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Babcock, Harold Snow, M.D., born Hampden, Maine; lived Castine, Maine; m. Matilda T. "Mattie" Harris of Nova Scotia

Harold Snow Babcock, M. D. was born 31 August 1888 at Hampden, Maine, the son of John William Babcock and his wife Abbie Knowles (Tribou) Babcock.  His paternal grandparents were Calvin and Sarah (Miller) Babcock.  His maternal grandparents were William H. Tribou and his wife Sabrina M. (Knowles) Tribou.


He married Matilda Mattie T. Harris, who was born about 1886 in Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of Isaac Harris and his wife Emmaline (McCallum, possibly) Harris.  Her paternal grandparents were Robert and Maria (Cock or Cox) Harris.


If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above or in the family tree below, please leave a comment or contact Todd House directly.


Several photographs, biography and family tree below. If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented below, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact Todd House directly. Thanks!

The two photos of Harold Snow Babcock as a young man seem to me to be of two different young men, perhaps brothers, but they are both identified on reverse as Harold S. Babcock.


From the website: Harold S Babcock, M.D. (1888 - 1973 ) Althoug h Dr. Babcock is more related to Castine, Penobscot also shared his services, as did surrounding towns. Dr. Melvin Wardwell was also a very close associate of Dr. Babcock. He was born in Hampden, Maine on August 1, 1888, the sixth of seven children. He attended the so called "common schools", and graduated from Hampden Academy. Encouraged to be a doctor by his mentor, also a popular physiciarn, he started by serving as an orderly in the Massachusetts General Hospital. Following this experience, he attended Jefferson College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduating in 1916 with honors. After serving a one year internship at Eastern Maine General Hospital in Bangor, Maine, he began to establish a general practice in the Castine area. Using Castine as a base, as well as a residence, he soon found that surrounding towns were in need of his skills. As he once said, " In the year 1917, I came down the river to administer to Castine ills. Then, soon after, I found myself deep in the work around the whole countryside". During the first years as a general practitioner he planned to be away for at least two days and nights a week, all night, and would feel lucky to arrive home at dawn. He traversed bad roads to all points north, south and east. For ten years he used the North Castine Ferry to West Brooksville. He then picked up his automobile, which he left there permanently, and drove to other points such as Cape Rosier or North Brooksville. However, at times, in deep snow, the automobile could not function. One of his most memorable experiences was having to walk and carry two packs from West Brooksville to Cape Rosier in deep snow to attend a woman in labor. Her husband's boat was ice-locked in Eggemoggin Reach and he was unable to get home. Dr. Babcock stayed at this humble home from Friday until Tuesday, cooking for the family and caring for the children. The baby finally arrived on Tuesday morning , and as soon as help arrived, he was on his way home. Blessed with a good sense of humor, he learned as a young doctor that a hearty joke and an infectious laugh could soon put a disturbed patient at ease. He was married to Matilda Harris, of Nova Scotia, a registered nurse, whom he met while employed at the Massachusetts General Hospital. They were wed in 1912 and their marriage produced one son, Phillip. Mrs Babcock died shortly after her 100th birthday, and only within the last few years. In addition to his many other contributions he founded the Castine Community Hospital in 1928, and served as a resident physician for four decades. Dr. Babcock was truely one of our country doctors, was well loved and will always be remembered throughout the many towns he served. He died in 1973 and is interred in the family Castine Cemetery plot.




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Comment by Pam Beveridge on January 23, 2011 at 3:56pm
Don't know if they are closely related or not, but you have to admit it's interesting that I chose this page as an example for you!
Comment by Randall Stackhouse on January 23, 2011 at 3:45pm

Interesting! I have a Frederick Babcock b. 1756, of South Kingston, RI, d., Jun 1861, Cornwallis, NS (son of Jonathan Sr, Babcock , b. 23 Nov 1723,RI,USA-d. 1818, Newport, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada. & Lydia Larkin 1730-ABT.1756) Frederick Babcock married Sarah Woodworth 1755-1826, (daughter of Silas Woodworth, 1724-1790. & Sarah English, 1727-1808)

My line is from Frederick Babcock and Sarah Woodworth's daughter Charlotte Babcock, b. 1791, Cornwallis, Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada, d. 28 Dec 1867,  NB (?). She married Robert E. Stiles, b., 29 Jul 1790, Coverdale, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada, d., 12 Sep 1853, Albert, Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Married 03 Oct 1811.

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