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Anna Firth Bartlett, b. 2 March 1855, New Portland, Maine - her 1860s Autograph Album

Anna Firth Bartlett was born 2 March 1855 at New Portland, Maine, the daughter of Josiah D. Bartlett and his wife Eliza M. (Firth) Bartlett.  Her paternal grandparents were John Hill Bartlett and his wife Phebe Burbank.  Her maternal grandparents were Alexander and Elizabeth (Martin) Firth.

I don't believe Anna ever married.  She was working as a teacher in the 1880 Census of New Portland, Maine, but subsequent Censuses show no occupation for her.  Starting with the 1900 Census until her death, she was listed as living at Waterville, Maine. 

Anna's Uncle Abraham Firth was a reformer who contributed to a fund to free the Amistad.

Below is a reprint of the post on Anna's 1860s/1870s autograph album, at the Heirlooms Reunited blog:

1860/1870s autograph album of Anna Firth Bartlett of North New Portland, Maine.

Small album, approximately 3-1/4" x 2-3/4", with 49 autographs of relatives and friends and Anna's signature on the first page.


Anna Firth Bartlett was born 2 March 1855 at New Portland or North New Portland, Maine, daughter of Josiah D. and Eliza M. (Firth) Bartlett.

By 1880 Anna was still at home in New Portland and working as a teacher.  By 1900 the family had moved to Waterville, Maine, where I believe Anna spent the remainder of her life.  No occupation was listed for her in the Censuses after 1880.

I don't believe Anna ever married.  She died on 4 January 1937.  

Anna's parents, Eliza M. (Firth) Bartlett and Josiah D. Bartlett signed adjoining pages in her album in 1864.



Anna's paternal grandmother Phebe (Burbank) Bartlett signed a page in her album in 1865.  Phebe noted her age, seventy-six.  


Anna's paternal grandfather, John Hill Bartlett, husband of Phebe, signed the next page, but he didn't date it.  He gave his age as seventy-five years and six months.


Anna's maternal grandmother, Elizabeth (Martin) Firth, signed a page in 1863; she noted she was eighty-one years old.


Anna's maternal grandfather, Abraham Firth, had died before her birth.

Anna's brother Martin Firth Bartlett signed a page in 1874.


Anna's uncle, Abraham Firth of Worcester, Massachusetts, signed a page in her album, as did his wife and daughter.  He was a reformer whose name appears on a list of people who donated money to free the Amistad.



If you have corrections or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order:

Uncle Frank of North New Portland, Maine, 1864; Anna's uncle

Lucie, 1872; Anna's cousin

Anna F. Bartlett, 1863

Maria L. Bartlett, 1869; Anna's cousin

Eliza M. F. Bartlett of North New Portland, Maine, 1864; Anna's mother

Josiah D. Bartlett of North New Portland, Maine, 1864; Anna's father

Aurelia Bartlett of North New Portland, 1864; Anna's aunt

Phebe Bartlett, 1865; Anna's grandmother, age 76

John H. Bartlett; Anna's grandfather, aged 75 years and 6 months

W. P. Bartlett of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1864; Anna's uncle

Martin F. Bartlett of North New Portland, Maine, 1874; Anna's brother

Mae [possibly Bartlett]; Anna's cousin

Minnie Barton of Benton, Maine, 1871, L.M.B.; I think it's Benton - there's a smear

Abbie W. Britton of Winslow, Maine, 1869

May Broad of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Ida J. Burbank of Freeman, Maine; Anna's cousin

Angelina M. Burbank; Anna's cousin, age 18 years, 8 months

Lucinda Field of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Laura Fifield of Waterville, Maine, 1871

Myra A. Fifield, student at Waterville Classical Institute, 1871

Abraham Firth of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1863; Anna's uncle

J. F. R. Firth of Worcester, Massachusetts, 1863; Anna's aunt

May L. Firth of Worcester, Massachusetts; Anna's cousin

Elizabeth Firth, 1863; Anna's grandmother, age 81

F. R. Firth of Worcester, Massachusetts

Charles Firth, 1874

John Firth, 1863

Ellie Hilton of South Norridgewock, Maine, 1865; Anna's cousin; middle initial could be L, T or P or?

Lizzie Hoag of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Nellie M. Kimball, 1862; Anna's cousin

Annie J. Lowe of Waterville, Maine, 1870

E. P. M.

Ned Meader, E. L. Meader, student at Waterville Classical Institute, 1870

Millie Meader of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Joshua Nye, 1871

Fannie Nye of Waterville, Maine, 1866

Vesta Paul of L.M.B. at Waterville, Maine

Leila F. Perry of Camden, Maine, 1870

Fannie Philbrick, 1868

Benjamin Platt of Waterville, Maine, 1863; Anna's uncle

"Thy Aunt Sarah"; I'm assuming Sarah is the wife of Benjamin Platt and mother of Fannie

Fannie L. Platt of Waterville, Maine, 1863; Anna's cousin

Joseph Sargent

Fannie Sawyer of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Fannie Sawyer of Waterville, Maine

Minnie L. Smith of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Mary E. Stockman of Brewer, Maine, 1871

Gardner M. Whittier of Farmington, Maine, 1872; teaching at North New Portland at that time

Nellie Wilson of Waterville, Maine, 1870

Jennie Wilson of L.M.B. at Waterville, Maine, 1871



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