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My great-great grandmother was Dorcas Yeaton born about 1807 and died May 26, 1875 in Eastport.  She married Matthew Mitchell in 1826 in Eastport.  I'm trying to determine who her parents were.  I don't know if she was born in Eastport.  I know there were other Yeatons in Eastport at the time but I can't connect her to any.  Any help out there?  Thanks.

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I took a look at various places online, and I can see that Dorcas has been an enigma.  I was hoping to find something in the Maine birth records newly available online, just in case one of her children gave a different maiden name for her.  No luck so far.  It would be neat if she were a granddaughter of Hopley Yeaton.  You might have to visit Machias (might be something in probate) or go through microfilms of newspapers.  Hopefully someone else will have some info for you.


Yes, I tried to find a connection for her to Hopley but no luck.....yet. :)  Thanks for checking.  Next time I'm home, I'll visit Machias and see what I can find.  Any suggestions what to look for?
I took a class at one of the Maine Genealogical Conferences on probate and land records.  What gold mines!  Not that I've actually gone to Machias myself yet - but there could be records of where Dorcas Mitchell got left something by her father, Mr. Yeaton possibly or another name possibly.  It might have been left to Matthew Mitchell.  In the meantime, I checked some of the kids' birth/marriage/death records, and it was always Dorcas Yeaton, born in Eastport, Maine.  You're going to have to find an obit or a probate record.  Wonder if she got married again between 1870 and her death??  Could not find  a death record for the right Dorcas Mitchell in 1875 or thereabouts.
She died on May 26, 1875 in Eastport. I found that in Vital Records from the Eastport Sentinel.  She also left land to her daughter-in-law, Irene Mitchell so I don't think she married again.  I'll have to see if I can find anything along the lines of probate recs.  I talked to someone a while back who thinks she is the sister of a Martha Yeaton who was the granddaughter of Hopely.  She has no source for either though.
Kilby's history of Eastport mentions a Samuel Yeaton.  This one would be the father of Capt. Samuel Yeaton, born 1812 at Lubec.  Since Lubec didn't separate from Eastport until 1811, Dorcas could have been born there and it would have shown up as Eastport as her place of birth.  If she is Capt. Samuel's sister, her mother would have been Sally Barber (Dow) Yeaton.  Don't have info on father Samuel yet.  Tomorrow!
I have a copy of Kilby's Eastport & Passamaquoddy book and never found any Yeatons in it.  Are you talking about another of his books?


I searched Yeaton (with Chrome browser) and got 7 instances of Yeaton in the book.  Some OCR versions of books are so poorly (or not even) edited, that words aren't recognized.

THanks.  That is what I did instead of using google.books search.  I'll have to keep Samuel in the back of my head just in case.
Hi Donna my name is Helen Archer, I stopped at City Hall this morning to see if I could find a death cert. for Dorcus and am sorry to say they didn't have it.   If I find anything I will let you know.
Wow - what service!
Thank you so much, Helen.  I, obviously, would not be able to do that until at least next year some time(if then) so I really appreciate it!!  I know the date she died from the Eastport Sentinel vitals so evidently that is a good thing, since there is no record of it at city hall.  Thanks again.

Your welcome, and like I said if I find anything else I will let you know.


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