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Merritt C Foster, Foster's of Alexander, Eastport, Bancroft & Bangor

Hello Everyone!

I have been researching my family genealogy, but am now stuck on my 4th Great Grandfather Merritt C Foster, b. 1801.

The lineage I have been able to research so far is the following:

1. Ancestry & Family Search shows a birth record for a Merritt C Foster b. 1801 in Alexander, Washington, Maine. But without any parents listed.

2. The US Census of 1830 shows a Merritt Foster in Eastport, ME, but without any additional information.

3. Merritt C Foster (My 4th Great Grandfather) - b 1801 - Alexander, ME, this being based on records from Ancestry & Family Search: ) d. between 1851 and 1860, based on the US Census showing him with his w. Patience Smith in 1850, then without him in 1860, both censuses in Bangor.

4. Merritt and Patience had Charles S Foster, Erving L Foster, Merritt C Foster, Amzi C Foster, Jackson Foster, Mary Foster, Almeda Foster and Asa H. Foster b. 31 Mar 1838. All according to Ancestry & Family Search: birth records & US Census data in Bancroft Plantation in 1840 and 1850.

5. Asa H. Foster (My 3rd Great Grandfather), w. Rebecca E Stamp had Samuel J. Foster, Asa C. Foster, Sidney W. Foster, Hattie M Foster, Charles M Foster, Lena L Foster, Lois A. Foster and Wilder E Foster. (US Census shows them all in Bancroft plantation in 1860 through 1880) Asa H. was a farmer up until the 1880 census which then lists him in Bangor in the following 1890 census and city directories.

6. Asa C. Foster (My 2nd Great Grandfather) and w. Martha Currier had James Curtis Foster b, 1895.

7. James Curtis Foster was my Great Grandfather.

I have records from Mount Hope Cemetery, that shows Asa H. was buried there and notes he is the son of Merritt C and Patience. Mount Hope also has almost all of Asa H's children. (

I have hit a dead-end with Merritt C Foster and who his parents might have been. Would appreciate any information any of you could provide.

I am planning a trip to Maine in the near future, which will take me to Bangor, Eastport and Alexander. So, any suggestions on the most beneficial places I should visit on my trip for specific information would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance!


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Definitely schedule a trip to Machias, which has the probate records for Washington County, plus one of the most extensive combinations of records and newspapers in the state.  Bancroft is in Aroostook County, so if you have time and need to pursue something about Bancroft, visit Houlton, Maine, shiretown for Aroostook County.

Calais Public Library has a genealogy area.  Eastport library has a small genealogy area.  The Border Historical Society also has a genealogy room -

Bangor Public Library has a genealogy room and a great collection.  About 15 miles away is Fogler Library at the University of Maine - they might have something BPL doesn't, and vice versa.

The Machias Historical Society has been digitizing county newspapers.  They started first with the Eastport Sentinel - DVDs with a searchable option for a bit more money - still not much.  Machias Historical Society, c/o Valdine Atwood, 17 Colonial Way, Machias, ME 04654.  Valdine's email address:  

Maine State Library and Maine Archives might be worth a trip.  From what I've heard there are tons of documents filed by town that have not seen the light of day.  (Though maybe someone is busy digitizing them, which is a nice thought).

There might also be something at Taconnett Falls Genealogy Library in Winslow, even though it is in Kennebec County.  They have quite a collection of things and many are manuscript things not available anywhere else.  One of the volunteers there, Thelma Eye Brooks, grew up in Calais and might have some insights for you - she wrote the book Calais Families - They Came and They Went:  No phone there, unfortunately, and they're only open two afternoons a week, 1-4.  If you schedule a trip to the Maine State Library, you could do Taconnett as well, as long as it's on a Wednesday or Saturday.  I think Maine State Archives is closed on Saturday - the Maine State Library is open, though - but would be good to have option of both.  So maybe a Wednesday trip to Augusta/Winslow, morning at Augusta, and afternoon at Winslow at the Taconnett Falls Genealogy Library??

Stay in touch,


Wow! Pam, this is hands down the most informative/helpful advice I have received for my trip. Thank you very much! I will definitely post what I am able to find!

Thanks again!



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