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I'm looking to find more about my wife's side of the family which goes back to a William Bugbee who settled in Perry, ME around 1788.  (It could have technically been in Robinston, ME but either way it will be the same line)   I have a fairly good base of information to work with but I know there are some interesting old record books in Perry at the town clerks office that I have only heard about.  Is there an active historical society that covers Perry and Robinston?  Also, I've been to the Bugbee cemetery in Perry but I know there are other Bugbee relatives scattered around the immediate area.  

Anything people have to share would be great.  I will share what I have found with those interested.



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I remember Edie (Bugbee) Cook, wife of Edwin Cook, of Robbinston, Maine.  She was a wonderful person, a great friend of my grandparents.  When they visited, and dragged young me along, Edwin would take me out to see his workhorses.  I loved their farm, at the head of Boyden Lake, though not right on the lake, at least not the farmstead.  Frances Morrison Raye is on FB and might have some information for you.  There is a Robbinston Historical Society, and they have a FB page.  Otherwise, I think Perry might be included in the Border Historical Society, which meets at Eastport, Maine, and also has a FB page.  


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