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My Great Grandfather is Peter Hooper.   Using census information,  he was probably born between 1845 and 1850 to William Hooper and Susan Cooke.   He married Phebe Esther Kinney around 1874 and had 3 children.   He got sick with one of the epidemics that swept through the area and died on 18 August 1885.   His wife was unable to care for the children and they were placed with relatives.   She moved to Calais where she married Captain Timothy Lunt on 3 November 1890.  I have photos and details on her life after she married Lunt.  She died in Calais on 13 June 1907.

There are several brick walls in this family that I would appreciate help with.

There oldest son Stinson and my Grandfather Russell went to live with Valentine and Joanna (Hooper) McGee who was Peter's sister.  They are found in the 1891 census.   I have a painting of Stinson in a sailors uniform and the family was told that he was lost at sea.  Daughter Alice seems to have left New Brunswick.   She was 5 years old at the time of her father's death.  Perhaps she was placed with a relative in the Boston area.  Family photos suggest she married to a Lewis and had a large family.  She was also married to a Mr. Mason.   I would like to know more about Stinson and Alice.  I have included the painting of Stinson and a photo of Alice.

I would like details on Peter Hooper's birth, marriage and death.  I find his marker in the St. George Rural Cemetery but no details exist on his death.

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I hope someone has information for you!  What a sad story (but all too common in those days) about the children after the death of their father.

I am doing some research for a friend who is a Hooper. I found some info on this particular line an family tree pages. On the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick site you can read a lot of vital information: Alice Elizabeth Hooper, born March 13 1856, was living in Calais, married widower William Lewis, Sept 14 1899. She married secondly to Edward Jasper Mason 1919. Russell Hooper son of Peter and Esther Kinney born July 21 1885 Back Bay NB, Joanna McGee signed as informant.


Hope James sees this message and perhaps can connect with a descendant or two of Alice, for the fellowship and for more information.

Thanks Jean,

This is helpful and gives me more to go on.    In September I visited Maine and New Brunswick with my father and uncovered more information.   I had updated my Ancestry page (username Quoddy148) and that might have been what you found there.   I'm still collecting information on the kids and their marriages.   I intend to post here when I get it all organized.

It seems she lived in Houlton, Maine and not Boston.   I was visiting the covered bridge in Hartland, NB and jumped across the border to visit the cemetery in Houlton and get a shot of her marker.  I look forward to connecting with some of her descendents.

Now if I could only catch a break with her brother Stinson.

Thanks for following up on this Jean.

I will check with my friend who is the the daughter of Stinson Reed Hooper and see if she can add anything. 

If you can contact me at I can share some of the feedback from my friend, daughter of Stinson Reed Hooper (named for your Stinson) 

Hi James- here are some links to help you out. I have Peter on my tree and he is also buried in the same cemetery as my GGGrandfather. Is the link to the genealogy.


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