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Lester Blake Bragg; his brother Edward E. Bragg; Edward's wife Laurie P. Snow; Portland, Maine area

Photograph of two boys, who look a bit young to be Lester Blake Bragg and his brother Edward E. Bragg, but the information fits otherwise.

There is a lot of confusion information online about various the Lester Braggs in Maine born around 1900. One of them was Lester Bernard Bragg, another was Lester Herbert Bragg. Some of the online trees have bits and pieces of all of the different Lesters combined.


But I think the Lester Jr. in the photograph below is Lester Blake Bragg, as he was a Jr., and he had a brother Edward.  They lived in the Portland, Maine area, and the photograph was taken at Portland.


Following are a post at the blog Heirlooms Reunited on the Bragg brothers and family trees for Lester Blake Bragg, Jr., Edward E. Bragg and Edward's wife Laurie P. Snow.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact Todd House directly. Thanks!


1911 Photograph of Lester Bragg Jr. & Edward E. Bragg; Portland, Maine studio

September 1911 photograph of brothers Lester Bragg, Jr. and Edward E. Bragg, taken by the C. R. Smith studio of Middle Street, Portland, Maine. 

From online research, hopefully correct, and assuming that I have the correct Bragg family:

Lester Blake Bragg, Jr. was born 22 November 1895 at Portland, Maine.  Brother Edward E. Bragg was born 20 December 1897, also in Maine, possibly Portland.  Their parents were Lester Blake Bragg and his second wife Emma Jeannette (Pollard) Bragg. 

Their paternal grandparents were Washington B. and Mehitable (Whitten) Bragg.  Their maternal grandparents were Benjamin and Nellie Cynthia (Estes) Pollard.

I found the World War I draft enlistment card for Lester Blake Bragg, Jr., where he indicated he was single (he also indicated he'd lost three fingers).  I found a listing in the Maine Marriages online database for a Lester B. Bragg who married Rose Landry, but that's a different Lester B. Bragg, Lester Bernard Bragg  I did find a Lester Bragg living in th 1930 Census of Falmouth, Maine, similar in age, and married to a Stella, but I don't know if he was our Lester. 

I haven't yet found a World War I draft enlistment card for Edward E. Bragg, but I did find a marriage in 1920 for him, to Laurie P. Snow.

Laurie P. Snow was born in August of 1899 in Maine, the daughter of George W. and Jennie (Leach) Snow. Her paternal grandparents were William S. and Abbie J. (True) Snow.  Her maternal grandparents were James J. and Phebe (Latham, according to Jennie's marriage record) Leach.

It's possible that Edward and Laurie are the Edward and Laura Bargo enumerated in the 1930 Census of Meriden, Connecticut. If so, there were no children living with them.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly. 

A map of Portland, Maine:

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A map of Cumberland, Maine:

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