliver Bolton, his father Nathaniel and other family members.

Maria and Elmer A. Bolton lived at Foxcroft, Maine and had at least one child, a son Charles.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the Moulton or Bolton families or in the family trees below, please leave a comment.

Interestingly, John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem that mentions one of Maria's relatives:

       For Bomazeen from Tacconock        
       Has sent his runners to Norrigewock,        
       With tidings that Moulton and Harmon of York        
       Far up the river have come :        
       They have left their boats, — they have entered the wood,        
       And filled the depths of the solitude        
       With the sound of the ranger's drum. "       
       Ha Bomazeen ! — In God's name say,        
       What mean these sounds of bloody fray?"        
       Silent, the Indian points his hand        
       To where across the echoing glen        
       Sweep Harmon's dreaded ranger-band,       
       And Moulton with his men. "       
       Where are thy warriors, Bomazeen ?        
       Where are De Rouville and Castine,        
       And where the braves of Sawga's queen? "       
       Let my father find the winter snow        
       Which the sun drank up long moons ago !        
       Under the fall of Tacconock,        
       The wolves are eating the Norridgewock ;        
       Castine with his wife lies closely hid        
       Like a fox in the woods of Pemaquid !        
       On Sawga's banks the man of war        
       Sits in his wigwam like a squaw, —        
       Squando has fled, and Mogg Megone,        
       Struck by the knife of Sagamore John,        
       Lies stiff and stark and cold as a stone."        



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