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Madge Eleanor Clark, photo at 27 months; b. 1898 Monroe Maine

Photograph of Madge Eleanor Clarke of Monroe, Maine, at age 27 months and 27 pounds.


 Madge Eleanor Clarke, or Clark, was born 8 July 1898 at Monroe, Maine, the daughter of Walter Perkins Clarke and his wife Ella Hattie (Jellison) Clarke.  The person who wrote the identification on the reverse of the photograph used the surname Clarke, but I found many instances of Clark in online records, even marriage records.


Below are a reprint of a post at the blog Heirlooms Reunited, which discusses Madge Eleanor Clark and her family history, and her family tree.



Photograph of Madge Eleanor Clarke of Monroe, Maine, as a toddler

Photograph of Madge Eleanor Clarke as a 27 month old child.  

From online research, hopefully correct:

Madge Eleanor Clarke was born 8 July 1898 at Monroe, Maine, the daughter of Walter Perkins Clarke and his wife Ella H. Jellison, born in Winterport or Frankfort, Maine, and Hancock, Maine respectively.    I found official records using the surname Clark, so it's possible the person who provided the identification information on the reverse of the photograph was correct, or incorrect.  

Her paternal grandparents were Jeremiah and Elizabeth Hannah (Perkins) Clark.  I'm not sure of her maternal grandparents.  I believe her grandmother was Hattie M. Jellison, daughter of Nahum Young Jellison and his wife Mary (Abbott) Jellison of Hancock, Maine.  On her marriage record, she put Nahum and Mary (Abbott) Jellison as her parents, but I believe they were actually her grandparents.

I couldn't find a marriage record in the Maine archives for Madge Eleanor Clarke or Clark.  She could have married out of state or perhaps not at all.  The last record I found of her was the 1920 Census, when she was living with her parents and working as a teacher in a rural school. 

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

For more information, see the page for Madge Eleanor Clarke at the Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of Winterport, Maine:

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A map of Hancock, Maine:

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