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1880s Autograph Album of Walter Scott Rogers of Windham, Maine



Autograph album presented to Walter Scott Rogers of Windham, Maine on Christmas day 1885.  Approximately 4" x 2-1/2".  





Walter Scott Rogers was born on 8 April 1879 in Maine, the son of Albert Towle Rogers and wife Livilla Prescott (Hill) Rogers.


Albert T. Rogers was born in Standish, Maine, on 26 March 1842, the son of Isaiah and Lydia (Gray) Rogers.


Livilla Prescott (Hill) Rogers was born at Naples, Maine, on 25 November 1843, the daughter of Henry Hobbs Hill and wife Frances McIntire Haskell.


On 25 November 1903, Walter Scott Rogers married Myrtle M. Mann, who was born about May 1880 in Maine, the daughter of Jacob Josselyn Mann and possibly wife Emma.


The couple raised their family at Auburn, Maine, and Windham, Maine, where Walter was a farmer and a miller of grain.


Several of Walter's relatives signed pages in his album.


His father, Albert Towle Rogers:





His brother Charles Cummings Rogers:




His brother Albert Linwood Rogers, or Linwood Albert Rogers:




His sister Fannie Almatia Rogers:





His maternal uncle, George Henry Hill:




George Henry Hill's wife, I assume Ida Marie (Stiles) Hill, though if I didn't know Ida Marie Stiles was his first wife, I'd have guessed the writing to be L. or S. W. Hill:




Walter's cousin, Mildred E. Morrill, daughter of his paternal aunt Sarah K. (Rogers) and husband Andrew J. Morrill:





Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order:


Katie Alice Elder of Windham Centre, Maine

George H. Hill of Windham, Maine

I. M. Hill

Hussey, Celia M. of Windham, Maine

Johnson, Frank O. of West Upton, Massachusetts

Kemp, Alice J. of Windham Centre, Maine

Irving W. Kemp of Windham, Maine

Knight, Lizzie J. of Windham, Maine

Mabel L. Knight of Windham, Maine

Sumner Libby of Windham, Maine

Annie L. Morrill of Windham, Maine

Mildred E. Morrill of Windham, Maine

Albert T. Rogers of Windham, Maine

Charles C. Rogers of Windham, Maine

Fannie A. Rogers of Windham, Maine

Linwood A. Rogers of Windham, Maine

Walter Rogers, autograph album owner



Scans of all of the pages, in page order:





























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