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1880s Autograph Album of Nettie A. Parmenter of China, Maine


1880s autograph album presented to Nettie A. Parmenter of China, Maine, by her father, Joseph Shepard Parmenter, at Christmas 1882.  

The Parmenter name in Maine, including members of this family, is also spelled as Parmeter.

Nettie A. Parmenter was born about 1869.  Some online sources show her as having died 16 September 1889 at Branch Mills, Maine, not long after the last entry in her autograph album.  However, there's a page dated March 1897 signed by her friend, and possibly cousin, Mildred Parmenter of Branch Mills, Maine.

Either Nettie lived beyond 1889 or someone took over her album after her death.

Nettie's paternal grandparents were Danforth and Sally (Creasy) Parmenter, born in Norton, Massachusetts, and Palermo, Maine, respectively.

Nettie's mother was Ada A. Porter, daughter of John O. and Martha (possibly Gilbert) Porter.  Ada was born in Old Town, Maine, about 1849.  Her father was born in Massachusetts.

Nettie's brother, two cousins and two friends named Parmenter who might also have been cousins also signed pages in her album.

Her brother, Shepherd George Parmenter (also known as Shepard George Parmenter):

Fred E. Handy or Fred E. Hardy:

List of signers, in alphabetical, not page, order:

Lizzie Ames of Unity, Maine

Rosa Ames of Unity, Maine

Seth G. Ames of Unity, Maine

Annie Banton of Palermo, Maine

J. A. Beale of Augusta, Maine

Annie W. Bean of China, Maine

Mina L. Bean of China, Maine

Tommy Britt

Mrs. Robert Cleave of Hallowell, Maine

Joseph Cony of Augusta, Maine

Harry Coughlin of Fargo, Dakota

Myrtie Crummett of China, Maine

Herbert E. Davis of Windsor, Maine

Carrie A. Dodge of China, Maine

Ella A. Dow of China, Maine

Eva C. Dow of China, Maine

F. B. Dow of Boston, Massachusetts

Jesse C. Dow of Boston, Massachusetts

Mary R. Dow of China, Maine

Villa G. Dow of China, Maine

Alston M. Dowe of China, Maine

Charles E. Dowe of Branch Mills, Maine

Rosa F. Drake of Palermo, Maine

Bertha C. Farris of China, Maine

Mattie J. Fisher of Augusta, Maine

Daniel Foster of Palermo, Maine

George L. French of Bangor, Maine

O. S. French of Bangor, Maine

Charles H. Furbish of Bangor, Maine

Minnie S. Gardner of Palermo, Maine

Grace M. Goddard of China, Maine

Hattie B. Goddard

Olive A. Gould of Albion, Maine

Fred E. Handy of China, Maine

C. G. Hayes of Augusta, Maine

George E. Hewitt of Somerset, Kentucky

Eld Jere Hill of Goodwins Mills, Maine

Mary Hyland of Augusta, Maine


Iva of Branch Mills, Maine

Fred A. Johnson of China, Maine

Mrs. F. A. Johnson of China, Maine

Dora A. Jones of South China, Maine

Gulielma Jones of South China, Maine

J. A. Jones of South China, Maine

Lincoln Jones of South China, Maine

Mary Kelly of Augusta, Maine

Alex Kersting of Brooklyn, New York

Mrs. George Lackome of Waterville, Maine


Mary, illegible

Alice M. McConnell of Monticello, Maine

Lillian A. McCurdy

Maria F. Mitchell of Branch Mills, Maine

Ida M. Moore of Augusta, Maine

Morse, May of Waterville, Maine

Charity Mosher, penned at Lakeside Campground

Georgia E. Norris of Hallowell, Maine

C. F. Osgood of Palermo, Maine

George E. Osgood of Palermo, Maine

Carrie Parmenter of China, Maine

Joseph Shepard Parmenter of China, Maine

Mattie E. Parmenter of China, Maine

Mildred Parmenter of Branch Mills, Maine

Nettie A. Parmenter of China, Maine

Shepherd G. Parmenter of Branch Mills, Maine

Amanda J. Pinkham of Branch Mills, Maine

W. E. Pinkham of China, Maine

Albion S. Prescott of Auburn, Maine

Cressie H. Prescott of Auburn, Maine

Myra D. Shorey of Augusta, Maine

Josie S. Small of Palermo, Maine

W. W. Small, Esq.

Clyde O. Spaulding of China, Maine

Frank P. Spaulding of China, Maine

Henry M. Sprague of Auburn, Maine

Annie Stone of Augusta, Maine

Charles L. Sweetland of Little Rock, Arkansas

Lilla Roberts Tenney of Strafford Corner, New Hampshire

Nelson E. Terry of London, England

Arthur C. Titcomb of Augusta, Maine

Mrs. Frank P. Tobey of Palermo, Maine

Virgil E. Tronant of Windsor, Maine

Charles M. Turner of Palermo, Maine

Delia A. Turner of Somerville, Maine

J. L. Turner of China, Maine

Lilla A. Turner of Somerville, Maine

Minnie A. Whitten of Montville, Maine

Hattie A. Willey of Cornville, Maine

Bertell F. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Carrie P. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Edson L. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Lucia A. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Mabel J. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Merton F. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Nellie E. Worthing of Palermo, Maine

Scans of the pages, in page order:


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