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I have several relatives who lived in Eastport in the 1800's.  The family emigrated from Ireland to Grand Manaan in the 1820's, then at least some of them moved to Eastport.  The family name was Leary or O'Leary.  Several were buried in what is referred to as the "Catholic Cemetery".  Does anybody know which cemetery this would be?  I've never been to Eastport, but according to an 1881 map that I bought as well as results from the 1880 census, they lived off Clark Street, on what appears to be the present Holmes Court.  I have more details on the family if anyone is interested - I have no idea if there are living relatives still there in the Eastport area.  Most of my information on the family comes from a genealogy written in about 1904 that my dad discovered among his grandparents' stuff.

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Fred, I'm going to forward your request to two people who have done a lot of research at the cemetery at Eastport.  In the meantime, I'd love to see the genealogy if it's available for sharing.  Pam at

I can forward the genealogy to you, but will need your EMail address.  Or I guess I could upload it to this forum.




Hillside Cemetery is in Eastport where many of my relatives are buried.  My ancestors also arrived in Eastport (via Canada) from Ireland at the same time period as your ancestors.

I've had previous requests for info. on the Catholic Cemetery in Eastport, and the only one I'm familiar with is St. Ann's at Pleasant Point, Perry, though I feel sure that there must have been one in Eastport as well.  Perhaps at one time it was part of Hillside Cemetery at Clark and High Sts.  There are many sections to the cemetery, and one of them may have begun as a Catholic Cemetery.

Interesting discussion.  I'm looking through Kilby's History online and notice that the Catholic Chapel started in 1828.  But I don't see anything on the cemetery.  In fact, nothing comes up period for the words cemetery or graveyard, which doesn't seem right...

You know you look at Kilby's a bit too much when all you have to do is type Ki and Google brings it up...


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