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1870s Autograph Album; many students of Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Maine, & Dirigo Business College, Augusta, Maine

1870s autograph album that belonged to "George", who was perhaps a student at Oak Grove Seminary/School at Vassalboro, Maine, or at Dirigo Business College at Augusta, Maine.  

Clues to George's identity include two pages signed by people who called themselves his cousin: Anna L. Leslie, residence unknown, and Charles W. Sawtelle of Sidney Maine.  

There was an Anna L. Jackson, born at Sidney, Maine, on 27 February 1861, daughter of Wilson Perez Jackson and wife Harriet (Ward) Jackson.  Anna married Selwyn Goodhue Leslie in 1880.  Most of the signatures in the album were dated in the 1870s, but it's possible that Anna, if she is our Annie L. Leslie, signed her page after she was married.  

There was a George Samuel Church, born 2 November 1859, son of Daniel Hewins Church and Mary Helen (Sawtelle) Church of Augusta, Maine.  He might be our George, cousin of Charles W. Sawtelle.

If you have an idea of the identity of George, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order:  

Note: Although some of the signers may have given Augusta or Vassalboro as their address, be aware that they may have been students at Dirigo Business College in Augusta or Oak Grove Seminary/School in Vassalboro.

Frank Abbott of Sidney, Maine

Eliza Aldrich of Vassalboro, Maine

Louis A. Aldrich of Lynn, Massachusetts

Frank A. Appleton of Vassalboro, Maine

Henry F. Arnold of West Waterville, Maine

A. R. Avery of Augusta, Maine

S. S. Avery of Augusta, Maine

Ewing C. Bailey of Winthrop, Maine

Stacy Blish of Vassalboro, Maine

W. A. Clark of Vassalboro, Maine

Nancie Ford Cousens of Kennebunk, Maine

O. M. Cousins

Fannie A. Davis of Hallowell, Maine

Emma Dockum of East Vassalboro, Maine

Lincoln A. Dow of Vassalboro, Maine

Herschel A. Dunton of Whitefield, Maine

J. Stanley Estes of Vassalborough, Maine

James M. Estes of Vassalboro

James Fairbanks of Augusta, Maine

Samuel H. Ford of Augusta, Maine

H. C. Gifford of Vassalboro, Maine

Ella E. Graves of Vassalboro, Maine

S. C. Ham of Cambridge, Maine

Hammond of West Sidney, Maine

Annie S. Keene of Lewiston, Maine

Phineas Kimball of North Boothbay, Maine

J. Frank Knowlton of South Montville, Maine

Annie L. Leslie

Emma H. Lovell of Malden, Massachusetts

Willie O. Lovell of Malden, Massachusetts

George G. Low of Vassalboro, Maine

Thomas John Lynch of Augusta, Maine

W. H. Marsh of Exeter, Maine

Fred B. Merrill, student at Dirigo Business College in Augusta, Maine

Silas S. W. Merrill of Sidney, Maine

A. E. Moore of Gardiner, Maine

Frank Emery Richards of Vassalboro, Maine

G. H. Richards of Vassalborough, Maine

H. W. Robinson of Augusta, Maine

W. J. Rockwood

Warren Runnels of Pittsfield, Maine

Charles W. Sawtelle of Sidney, Maine

Florence Sawtelle of Nantucket, Massachusetts

Vesta H. Sawtelle of Malden, Massachusetts

S. Maria Simons, student at Dirigo Business College in Augusta, Maine

Howard A. Starkey of Vassalboro, Maine

Sadie C. Starkey of Vassalboro, Maine

T. F. Sullivan of Augusta, Maine

George W. Sylvester of Augusta, Maine

Alice R. Taber of East Vassalboro, Maine

Arthur H. Taber of Vassalboro, Maine

John Taylor of Hallowell, Maine

Herbert Turner of Montville, Maine

D. M. Waitt, (David M. Waitt), founder of Dirigo Business College in Augusta, Maine

Emmie S. Weeks of Vassalboro, Maine

F. G. Winter of Kingfield, Maine

Emma L. Woodbury of North Sidney, Maine

A. R. Yates of Round Pond, Maine

Sam Yates of Round Pond, Maine

Will Yates of Round Pond, Maine

Will E. Youland of Lewiston, Maine

Scans of the pages, in page order:


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