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Addie Eales, b 1895, Vanceboro, Maine; m. James Beaton, b 1885 Lac Megantic, Quebec; Photos of Eales Family

Postcard of Main Street, Red Beach, Maine, sometime around 1910, as that is the date of the cancellation mark on reverse.

Red Beach is a village in Calais, Maine, and is near St. Croix Island, where Samuel de Champlain and company started a settlement in 1604, later abandoning it after a disastrously cold and difficult winter. It's possible that the tip of St. Croix Island is visible in the background, though I'm not sure.

The reverse shows a message from MPR to Miss Addie Eales, Vanceboro, Maine.

Jo and Addie Eales, c1905

Research shows that Addie was born in 1895, the daughter of George W. and Laura A. (Fisher) Eales of Vanceboro, Maine, a town on the New Brunswick, Canada border.  

 George W. Eales, Jr., Addie's father

Addie's parents, Laura A. (Fisher) and George W. Eales

Addie Eales' paternal grandparents were George W. and Mary Elizabeth (Fleming) Eales, born in England and St. Andrews, New Brunswick respectively. 

George had served in the British Navy aboard HMS Victory; after his naval career ended, he emigrated to New Brunswick and lived at St. James Parish in Charlotte County.

George W. Eales Sr., daughter Muriel, wife Mary

The following snippet indicates that George had served under Lord Nelson in the English navy; if he was referring to Lord Horatio Nelson, however, he died before George was born.

The following obituary of George W. Eales, Sr., makes the distinction, that George had served on the HMS Victory, where Nelson had earlier died.

Addie's maternal grandparents were Joseph and Rebecca (Young) Fisher.  I believe that Joseph was Joseph Hutchings Fisher, born in 1825 at Steuben, Maine, the son of Pliny Gould Fisher and wife Elizabeth (Parker) Fisher, but I'd appreciate comments from readers with knowledge of the Fisher family.

According to the Maine Online Marriage Database, Addie Eales was living in Vanceboro, when she married James Beaton of Megantic, Quebec, on 3 Oct 1917.

In the 1901 Census of Canada at Lake Megantic I found a James Beaton, born 21 Jun 1885, the son of Robert and Helene Beaton, hopefully the correct James Beaton.  Helene also appears in the Censuses as Nellie.  

It's possible that she was Nellie Ham, as there's a Drouin record for the birth of a Robert James Jerry Beaton, son of Robert James Beaton and Nellie Ham, 20 Jun 1885, in the records for 1885 Church of England, Bury and Lingwick, Sherbrooke, Quebec.  This is one day off from other records I found, which put James' birth at 21 June 1885.

James and Addie were settled in Brownville, Piscataquis County, Maine, by the 1920 Census, with a son.  James listed his occupation as Engineer with the Railroad.  By the 1930 Census, they had two more children.  Addie died in Brownville in 1972.

Just speculating, but it's possible that Addie met James while he was working for the railroad, as Vanceboro and Brownville are railroad towns; Megantic, Quebec is another.   

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information above or in the family tree of Addie Eales at bottom, please leave a comment.

More photos of the Eales Family

Addie, her sister Josephine, and Howard Paul and and the girls' mother, Laura A. (Fisher) Eames.  Howard Paul married the girls' older sister Ora.

Sister Josephine Eales in High School

Addie's sister Josephine Eales, c. 1920

Sisters Addie, Jo and Muriel c1960s

Eales House, pre-veranda

Eales Family

Eales children, c. 1895

G. W. Eales Studebaker

Robert Eales' car

Jo and Addie Eales at the well pump

Frank Eales at the University of Maine


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