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1880s/1890s Autograph Album, Mostly Maine, Attendees at Religious Conference

Autograph album containing signatures mostly from Maine but also from other states, perhaps gathered while the signers were at a religious Conference at Maine, possibly in the Saco, Maine area.  The album might have belonged to a Mrs. Leavitt.

List of signers, in alphabetical order: (scans of pages in page order follow)

Annie B. Austin of Concord, New Hampshire

M. C. Barnard, at Saco, Maine

E. Brown of Brunswick, Maine

John Calliler [?]

Samuel D. Carey of Newton Center, Massachusetts

Lottie Inez Carter, at Old Orchard Beach Maine

Charles J. Clark, pastor, of Portland, Maine

Sophia G. Clark of Portland, Maine

Margaret Clarke

Mary Clarke, at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Maude Clarke, at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Melvin Davis of Durham, New Hampshire

Flora Mabel Gear of Concord, New Hampshire

Henry J. Gerritson of Waltham, Massachusetts

Mrs. S. A. Gerritson of Waltham, Massachusetts

Herbert Hallett of Waltham, Massachusetts

Lennie Hamilton of Montreal, Quebec

H. H. Hancock of Saco, Maine

Katie Harper of Montreal, Quebec

Homer H. Hayes of Union Springs, Alabama

W. H. Holland of Waltham, Massachusetts

J. F. Hutchins of Portland, Maine


William S. Jones

Mrs. Kennedy

A. S. Ladd of Bath, Maine

Lazell, Mrs. Monvilla of Boston Highlands, Massachusetts

Charles A. Leavitt of Saco, Maine

Amelia F. Libby of Portland, Maine

Mrs. Robert D. Libby of Portland, Maine

Pearl Genevieve Libby of Portland, Maine

R. Cutler Libby of Portland, Maine

E. Martin of Portland, Maine

C. C. McCabe

Elizabeth Miles

Mary Kate Miles

Multiple Names

Abbie L. Nickerson of Saco, Maine

H. Wallace Nickerson

Nettie Nihill of Ypsilanti, Michigan

M. C. Pendexter of Saco, Maine

A. W. Pottle, at Maine Conference

Robinson, multiple signatures

Roscoe Sanderson

E. E. Smith of Syracuse, New York

J. Ella Smith of Saco, Maine

Lizzie Smith of Saco, Maine

E. L. Swan of Athol, Massachusetts

A. C. Trafton

Thomas Tyrie of Gorham, Maine

Florence T. Walters of Williamstown, Massachusetts

Frances Louise Walters of Williamstown, Massachusetts

Frances T. Walters of Williamstown, Massachusetts

Mrs. W. F. Webb of Memphis, Tennessee

Helen White of New York, New York

Mary S. White of New York, New York

Scans of pages in page order:


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