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1880s Autograph Album of Fred Holloway Allen of Gouldsboro, Maine

Autograph album of Fred Holloway Allen of Gouldsboro, Maine.  He was born 6 July 1860 at Gouldsboro, Maine, the son of Capt. Rufus Henry Allen and wife Jemima (Handy) Allen of Gouldsboro, perhaps the Prospect Harbor area of Gouldsboro.

His paternal grandparents were David and Nancy Allen.  His maternal grandparents were William P. and Lois (Chadwick), born in Gouldsboro, Maine, and China, Maine, respectively.

His father was the captain of a brigantine that rescued the crew of the SS Queen Victoria, which was lost in a hurricane off the coast of North Carolina.  The captain of the Queen Victoria ordered the bell rescued, and he presented it to Capt. Allen.  Capt. Allen donated the bell to the town of Gouldsboro.  Read more about this bell here.

Complete list of the signers, in alphabetical order:

Ada L. Allen of Boston Massachusetts, cousin

Fred H. Allen of Prospect Harbor Maine

Jemima Allen, mother

Wilfred and Katie Baldwin of East Sullivan Maine

Fannie Blance of Prospect Harbor, Maine

Susie C. Blance of Prospect Harbor, Maine

Emma M. Clark, cousin

Lottie Cole of Prospect Harbor, Maine

Robert Dixon of Cherryfield, Maine

Estelle Handy

Horace G. Handy of Prospect Harbor, Maine

Jennie Handy of Steuben, Maine

Sadie F. Handy of Machias, Maine

Theo Handy of Steuben, Maine, aunt

Emma H. Kingsley of Prospect Harbor, Maine

Julia May Leighton of Steuben, Maine

J. S. Moore of Gouldsboro, Maine

Georgie Noonan [or George Noonan]

Mary W. Noonan

Asher F. Palmer of Portland, Maine

Geneva M. Sawyer of Milbridge, Maine

Ida L. Sawyer of Milbridge, Maine

Irving E. Sawyer of Milbridge, Maine

Katie H. Small of Cherryfield, Maine

Scans of the pages, in page order:


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