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1887/1888 Autograph Album of Students at Farmington State Normal School


1887/1888 autograph album of students at Farmington State Normal School at Farmington, Maine.  The album is approximately 8" x 7", with velvet covers and the word "Album" in metal.


The album may have been owned by the first person who signed in it, Hattie B. Peabody of Lewiston, Maine, but I can't be sure.  Her page is the first page after the title page.



Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order.  Please note that some of the students who gave Farmington, Maine, as their residence may have been referring to where they were living at the time of their signing, not necessarily their home towns.


Some of the signers used an entire page.  Some shared a page with one or more>

W. H. Atkinson of Brunswick, Maine, 1887

Frank H. Baker of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, 1887

Lu Barton

Annie W. Bean of China, Maine, 1888

Alice M. Bishop of North Monmouth, Maine, 1887

Minnie J. Bishop, 1887

Dora A. Bither of Linneus, Maine, 1887

Belle M. Brown of Readfield, Maine

Lillian Brown, 1888

Cora A. Butts of New Portland, Maine, 1887

Lillie A. Carr of South Bowdoin, Maine, 1887

Edwin T. Clifford of Leeds, Maine, 1887

Grace L. Cowan of West Sidney, Maine, 1888

Edna E. Davis of Vienna, Maine, 1887

Annie F. Dealy of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Bertha M. Dennison of Freeport, Maine, 1887

Myra E. Drummond of Arrowsic, Maine, 1887

Martha J. Dunton of Westport, Maine, 1888

Mary E. Easton of Farmington, Maine, 1887

Stella Farnham of Belgrade Mills, Maine, 1888

Eunice W. Forbes of South Paris, Maine, 1888

S. Alice French of South Chesterville, Maine, 1888

Dolores S. Frost of North Woodstock, Maine, 1888

A. Ethel Gordon of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Austin W. Greene of South Carthage, Maine, 1887

Claude Haines of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Alice Haley of Fort Fairfield, Maine, 1887

Leah M. Harrington, 1887

Ida J. Harrington of Westport, Maine, 1888

Essie Hinkley of Lewiston, Maine, 1887


Jennie Hunton of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Alice Hunton of Oakland, Maine, 1902

Fran E. Jones of Sabatis, Maine, now Sabattus, 1888

Mary C. Kalloch of Warren, Maine

Mabelle Kelley of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Nettie Knowles of Chesterville, Maine, 1888

Lillian Lincoln of Brunswick, Maine, 1887

Alice H. Longfellow of Winthrop, Maine, 1887

Eva S. Lougee of Linneus, Maine, 1887

Nellie M. Luce of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Lutie F. Luques of Farmington, Maine, 1887

Katie M. Lynch of Lewiston, Maine, 1887

May L. Macartney of Oakland, Maine, 1888

James D. Merriman of Litchfield, Maine, 1888

Annie E. Moore of Winthrop, Maine, 1888

Carrie Nickerson of New Limerick, Maine, 1887

Hattie B. Peabody of Lewiston, Maine

Emma M. Perkins of South Paris, Maine, 1888

Mary French Pike of Lubec, Maine, 1887

L. Della Prescott of Foxcroft, Maine, 1888

George C. Purington of Farmington, Maine, 1887

Lillian L. Ramsdell of Milo, Maine

Charles Record of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Josie L. Reed of Farmington, Maine or Josie T. Reed, 1887

Georgia M. Richardson of Readfield, Maine, 1888

E. J. R. Robinson, 1887

Harriet A. Seavey, 1888

Lena M. Severy of Mount Vernon, Maine, 1888

Fred O. Small of Madrid, Maine, 1888

Alice E. Smith of Machias, Maine, 1888

Herman Spear of New Portland, Maine, 1888

Jennie M. Stimson of Linneus, Maine, 1887

Lucy M. Sylvester of Leeds, Maine, 1887

Laura W. Sylvester of Leeds, Maine, 1887

David W. Tozier of Easton, Maine, 1888

Ardella M. Tozier of Easton, Maine, 1887

Clare A. Varney of Bath, Maine, 1888

Alice M. Wait of Vienna, Maine, 1888

Charles F. Warner

Carrie Whittier of Readfield, Maine, 1888

Grace A. Wilson of Sedgwick, Maine, 1888

Minnie M. Winslow of North Monmouth, Maine, 1888

Edith M. Witherell of Monmouth, Maine, 1888

Enla F. Wood of Farmington, Maine, 1888

Sadie Wood of Wilton, Maine, 1888

Minnie L. Woodman, 1887

Lura Woodward of Farmington, Maine, 1888

Hattie Woodward, 1888

Caro E. Wyman of Lakeside, Maine, 1888

Emma E. Young, 1888


Scans of the pages, in page order:





































































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