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Autograph of Eugenia T. Robinson, born Skowhegan, Maine 1857; m. George Warren Merrill

Eugenia T. Robinson was born about 1857 in Maine, the daughter of sea captain William F. Robinson and wife Amanda Fitzallen (Swain) Robinson.  William F. Robinson was lost at sea on 5 March 1864.

This autograph was found in an autograph album whose pages were signed mostly by students at Bradford Academy at Bradford, Massachusetts, between 1869 and 1871.

On 27 April 1876 at Boston, Massachusetts, Eugenia married George Warren Merrill.  He was born 7 September 1848 in Massachusetts, the son of John Franklin Merrill and wife Sarah Emery (Rand) Merrill.

The couple moved to San Francisco, where George operated an oil business.  

The couple had at least one child, a daughter Frances Louise Merrill, who was born 24 April 1880 at Boston.  Frances married David Jose Makepeace, who was born in Guatemala in 1877.  THat marriage, which produced 3 children, ended in divorce.  In 1910, Frances married Maine native Paul Fernando Gillette and had a daughter; that marriage also ended in divorce.  Frances married H. A. McBride in 1930.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information provided above, or in the family tree of Eugenia's daughter Frances Louise Merrill, below, please leave a comment.  Thanks.


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Comment by Pam Beveridge on April 4, 2013 at 12:58pm

Wonderful, Kathleen!  I don't know what era your ancestor(s) made the move to California, but be aware that a woman in Maine is writing a book, two volumes, I think, about the Maine families that moved west as a result of the discovery of gold in California.  Her name is Jan M. Eakins, but I'm not sure at what stage the book is in at present.  Volume I may be nearing conclusion.  Other people went west to work in the logging industry.

Comment by Kathleen Caldwell on April 4, 2013 at 12:47pm

Eugenie T. Robinson Merrill was my great, great grandmother.  I have an autograph book belonging to her and it says on the last page that she died on 2-12-1919.  I think it was in San Francisco.  My father's mother was Frances Makepeace and she had a brother James, and a sister Beatrice and 1/2 sister Pauline Gillette.  This is all new information for me.  I had no idea that I had Maine roots.

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