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John Lee Collins, b. 1872 Harmony, Maine; m. Fannie Emmie Mitchell, b. 1875, Troy, Maine


This Carte de Visite shows John Lee Collins at age 6 or 7.  He was born 22 April 1872 at Harmony, Maine, the son of John and Sarah A. (Shorey) Collins.  See the page on this network for John and Sarah A. (Shorey) Collins, which shows a CDV of the elder John.  


On 5 October 1895 at Wellington, Maine, John Lee Collins married Fannie Emmie Mitchell, who was born 9 March 1875 at Troy, Maine, the daughter of James Rackliff Mitchell and his wife Emily Ann (Stafford) Mitchell.  


Above, a group photograph of three young couples, including John Lee Collins and his wife Fannie Emmie (Mitchell) Collins, who are the couple standing, from left.




Below are a reprint of a post on the blog Heirlooms Reunited  on John and John Lee Collins and their wives, and family trees for John Lee Collins and Fannie Emmie Mitchell.


1860s CDVs of John Collins & son John Lee Collins, Harmony, Maine

c. 1860s Carte de Visite of John Collins, taken by S. F. Conant of Skowhegan, Maine. 

1860s Carte de Visite, below, of John Collins' son John Lee Collins.

 This CDV has no photographer's imprint.

Group photograph of John Lee Collins; Fannie Emmie (Mitchell) Collins; Alton Chadbourn; Ethel Stafford Sinclair; Ephraim Sinclair and Ida Gray Chadbourn; taken by A. H. Dinsmore studio of Dover, Maine.

Identifications on reverse:

From online research, hopefully correct:

John Collins was born in July of 1828 at Cornville, Maine, in Somerset County, the son of John and Abigail (Jewell) Collins.  His paternal grandparents were Daniel and Mary (Tuxbury) Collins.  His maternal grandparents were Jesse and Rebecca Jewell.

On 7 May 1856, at Lowell, Massachusetts, John Collins married Sarah A. Shorey, who was born in August of 1835 at Bingham, Maine, the daughter of Lot and Eliza (Ayer) Shorey.  Her paternal grandparents were John and Mary (Kilgore) Shorey.  Her maternal grandparents were Samuel and Alice (Kilgore) Ayer.

John Lee Collins was the third child of John and Sarah A. (Shorey) Collins.  He was born 22 April 1872 at Harmony, Maine.  On 5 October 1895 at Wellington, Maine, he married Fannie Emmie Mitchell. 

Fannie Emmie Mitchell was born 9 Mar 1875 at Troy, Maine, in Waldo County, the daughter of James Rackliff Mitchell and his wife Emily Ann Stafford.  Her paternal grandparents were James and Sarah (Rackliff) Mitchell.  Her maternal grandparents were Obadiah and Rebecca (Gray) Stafford.

I found at least two children for John Lee and Fannie Emmie (Mitchel) Collins, both daughters, born not long after 1900.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

For more information on John CollinsSarah A. Shorey, John Lee Collins and Fannie Emmie Mitchell, click on their names to see their pages at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of Somerset County, Maine, featuring Harmony,CornvilleSkowheganWellington and Bingham



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